How to become a Flipkart seller?

How to sell products on Flipkart? In today's age, every day everything goes digital. Today, an internet person can meet his needs in a pinch, either by sending money from home or by purchasing his products from the online shopping site. Everything is possible today.

How to become a Flipkart seller?

The two biggest names are Amazon and Flipkart. If you are reading this article, you will know that you can easily make money by selling products on Amazon / Flipkart. Today we know how to sell products on Flipkart. We will know how to make money easily by creating your own Flipkart seller account on Flipkart and becoming a Flipkart seller but before that, we know a little about it.

Flipkart: -What is Flipkart?

 Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce sites in India. Flipkart was started in 2007 by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) student Sachin Bansal in Bangalore. Today Flipkart is one of the largest online retailers in India. Flipkart seller in more than 50 product categories. Today, Flipkart's turnover exceeds 200 billion. Let us know now what we need to take care of before creating a seller account on Flipkart. To create a seller account on Flipkart, you must have a TAN number (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number). If you have a TAN number,

you can create a Flipkart seller account by following the steps below. If you don't have a TAN number or don't know about a TAN number or how to register a TAN number, by touching the link provided below, we can know in detail about the TAN number what happens, and how to register it. link if you have a TAN number or have a TAN number through the registry, the second most important thing is the GST number.

 If you don't have a GST number, you won't be able to create your merchandiser account. If you wish to register a GST number, then we will apprehend very well the way to register a GST number. If you sell (sell) a product on Flipkart, you'll even have to pay a commission for your product to Flipkart. The commission you will need to pay depends on the sale of your product. For a product whose sale quantity is a lot of to earn, you will have to pay a better commission. in conjunction with the sales commission of the product, you need to conjointly pay the shipping prices, that rely on the load of the product. Shipping costs You need to pay individually consistent with the state level and also the native level.

Flipkart seller to understand it in detail, see the subsequent table: -

Local weight National zone if you've got registered the TAN number and GST number and you have your TAN number and GST number, please follow the steps below to form your Flipkart merchant account. How to become a Flipkart seller? the way to register for the Flipkart seller? First of all, head to your mobile browser and open within the search bar. Now enter your email ID and telephone number on the page which will open. 


Then select begin selling.

 A new page will open in front of you where you will need to fill out a form. Flipkart seller registration carefully fills in the information requested on the page containing the following details and steps. your nameEmail IDNew password that will help you log into the seller's account. Your mobile phone number (verify your phone number by tapping Send OTP)Now tap on the Continue button. Another form will open in front of you. On that page, enter the PIN code for your area and your address, then submit.
Now your seller account has been created on Flipkart. Now a verification link will appear in your email. you'll verify your account by clicking this link. when this, your merchant account is absolutely registered. To list things on Flipkart, follow the steps given below: First of all, head to the Flipkart merchant web site and log into your account. A board will open ahead of you wherever you'll need to fill in your unfinished data. Flipkart merchant Center Carefully fill in your company details on its panel 

Note: within the company details, you will need to transfer a PDF by scanning it in conjunction with the GST and TAN numbers. when filling in the company details, you will see an option to fill within the bank details. Fill in your account details rigorously on this. After finishing the bank details, keep them ahead of you.

Best Of Luck

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