Create Own Product if you really want to Earn Online

Create Own Product if you really want to Earn Online: If you have any own Product / Service to promote, which you can promote through your Website, as discussed by Examples in the previous section, you need to Create Own Product / Service. 

Create own Product if you want to Earn Online

Should promote the service itself because all the income generated by your product/service is your own. In contrast, if you promote another owner's product/service like an affiliate, you will get the sale income of that Product as a commission. Only one part is received, which is less than the income received from the sale of one's Create Own Product/service.

if you need to want to Earn Online Create Own Product / Service

 When you do not have Create Own Product, if the purchasing CustomerCustomer buys another product from the same Owner's Website, you do not receive any commission on that other product. Once the customer purchases from a specific website, Take, then again he reaches that Website Directly. As a result, this time, you cannot play the role of Inter-Mediator between Customer and Product Owner, You do not get any Extra Commission even if the same Customer, Customer buys again from the same Owner.

 When we promote our own Logical or Physical Product / Service through our Website, we always get more Profit than Affiliate. To understand this, you can see an example, which is based on our Website

We sell EBooks on our Website, as a result of which we currently get an income of around 20 to 30 thousand per month. While the monthly page view of our Website is currently 30,000 on average, which is visited by about 200 unique visitors every day.

If we use PPC Program on this Website and if we get a total of 20 Ad-Clicks with a 10% Click Through Rate on the Ads Inserted by Google on our Website and if we also get an average of Rs. 10 per Click, that is Even then, our total average Ad-Income per day will be only 20 X 10 = 200 rupees.

 While according to 1% Sales Conversion Rate, out of 200 Unique Visitors, if we sell 2 EBooks per day to only 2 people, we still get at least Rs. -Share is about 250% higher. That is, when you sell your own product, you always get more online income than any other method.

So if you really want to seriously establish a long-term online business, then create your own product or service and promote it with all your abilities and with 100% dedication.

So the question is, should we not use the various Online Earning Models discussed above as per our Website?

The answer to this question will depend entirely on our Online Business Model because if we talk about our Website, we sell our own Created Ebook Products at, so we have someone on our Website We have not used any other type of Ad-Income System because we want to use all our Website Space and all our Attention only to promote our own Products and Highlight our Website.

People can remember our Website by its name and let them know that Information product related to Programming. Whenever they have any problem related to Programming or Development and want to get their solution in English, they do not remember any name other than We are trying to establish the name of our Website as a brand of Hindi speaking Programming and Development EBooks.

Although we can generate some Extra Income by using these Ad-Networks if we want, the establishment of as a Brand will prove to be more profitable for us in the Long Term, which will definitely make these Ad-Networks more profitable. -More than the Ad-Share provided by Networks.

That is why the Website which was not generating any income in March-2012, has generated more than 60000 / - till March-2013 and about 1.8 lakh till March-2014 i.e. 300% more than last year. . While in any case we couldn't get this much income through any other Ad-Network, but as an Affiliate and Ad-Share we could get an average of maximum 20% i.e. 180000 x 20/100 = 36000 / - And Survive could not be done on so many commissions. That is why instead of using any other method related to online earning on our Website, we focused our full attention on creating and promoting new ebook products and establishing our Website as a brand.

 So if you do not have any product or service of Create Own Product to promote on your website, then the best way is to create your own products, which can be Physical or Logical of any kind or Provide a service of your own, which only you can provide and charge for this service.

 But if you do not have Create Own Product or service to promote through your website and you do not want to Create Own Product, then, in that case, you can become an affiliate of another person and sell his products through your website. Promote and in that case to generate Extra Income you can also give Ads of other Ad-Networks space on your website, and you can do so only if you have your own website.

 You can purchase our book to get various types of Detailed Information related to creating your own Website, Hosting it, Buying Domain for it, Configuring and Setuping it, Optimizing, Advertising and Enhancing Your Online Earning. All the necessary things related to creating a website and earning online from it have been explained in great detail.

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