How to Buy Gold And How to Identify Genuine Gold

How to Buy Gold And How to Identify Genuine Gold, identify brass before buying gold at the festival, remember Gold, And Identify Genuine Gold Difference between Gold and brass, Hello, friends. In this article, you have been given information on How to Buy Gold! And please share it with your family or friends or relatives!

How to Buy Gold And How to Identify Genuine Gold
 How to Buy Gold And How to Identify Genuine Gold

How to Buy Gold And How to Identify Genuine Gold

 How to Buy Gold, you self save from frauds, If you, too, will buy gold For this golden festival, then take care of these things! There is a massive demand for gold in the festival season, and during this time, you can also be a victim of fraud by buying fake gold!

  How to Buy Gold - The most important thing is that you should always buy Gold with HALLMARK! Let us tell you that there have been many severe adulteration incidents of silver, COPPER, and zinc in gold these days! Gold is not only promising for Dhanteras, but it is also considered a better investment for the FUTURE! In such a situation, if you fall prey to fake gold, then your invoice also becomes heavy LOSS!
Essential things before buying Gold - How to Identify Genuine Gold

Take care of purity

   Must find TIME first by purchasing GOLD JEWELLERY or coins! 24 CARET GOLD is the purest, but JEWELLERY cannot be made! GOLD JEWELLERY is made from 22 or 18 CARET gold, i.e., 20 CARET with 22 CARET GOLD, and another METAL MIX is done! Always know the purity of gold from the Jeweler before buying JEWELLERY! Check TRADEMARK


 Identify TRADEMARK before purchasing JEWELLERY! This may show you the identity of the MANUFACTURER!

 Also, check the purity of Gem STONE

 If you are buying gold jewelry with diamond, ruby ​​, or any other gem STONE (precious stones), check their purity too! When you pay full money for these STONE, then take care of Gem STONE's QUALITY along with GOLD!

 It is also essential to know about mixing

 If you are taking JEWELLERY from White GOLD, it is better to take palladium Adulterated jewelry instead of Nickel or Platinum MIX! Nickel or platinum Adulterated white GOLD is prone to skin allergies!

 Do does not forget to take the purity certificate

 GOLD JEWELLERY BUY TIME Be sure to get the Authenticity / Purity Certificate! Please CHECK the GOLD's CARET QUALITY in the certificate too! Also, a separate certification is required for Gem STONE engaged in GOLD JEWELLERY!
 How is gold identified

 Buying gold coins at the wrong TIME

 Your motive behind buying coins is directly in the INVESTMENT, so instead of TIME, passion should be taken into consideration RETURN when deciding to buy coins! For this, it is necessary to wait for Gold's PRICE to come at the bottom of the term cycle! 

 Excess expenditure on purchase of GOLD

 It is essential to remember that when buying a GOLD, it is not a dividend or a continuous cash-giving asset; that is, there will be no regular income from the money invested in it! In such a situation, spending only 5 percent of the total investment on GOLD is right.

 Shopping from the wrong place

 This is the most common mistake for any new INVESTOR! If you do not know how common bullion coins look, then there is every possibility that you will buy fake currency even after spending too much! So buy coins always from reliable stores and JEWELLERY still bearing the HALLMARK mark! Small jewelers do not have HALLMARK JEWELLERY! In such a situation, there will be maximum fear of being cheated!

 Failure to focus - How to Buy Gold

 If you are thinking of buying GOLD for INVESTMENT, then focus on your needs! Understand MARKET first and stick to your INVESTMENT plan! People often shop for gold to impress friends and relatives, forcing a tremendous and unnecessary burden on the pocket!

 No knowledge of spot PRICE of GOLD

 Many times, they buy without knowing the MARKET PRICE of CONSUMER GOLD! Never do this! It will also cost you more money, and you will not get the excellent VALUE!

Denying Silver

 When gold PRICE is very high, it makes more sense to buy silver coins! Silver prices are also increasing continuously, and silver often gives a good RETURN after purchasing!

How to identify gold hallmark -  How to Buy Gold

- How to Identify Genuine Gold - which will be JEWELLERY HALLMARK, will have five types of marks! These are

 BIS logo! -  How to Buy Gold

 The number is indicating the purity of gold! 

