how to start blogging - how to starts

How to start blogging - how to starts? The question in mind Before creating a blog, you should have some necessary information related to blogging like how to start blogging, Free or it takes money, 

how to start blogging - how to starts
how to start blogging

how to start blogging 

let's know. To create a blog, you need to have two things 1. Domain, and 2. Web Hosting. For both these things, you have to spend money. But if you think about how to start blogging, you can make it with Blogger. Here you will not have to spend money on Domain nor Web Hosting. But if you create a blog on WordPress, you will have to pay for Hosting, which is expensive. Still, if you want to be successful in Seriously Blogging, you should make a blog on WordPress itself, then a question in mind how to start blogging, that is different that you cannot buy Hosting. You can create a blog on Blogger and earn money.

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If you cannot spend money, then I suggest that you start a blog on Blogger itself instead of taking web hosting and buying a domain. When you start earning a little income, then you also buy Hosting. Web Hosting is expensive, but Web Hosting has become very cheap compared to earlier, Web Hosting of 1 Yr will cost you up to Rs 5000. It is straightforward to create a free blog on Blogger, in 5 minutes, your blog will be ready, and you follow the steps given below to how to start blogging.

how to start earning money with blogging 

1. First visit

2. Then click on Create a blog.

3. If you know about this by visiting my blog, you will understand very well, so you can see the process step by step entirely and start blogging.

How to earn money from the blog?

how to start blogging - Earn money by applying Ads 

When good traffic starts coming on your blog, you can earn money by applying Ads from Google Adsense or any other Ads Company.

how to start blogging - Make money from affiliate marketing 

Companies like and give you Money through Affiliate Program. If you help promote your product by selling it on your blog, you get a commission on the product sold.

Similarly, you can also earn money by selling products of other prominent businesses on your blog.

How to promote your blog and start blogging: You have a great blog with bizarre content, educated opinions, or beautiful pictures. You did all the work to get it done. Now you have to get it out! 

Tweet your post

Twitter is one of the more acceptable places to broadcast all your blog posts, as it is designed for quick posts with links. Tweeting new posts is an easy task at face value, but you have to spend some time employing it. Your blog tweets can easily get lost when someone checks their Twitter 8 hours after posting. Use social media management tools like Hootsuite to plan the schedule of tweets. Try posting when your readers are most active. Try posting the blog in the morning, and then support it with tweets later in the day. These tweets will bring new users who are coming to the internet for the first time that day. When retweeting the same article, use a separate lead-in to make your tweets canned and spammy.

Post to Facebook

When you publish a blog article, link your Facebook account to keep your friends and family in the loop. These people may not seem as crucial to your long-term readers, but who they share it with can significantly impact your readers.▪ As your blog grows in popularity, you will probably see an increase in your Facebook activity, as readers and other bloggers, add you as a Facebook friend.

Post your images on

If you have an image-oriented blog, post pictures to Pinterest to drive your traffic. Pinterest is very focused on images, so it won't be as useful if you only have text.

how to start blogging - how to starts
how to start blogging

Use how to start blogging

Submit your blog post to StumbleUpon to add to the bookmarked blog. Make sure that you tag your article with appropriate tags so that it appears to the right audience.

Link your posts to popular aggregated sites

 Websites like Digg and Reddit have millions of active users and are a great way to spread the word about your blog. If users like your work, they will do promotional work for you by voting and commenting on your site.

 Instead of placing keywords throughout your article, focus them on the places where they matter most. Make sure your title tag contains relevant keywords, as this is the part of your blog that is given the most weight in search engine results. Write a powerful title.  Anything titled "H1" is given more weight in search engine results. Customize your content, but don't overdo it. Good content will be more valuable than a collection of keywords. Make sure your post is well thought out and informative first, and then optimize it for the keywords that best suit your content.

how to start blogging - how to starts
how to start blogging

How to find out how many backlinks a blog website has

How can I find out how many backlinks my blog website has? There are many tools to detect backlinks in a blog. These tools are both free and paid. Without talking about waste, we directly tell you about the tools to see the backlinks of your blog.

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how to start blogging with Free Tools

You can find backlinks in your blog using ubersuggest tools. Ubersuggest is Neil Patel's free tool. You type ubersuggest in BS Google, and ubersuggest's website will open in front of you.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools - how to start blogging

You can also try to view backlinks in your blog by using ahrefs webmaster tools. But first, you have to register or verify your blog in ahrefs webmaster tools. Ahrefs webmaster tools are ahrefs free service which has been launched a few days ago.

