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Avoid these this Mistakes when buying-selling property

How to Avoid These Mistakes When Buying and Selling Property Most people are unaware of many things when buying and selling a property, which is why they often,

Avoid these this Mistakes when buying-selling property

Avoid these this Mistakes when buying-selling property
 Avoid these this Mistakes when buying-selling property

Which is why they often make mistakes that can be easily avoided.  

Avoid Making Mistakes When Buying and Selling Property Most people are unaware of many things when buying and selling a property. We are telling you about some of these mistakes so that you do not make these mistakes.

Most fraud cases are related to the title of the property, so whenever you go to buy a property, first check the title of the property. The title must be in the seller's name.

Most people think of a lump sum when buying a property. Simultaneously, many hidden costs (not mentioned by the seller) go unnoticed when buying a property, such as stamp duty, inspection fees, insurance, registration fees, etc.

Do a little market research instead of looking at how many houses are being bought and sold in the neighbourhood. Then it will be beneficial for you. Experts say that must inspect at least 50 properties before purchasing a home.

Many sellers make many promises to sell the property but give many excuses if the house is not built on time or after that, they cannot complete any facility. If your seller promises you something, don't forget to take it in writing.

As soon as people buy a house, they think that everything should be new, like furniture, car, etc. Before you even think about it, check your budget. Don't increase your debt for showoff.

If you are renting a flat in the building, sign the papers only after checking the builder's occupation certificate. Apart from water and electricity supply, it contains information about construction clearance etc.

When buying a property, check what its sale value will be after ten years. Otherwise, you may want to shift elsewhere and keep looking for buyers for years.

To sell property in big cities, builders offer attractive offers like gold coins, branded furniture, modular kitchens to entice customers. Please don't get caught up in such requests, as they are not trustworthy.

When selling a home, people make the mistake of doing everything themselves to save the agent's expenses, while the real estate agent will do the right market value and the proper marketing for your property, which will get you a good deal.

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Avoid these this Mistakes when buying-selling property

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