how to investors sell and buy shares | stock market news

How to investors sell and buy shares, stock market news for Foreign investors rely on numbers and figures while we try to rely on media and opposition criticism. We always agree on the information or thoughts of any recession and become skeptical.

stock market news
 stock market news

how to investors sell and buy shares | stock market news

Stock market news is The market again touched 11,900 before a sharp drop due to global lockdowns and US elections. But we think it was for the monthly expiry. The market witnessed a significant decline this week. Despite this, there was no cause for concern for the investors, as the mid-cap, where the general public invests, did not see a big decline. This week, the Nifty fell to the level of 11500, then recovered to 11600. The Dow also had some influence in the deterioration of the Nifty.

The lockdown in Europe does not exceed two weeks. So can we assume that after two weeks, the market will react positively? There are US elections this week, so can we see a further decline in the Dow, which is already down by 10 percent. We believe that investing in the stock market news alerts. A person can make money by investing in a market but investing in a big fall can push your luck. We have seen that the market was broken in 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2018, and 2020 due to many different reasons and then went to new heights because the market has its way and its moves.

This time is also no different. We try to follow the Dow and global signals, but this is to traders' satisfaction and creates short-term movements. These factors may not prevent the ongoing upswing but undoubtedly give a chance to buy on the decline. We believe that the main reason for the weekend's downfall was not the Dow or the lockdown or the US election, but the stock market news settlement.

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 In this season of festivals, you can make money by investing in gold in this way, experts are telling, Here you must see that those who have made the benefit of the last settlement through calls and puts never tried to make positions at a premium. They kept the market at a low level and have used Dow and lockdown triggers for this. They allowed gamblers to narrow the market on these two triggers, and now the market will climb up after the US elections implicating these short sellers.

We will draw your attention to the biggest element of the market, which is FPI. 90% of the investment comes from DII and FPI, and currently, DII is the net seller. Thus the only guiding investor class is FPI. Let us now know its figures. The FPI made net sales of Rs 80,000 crore in March and April when the epidemic outbreak started and the lockdown was announced. We can understand that in March, no one knew the solution of coronavirus. However, FPIs invested Rs 47,000 crore in August and Rs 20,000 crore in October. Thus, in the calendar year 2020, more than Rs 40,000 crore has been invested.

If we think that the US election results will not affect the FPI, then we are fools. Why FPIs that sold 80,000 crores at the low level of 7500 and more than 1,00,000 crores at the best level of around 12,000 would not affect the US election results. This means that FPIs know something that ordinary investors do not know. We reiterate that QE is planned for 13 million crores dollars, and so far, we have not even seen three trillion dollars. Even the Indian Finance Minister has decided to announce the next relief package after November 7, after the US election results.

stock market news
stock market news

stock market news

This means that we will see a huge flow of money even after the US election results. In other words, it hardly matters who will be the next President of America. Policies are immutable. Tax cuts will continue. When Trump was elected, the market reacted negatively, and then the Down nearly doubled in four years. We will once again see the Dow doubling over the next four years. Therefore we advise investors to continue investing.

India's foreign exchange reserves have risen from $ 111 billion in 2013 to $ 555 billion in six years. We believe it will cross one trillion dollars in the next three years. Now let us throw light on the statement of our Prime Minister. He has clearly stated that the Indian economy is recovering, and we will reach it at the level of five trillion dollars by 2024. It also means that we will grow rapidly and double the economy in less than three years. This is a big goal for stock market news.

Let us now come to the ground reality. As stated earlier, the second-quarter earnings are on track. In many places, we see this at the pre-corona epidemic level. This means that we are recovering faster than expected. When global economies are struggling in the fourth quarter of the calendar year 2020, India has performed well in the second quarter, limiting the coronavirus's effects compared to the first quarter. This is one of the main reasons that FPIs are investing in India.

Foreign investors rely on numbers and figures, while we try to rely on media and opposition criticism. We always agree on the stock market news or views of any recession and become skeptical instead of becoming research-oriented savvy investors. This is why we always buy stocks when we should sell and when we sell. (these a personal thing to the author)We hope that you will like the stock market news post by us, so this post should be shared by every shareholder who does share marketing

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