As such, ahrefs is a paid keyword research tool. But by verifying your website or blog in ahrefs webmaster tools, you can use its service for free.

how to start blogging with Paid Tools - how to start blogging

SEMRush is a top-rated tool that gives you in-depth information about your website/blog. In this, you can also see the backlinks of the website/blog. But you can use this tool for 14 days free, but after 14 days, you have to pay to use it.

You can also see the backlink profile of your blog/website using Ahrefs. Ahrefs and SEMRush are both similar tools, and both are paid. But if you want to use the free version of ahrefs, you can use the ahrefs webmaster tools above.

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How many months can it take for a new blogger to earn money?

We will tell you how much money is there in blogging, and what is the limit of earning money from a Blog website? Everyone wants to make money from online blogging sitting at home, but they do not know how to start blogging and how much money can be earned from the blog, and how income is generated.

how to start blogging - how to starts
how to start blogging

How does a blog generate income -how to start blogging

See if you want to know how income comes from a blog and how much money you get for writing a blog. Friends tell you for your information that most income from blogging comes from advertising. Whenever you go to a website or blog, you see ads on that blog and website. Just these ads have pay for that website. Those ads appear through Google Adsense, a Google program; for this, Google AdSense approval has to be taken on your blog and website. Once google Adsense is enabled, then your income starts.

How much can be earned from a blog website - how to start blogging

How to start blogging and How much money is earned from a blog, but it depends on the people who come to your blog and website, i.e. Unique visitors. If there is good traffic on your website, then you can earn money from the blog. If even after a lot of effort, traffic does not come to your website, you need to Suppose more than 1 lakh visitors come to your blog every month. Then you can earn at least 1 to 2 lakh rupees a month from your blog. There is no limit to making money from a blog or website. You have read it right, you can earn unlimited money on the blog website, but earning money on the blog is very easy and complicated. You should have the knowledge related to the blog, and you have to concentrate on increasing the traffic to your website as much as possible. With which you can earn money from the blog website.

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How to earn money and how to start blogging 

If you want to earn money sitting online, you have to follow the correct methods of Earning money from blogging. We have told you how to start blogging and make money from the blog and try them. With which you will not only be able to earn money from your website, but your blog earning will also increase manifold. Money is earned from blogging, but there is a lot of cost in making a blog. Because this expense is spent on blogging on WordPress and WordPress is best for blogging.

How much money does the Blogger earn - how much does the Blogger earn?

There will also be a question in your mind that how much money a blogger earns from his blog, we talk on our own, not talking to anyone else, many bloggers like us, and making good daily by sharing their information online.

We cannot tell you right because it is against the rules of Google, but it will say that there is a lot of money and a lot of hard work on the blog website. Money starts from a blog website within a few days of the beginning, for this, in the front, you have to write at least 3 to 4 posts on the blog in a week, and this post should be at least 1000 words. If the SEO of the blog post is correct, then soon you can earn money from your blog and get a new mobile phone for yourself every month, you get so much money. Apart from this, as you work on your blog, your website's online income will increase. If you are thinking about earning money by creating a blog or website, they will advise you that you join this field, after that, you can start earning by taking Adsense approval. Apart from Adsense, to Earn money from blogs, you can make good money by joining the hosting affiliate, or other affiliate marketing. Today, we answer this question on how many page views are paid in blogging. Actually, in Blogger, ads are shown on every page, and those ads get delivered according to the clicks.

how to start blogging - how to starts
how to start blogging

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Suppose you have 1000 page views on your blog, on that you have received 20 Ads clicks on it, and for every click, you have received $ 0.05 CPC, then you will earn 1 $. For your information, let me tell you - how to start blogging1000 page views are made in the blog from about 3 dollars to 5 dollars. That is, in blogging, you get Rs 200 to Rs 500 for 1000 ideas. We make it clear that there is no limit to earning money in this blogging field or any online digital marketing depends on your hard work and skill. Finally, you want to say that if you are thinking about making money from a blog, then you have to pay attention to useful posts and traffic on your blog. It would be best if you worked with full dedication and hard work so that you too can earn money from blogging.

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