7 ways to increase traffic to a new blog after 20 posts

7 ways to increase traffic to a new blog after 20 posts - How to bring traffic to a new blog? There are many reasons for not getting traffic on a new blog, which we do not know, so in today's blog post,

increase traffic
increase traffic

7 ways to increase traffic to a new blog after 20 posts

you will learn 7 ways to increase traffic to a new blog after 20 posts, i.e. seven such ways that you can instantly get on your new blog Can bring traffic. If you want to earn money from blogging, it is essential to bring traffic to the blog because as long as traffic does not come on any blog, no visitors can make any money. So it is clear that if you want to make money from blogging, you will have to bring traffic to the blog, you will have to get the audience, and you will have to learn How to increase blog traffic.

 Let's know seven such simple ways to bring traffic to your blog in an easy way.

 Focus on long-tail keywords, first of all, talk about the method; you have to focus on long-tail keywords; you do not have to target short keywords; you always have to target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords mean that your keyword should not be of one or two words; it must be at least 4 to 5 words long. For example, if I post this "7 ways to increase traffic to a new blog after 20 posts", then this is a full long-tail keyword. If I used to write this how to increase traffic on the blog, it would become the short tail keyword, which is not right for New Blog's ranking.

 As much as possible, you have to try that whatever post you write is focused on long-tail keyword because it is essential to bring traffic to the new blog. Talking about the other way, whatever topic you are writing an article is to make a video on precisely the same issue on your YouTube channel and link to that post in the video's description there. And at the same time you have to embed the same video in your same blog post, it will form a link between the two in a way, What will happen with this is that if the video plays on YouTube, then the engagement will also increase on your blog, that is, the traffic will improve on the blog due to the video playing.

This is also the best way to increase traffic on your blog.

 Use notification tool

 If you open any big blog or old blog, then a push notification appears like this. So do you know why it comes? If not, let me tell you it is a push notification tool, which is done because whenever a new visitor comes to the blog, click on Allow and subscribe. What will happen with this, whenever a new post is published, then its notification will first, be reached him through email through which he can go to read your post So you too must put this push notification tool on your blog or website For which you can use one signal or newsletter, apart from this, there are other things from which you can take information from YouTube? You can also know how to install it.

 Social media branding

 You do not have to do that; you have created a blog and left it as such; you also have to do social media branding for your blog. Meaning that in whatever name you are making your blog, you must also create an account on social media with the same name especially there are some social media platforms that you should not leave at all, that is, you must make an account on them. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Quora and MediumSocial media is the perfect way to increase traffic in a new blog early.

 Use Quora to increase traffic on the blog.

 Quora is the best option to increase traffic on a brand new blog. So for how to use it, first you have to visit http://www.Quara.com and look at Qraua with the same name as the blog. After this, add whatever you are interested in the topic here on Quora and answer daily five questions related to your niche. But while writing the answer here, keep some things in mind -As if you are writing a response to a question, do not write it in full so that you have written half the answer and put your blog link. Initially, this is not correct. Apart from this, you can do it to give information related to your blog and post below it. Do not put a link on every answer, and if you answer ten questions, you can provide a link to your blog in 3 to 4.
 Guest posting

 This method is the most effective and useful and very important to rank your blog in Google Because your blog cannot type in google unless it has a backlink. And from Guest Post, you get a Quality do-follow backlink for your blog, which helps a lot in ranking a new blog. Guest posting means that you have to write a post for an old blogger related to your niche whose DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page authority) of the site is good and at the same time, the spam score is also low.

 There are many tools you can use to learn DA, PA -

 After this, you have to find blogs accepting guest posts.

 For which you will search on google "submit guest post site in ", then you will get full information related to it there. 

Write Post Trending topics.

You should also write posts on your blog on trending topics along with long-tail keywords and low competition keywords. You can use google trends and Twitter to know more trending topics. You can easily understand the trending topic and write an article on the same; there is more chance of such post coming in search. So you must also pay attention to this.
Conclusion In this way, seven ways to increase traffic to a new blog after 20 posts i.e.
7 ways to increase traffic to a new blog after 20 posts -Focus on long-tail keywords

  •  Create a video on the same topic

  •  Use notification tool

  •  Social media branding

  • Use Quora to increase traffic on the blog

  • Guest posting

I hope these methods will work to get traffic to a new blog, and your blogging career will progress further. please share and comment if need any help with the latest blog, please comment I will answer any time

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