best business ideas to make money

Best business ideas to make money online with no money. Many businesses require very little money to start. For many best business ideas to make money, the cost is zero. How much it will cost depends on your abilities and abilities. By merit, I do not mean your educational qualification.

best business ideas to make money
best business ideas to make money -koc

 best business ideas to make money 

 Business ideas: Like if you run a coaching class, hobby class (painting, cooking, dancing, musical instrument playing, handicraft making, meditation, yoga class), the cost will be zero, using the same mobile you ask on Quora. To act as an agent for a travel or material transport agency, small and small business people require trains to carry goods daily. You can take orders from trucks, small vehicles (such as little elephants, camper), and you can earn Rs 200 to Rs 200 per car per day.

  I know many people who do not have any office or any shop just initially contacted some big shopkeepers, agencies, small companies, and those who have small vehicles in the street and took their number. I started following all business firms every day, and today they do not have free time. Many vehicle owners have a vehicle, but they cannot get an order simply because they do not have a firm. There is no registration of the firm, many of those whose registration is minimal. They are not well educated. They do not know how to make invoices. They cannot even hire staff for twenty-thirty thousand of a month. When companies give a contract of transport to someone, they have to open the firm's account to book the bill in their ledger. They will have to take a statement from them.

For those who do not have a firm, how will they put their vehicles there?

  They will all continue to connect with you. one place in Raipur, 35 percent of the country's steel is produced here, a lot of cement plants, sponge iron plants are here. I have seen many truckers looking for people making billets to take the load outside the plant. Some people charge 200 to 500 rupees per billets for making empty billets. (Tax is not included in this, the company paying the tax is produced by the service.) However, a small investment will have to be made for about 10-15,000 rupees. By registering a firm for them, you can do the work of giving challan bills. Simultaneously, I tell you an exciting thing. When you enter your ITR at the end of the year, you will also get a tax refund as per rules. 

Which business ideas reduce to an immense amount. If you are fond of photography, you can earn good money by taking photos of your mobile and selling them on and similar companies. There are many platforms like Meesho, Fiverr where you can work

best business ideas to make money
best business ideas to make money -koc

The revenue generated from these groups is transferred from the channel to my YouTube channel to the website.Best business ideas  You can earn good revenue by making YouTube the channel from your mobile computer. You can see on YouTube how many Indian media are earning more than one million per month. Do you think that those who download jokes, stories, movie reviews, news websites, software, songs, pictures, etc., have no work to do?  Are those stupid people who buy a domain, buy hosting, design a website and keep posting posts throughout the day.  

No, they are also doing business—a business selling services, products, or advertisements on your website.  Facebook Google Amazon has not become a billion and above company today. If you read their history, you will understand how much they have started and how much their turnover is today.  The site where you ask this question and where I am answering now is also one such example. 

You can solve the problems of people, such as nowadays everyone's life is running away, the tap in the house is spoiled, we do not have a plumber's number, the plumber who got the number from somewhere is not empty, which is empty.  Nobody wants to come for small work.  The electricity went round in the house, 

and I do not even know how to lift the MCB.  There is a car at home, but the one who drives is outside, and I have to go out, but I do not know how to drive.  I cannot keep a daily driver.  In the second situation, I do all the electrical work, but I do not have any job or open a shop of this capacity.  I know about driving but can't find any workaround.  I work in the company but do not get enough salary to fulfill my basic needs.

Suppose I had a little extra income and the best business ideas.  Now between these two situations, you are there. Your mobile, have to take the number of such people, have a little publicity around, whatever problem you have, the solution is with us, provide drivers for those who need a driver for a day, whom Carpenter  They should provide carpenters, those who want electricians should offer them. 

 Those who cannot go to the house to take potatoes, onions, vegetables, and ration should provide them to those who do not have time.  In today's day, people are ready to pay more money, service charge, but no one wants to raise the tension, your job will be to take their strain on their head, keep their quality right, then once the customer has become that forever. 

You are giving those who do not have work. You are giving those who do not work those who work.  You are giving additional business to those who do not have a business.  A man earns two hundred by working all day, working part-time with you will earn two hundred hours, he is also happy.  A small margin will be yours between the payee and the taker.  And believe it, you can again start this work at zero cost.

best business ideas to make money
best business ideas to make money -koc

You can see OLA, UBER as an excellent examples of these business ideas. Those who do not have their vehicle.  And despite being a car, they have the most extensive transport service network.  You can see OYO Hotels.  Can see my trip. It started the beginning of becoming that big with just such a small task.

 You can work as a Consultancy Agency, Wedding Planner, Matrimonial Agency, Insurance, Stock Market Consultant, Placement Agency, only your mobile will cost zero here too. The problem is not what you can do without cost.  The problem is that you do not reach any decision by yourself.  You can decide in yourself, lack of foresight, if you tell anyone else what to do, then if you do, think for yourself - when you work on someone else's idea and when there is a problem  If it comes then who will solve it?  Will you ask for that on any platform?  If there is no answer there?  According to their situation, someone answered at their discretion, 

which is exactly opposite to your problem?

 Just reading the business model, other success stories, other business ideas can only inspire you but not thriving.  For that, you have to take your first step yourself.  Just trust me. If a stone rises in the sky, who says that there is no hole in the sky, I also say the same. First, you take your first step. The path will continue to be built on its own.  Just by thinking, you will move from one post to another and increase their array, and nothing will happen. I hope then you will comment and follow. Thank you from the heart for your valuable time reading the post, business ideas, and tracking and commenting.

Thank you

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