 Gold purity is written in numbers! HALLMARKING is different for all CARETs! By the way, 22 CARET's JEWELLERY is considered the best! It contains 92 percent gold! This is how I can see it!

logo of the agency conducting the investigation and hallmarking!

  Logo of a jeweler! -  How to Buy Gold

Year of HALLMARKING! The year of HALLMARKING is based on the English alphabet! HALLMARKING started in 2000, so wrote an in 2000 on HALLMARKED JEWELLERY! The JEWELLERY for which HALLMARKING took place in this year, 2012, will be noted on this basis!

 Advantage of taking HALLMARK JEWELLERY

 How to identify genuine Gold - HALLMARK JEWELLERY may seem expensive at first sight, but it is always a good deal to take! Carats for HALLMARK JEWELLERY You can get CHECK anywhere from a carat meter, while can detect the accuracy of HALLMARK JEWELLERY by strangling that JEWELLERY!




MMTC, F8-11, Flatbed Factory Complex, Rani Jhansi Road, Jhandewalan, New Delhi, Phone: 011-2362 3950 and MMTC, Core One, Scope Complex, 7 Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, Phone: 011-2436 2200 

 Don't forget to bill -  How to Buy Gold

 How to Identify Genuine Gold - be sure to bill HALLMARK JEWELLERY too! The bill should also have PRICE, WEIGHT, plus GOLD's purity! This bill comes in handy if there is a dispute with Jeweler!

 Gold testing -  How to Buy Gold

 How to Identify Genuine Gold - even after checking HALLMARK on JEWELLERY, it is always good to check gold! This makes the purity of gold CHECK and does not cost much! There are ways to identify real gold! - How to Identify Genuine Gold

Furnace check -  How to Buy Gold

 This test can be done by any jeweler or on all the CENTER of the gold test! HALLMARK CENTER also has this system!

 from XRF machine -  How to Buy Gold

 XRF, i.e., X-ray fluorescence machine is installed at MMTC centers, the government recognized CENTER and HALLMARK CENTER! Placing gold or any product made from it inside the device is heated and heated to find out how pure it is! It is also called FIRE AS METHOD! In other countries, gold is tested in this way! The remarkable thing is that it is quite the cheapest way! It takes only 18 to 50 rupees to check a product!

Along with this, you also get a receipt for purity!MMTC Director (Marketing) Vedprakash says, 'MMTC CENTER has made special arrangements to check the purity of gold! This test is beneficial for customers who buy gold or jewelry for marriage. 

For inquiry, you can contact MMTC HALLMARKING CENTER, F8-11, FLATTED FACTORIES COMPLEX, Jhandewalan, New Delhi - 110055! 

 Name of gold testing stone

 Scratch METHOD -  How to Buy Gold

 This is the easiest way to test gold! In this, Jeweller rubs gold on a particular stone and decides its purity based on the color embossed on it! This stone is called a criterion!


 Here we are giving the names and addresses of some centers in Delhi! Can see the full list at!Shivam Assessing and Hallmarking Center, BANK Street, Karol Bagh, New Delhi! Jalan Hallmarking Center, Lajpatnagar Central MARKET, New Delhi! Praise Hallmarking Center, Netaji Subhash Palace, Pitampura, New DelhStuti Lab, Kuchamahajani, Chandni Chowk, Delhi! The law says the case is registered under Section 420 (cheating) of IPC for selling fake gold! A maximum of 7 years can be jailed if the issue is proved!

 Helpline -  How to Buy Gold

 Today fraud is also happening in the name of HALLMARKING in the market! In addition to fake HALLMARK, JEWELLERY SELL is also being installed by applying half-finished HALLMARK! If you are cheated in the name of HALLMARKING in GOLD JEWELLERY or suspect HALLMARK JEWELLERY, then complain to BIS at this 

 Director-General, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Manak Bhawan, 9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110002.

 What is gold caret? -  How to Buy Gold

How to Identify Genuine Gold - CARET means different for GOLD and Diamond! CARET stands for WEIGHT for Diamond! One CARET equals 200 milligrams or 0.200 grams!

