Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud

All real incidents have happened to me to buy goods as a customer, Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud In the modern era, I see that the mall's culture is growing strongly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. 

Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud
Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud

Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud

After all, no matter what is happening under one roof, you are available. Now we too have become habitual. If you want to bring anything, today you have to go to the mall, tomorrow you have to go to another mall. Well, I also come along, brother, there is a need for someone who can carry luggage and drive. I also bring home rations, electronics, children and my clothes from him. Find it as you find it. While going regularly, there was a recognition of the goods and people there.

how to Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud,

The same sequence continued for two months. Me and Mrs. G went to the mall. There I bought a cargo for 890 rupees. Cargo trousers were perfect. Perfectly fit in my body. I told Mrs. Ji to bring two shipments, and that is precisely it. It is also comfortable, and I am comfortable wearing it and it is cheap. Mrs. Ji said that ahead of the festival season, we wait for 5–4 days, if the sale season comes, we will get a 30-80% discount.

That time also came, the board of the significant 30-50% off of the mall started appearing, and coincidentally after ten days, I also got the opportunity to go to the same mall with Mrs. Ji. I told Sales Boy to see the same cargo. He showed the same cargo trousers, but whether the MRP on that trouser had become Rs. 1400. Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud, And there was a discount of 35%. Terrible age Bean cargo, bean cloth, bean color, then how the price has gone from 90 to 1700 rupees in 12 days and even after getting the discount, 20 rupees more expensive than the previous one !!!!!!!! The old bill also came out in Mrs. P's purse by chance. All the content on the trouser's tag was also beans that I had taken 12 days ago. Only the title had a new sticker replaced with MRP. Hey brother, I was wearing it, so who could know that trouser better than me? That was precisely the same piece.

What is the Decoy Effect in marketing, and how does it affect customers?

Well, I went to the manager and started seeing the old bill. The manager directly dismissed the reference to the company policy. Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud, After that, I came home and laughed a lot. Mrs. Ji was not able to say anything. That's why I thought about how these company people, the malls turn people around, and how middle-class people like us go crazy after seeing 30%, 50%, 60% off. After all, how can the company sell its salmon at a loss and that too in the festive season, in the money-making season? Let us think about this and avoid being fooled.

Today we will try to explain its cause with the help of the decoy effect.

The decoy effect statements are as follows -Legal Agility in Business and how it has fraud.

Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud
Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud

you plan a movie, and you see three types of popcorn pack on the stack above definition look a bit complicated, but we will study its simplified form from a simple example. Whenever we want to buy popcorn in the theatre, we have these two options -Since we Indians always pursue cheap things under such conditions and here too we will give preference to the packet of 150 rupees, but the company wants to sell its goods more and more.

So the company also adjusts the third packet in the middle, which is known as a decoy. Now there will be a conflict in our mind with both 250 and 300 rupees packets. Our smart mind will immediately indicate that if I select a package of Rs 300, it will be more beneficial as it is much larger than a packet of Rs 250, but the price is only Rs 50. Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud.

Finally, we also buy a packet of 300 rupees, and we are happy that today we have chosen a suitable popcorn packet. Still, the decoy effect encouraged us to buy the giant package and the company's sales.  Has increased.

An example of this would be presenting an incident that happened to me as a customer.
It may have been a small incident, or I am making a mistake in understanding, I hope to get corrected where I feel confused, I will also need correct advice. Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud so let's come to recharge of telecom company phone which happened to me.

Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud
Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud

On 15/09/20, I recharged my phone worth Rs 399 from my phone.  The number used in telecom company phone, now that number was being renewed by my desire to use it in the smartphone.

  Deducted the amount from my  Bank account done by  Pay UPI. Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud but the message of my number not being successfully recharged came. Mentioned that if the money is deducted from the account, it will come back in 10 working days.

But even after ten days, when I did not receive the refund, I mailed the transaction ID to the bank where the reply successfully transferred the money to the beneficiary's account.  In this regard, I was shipped to the telecom company by them, and they asked me to check the bank statement app statement, which I had already done.

I have sent all the messages in the attachment and communication has been done seven times, a different person sends it, but the issues have not been resolved. Now the mail does not even come as a surprise that neither bank gave neither the telecom company nor the app any option to talk to the customer representative, only the mail and the message were being contacted, the contact process has been made so complicated that cannot discuss the given numbers.  The logo is rotated through an automated response system.

Private companies have only been robbed of money, and they are not afraid of the law.  Now correspondence is left with the concerned regulators or only legal action should be taken by me. Now I have made many efforts for the said amount. Further, I will not do anything. But Sikhs have got from the said incident that no one can trust, which should be the only company controlled by the government regulators.  All the dialogues and screenshots I am sharing will give some advice.

While writing this answer, I have not received a refund even after checking my account; I started writing the answer. Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud do not understand where the money went and who is saying wrong big brand company / Bank / or telecom company, Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud and the communication have been done by me with all the three companies and all of them have been answered except for the successful recharge of money or phone. I would have resorted to the legal process if the corona era had not happened.

Do not blindly trust any company, Legal Agility in Business, and how has fraud.

Because for the money, where there is a chance, the scheme of misleading earnings is ready, no matter how many government rules. And the general public is the people who often leave small sums of money to loot the poor, and these people make large sums of money with the same money. Legal Agility in Business and how has fraud.


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