How To Sell Your Old Product On Olx

How to sell the old product on Olx, Hello, as you may have understood from the title of the post, in today's post we are going to tell you how we can sell our old stuff on Olx.

How To Sell Your Old Product On Olx

When we take new products, the old product we have is of no use to us. And it's better to keep it than to sell it and make some money. Now the thing is that we said it and how to sell it to get good money for our product. Sometimes, we do not get the right rate of our product, and we do not sell it or even sell it due to some compulsion. So we bring you this post in which you have to put the Ad of your product for which you don't have to pay any money, and your product will be sold quickly. So first we understand what Olx is and who can Old Product On Olx on it-What is Olx-You may have seen Olx in Ad TV, News Paper and so on it's we have a tendency tob|an internet} Sell & obtain the company that helps North American country to sell our product through internet. 


It's a web site on which we put the ad of our product and anyone who desires that product can purchase it. Within which we don't ought to be told. Olx encompasses a heap of users in India; however, as individuals are getting down to perceive its features, its users are increasing day by day. We've got to place our Mobile Number, Product etc. on that to sell any product which I will be able to tell you further-What to sell-The list of what we can Old Product On Olx is very long but let me tell you about some critical product here like -Mobile, Computer, Laptop, Real Estate, Plot, Land, Cars, Electronics & Appliances, Furniture, Spare Parts, Games & Entertainment, Kitchen & Other Appliance, Hard Disk, Printer and Monitor, TV, Sound System, Washing Machine, Fridge, Camera, Computer Accessories, Household items. Etc. You can quickly sell on it. If you have any other product besides these, then you can go to Olx's Site-Sell ​​your old stuff on Olx-# 


Now that we have a good understanding of this let us see how to sell a product. To try to do this, initial visit the web site of Olx otherwise you may also visit the positioning of Olx by clicking here-Now you've got to inform your Location, for this you'll click on automotive vehicle find my Location. It'll take your Location by itself. Otherwise, you'll find your Location within the second possibility. Please type your Location. This will open a brand new page as you can see in the image below this you have to click on the SELL option. Currently, click on what you wish to Old Product On Olx as if I am progressing to show you an electric refrigerator ad in it. Then I will be able to click on the choice of fridge within Electronics & Appliances' option. (Note- currently as you've got to put in the ad of the mobile, then you have to click on the option of Mobile, if you wish to sell a plot, then choose the option of Real Stets, select the one you want to sell.)# currently, a brand new page will open on your screen within which we've got to convey complete inform.

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