 24 CARET GOLD is pure! -  How to Buy Gold

 CARET at GOLD shows her accuracy! It cannot make JEWELLERY from 100% pure GOLD, so it combines silver, palladium, platinum, nickel, and even COPPER as 'FILLER METAL'!When silver, platinum, or palladium is added as 'FILLER METAL' in GOLD, it is called 'White GOLD'! However, when COPPER is added to the GOLD, its strength increases, and it also gives the GOLD a slight redness! If a GOLD is 22 CARET, it means 2 CARET 'FILLER METAL' has been added to it!

Similarly, 8 CARET and METAL are added to the GOLD of 16 CARET! How to identify real gold - buy by looking at HALLMARK! Also, take MAGNET to gold jewelry! If he is attracted to MAGNET, then gold is adulterated!

 Difference Between Gold and Brass -  How to Buy Gold

 How to Identify Genuine Gold - If there is a change in skin color after wearing gold jewelry, gold is adulterated! Apart from this, if gold also starts to smell when exposed to sweat, then it is degraded; how to Identify Genuine Gold - Apply a little foundation on the forehead and rub your sone ornament a little bit at the same place! If black lines are formed, then gold is adulterated! How to Identify Genuine Gold - You can find out its quality even with the color of gold! The 22-carat gold is bright yellow, while the 18 carat one tends to be slightly yellow, while the adulterated gold is even darker! How to Identify Genuine Gold - If you will buy 22-carat gold, then cut it with teeth! If the scar is formed, then it is pure Sona because the more purified the gold, the softer it becomes!

 18-carat gold or adulterated gold is always hard and does not mark it!

 How to Identify Genuine Gold - Take 1 cup of water and put your gold ornament in it! If gold is swimming in the water, then it is adulterated! The real gold one sits on the water floor, and there is never any rust in it! If your son Kala is falling, then it is adulterated!, How to identify real gold - mark a small scratch on the GOLD and add a few drops of nitric ACID! If the gold looks a bit green from there, then it is 100 percent fake or adulterated!, How to Identify Genuine Gold - Put a little bit of pressure on the unglazed ceramic plate by placing your gold jewelry! If a black mark is made on the scale, it is fake! Genuine gold will always make GOLD neither color stripe!

 Identify the real HALLMARK -  How to Buy Gold

 Magnet Test Reliable Method -  How to Buy Gold

Whenever you go to buy gold, take Strong MAGNET with you! Remember that real gold never sticks to MAGNET, and if gold is a little too attracted to MAGNET, then understand that there is a problem and avoid buying it!

 Brass and gold identification

 If exposed to sweat, if the gold smells like a coin, it means adulteration! Doesn't real gold smell?22 caret's gold is bright yellow, while 18 carats are intense yellow, and less than 18 carats is light yellow!

 Black or green spots may also appear on fake sone!

 Real gold never rusts!

 GOLD has many options for INVESTMENT! But before choosing any option, you should consider your needs and budget…

 Physical Gold -  How to Buy Gold

 This INVESTMENT can be made in two ways: buying JEWELLERY and second by buying coins or bars! What you want to buy will depend on the purpose and duration of your INVESTMENT?, Buying gold JEWELLERY from JEWELERS is the most stylish and comfortable way to GOLD INVESTMENT! You should only do Lekin if you want to use it and keep it with you for a very long time! Also, note that buying JEWELLERY takes a huge making CHARGE! In such a situation, if you purchase JEWELLERY for 100% INVESTMENT, it can affect your RETURN!, If you want to buy bars or coins, then JEWELERS can be an option! There are two reasons for this - first, JEWELERS have less CHARGE than banks! And secondly, till now, BANK only sells GOLD, do not buyback from CONSUMER! But in terms of accuracy and reliability, it is better to buy them from BANK, government company MMTC or prominent JEWELERS!

GOLD ETF How to Identify Genuine Gold: These are mutual fund schemes, which invest only in GOLD! In such a situation, it is a better option for holding GOLD for a long TIME and in terms of liquidity!

 In this, you have an electronic form instead of a GOLD physical! 

 Avoid these mistakes -  How to Buy Gold

 How to Identify Genuine Gold - In the joy and excitement of buying GOLD, we often make some small mistakes and later regret them! Let us know about these mistakes so that we can avoid them at the right time!

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