What is the Process of Online Photo Selling?

 What is the Process of Online Photo Selling?,Since the advent of smartphones, What is the Process of Online Photo Selling? Almost every person has considered himself less than a photographer. We keep capturing all the big and small programs or functions in our mobile.

What is the Process of Online Photo Selling?

 If we search the Photo Gallery of our phone, then we have taken many photos with great interest in addition to family photos. And when the phone slows down or the memory starts to increase, we delete most of the photos.

What is the Process of Online Photo Selling ?
 What is the Process of Online Photo Selling?

 Who are the Real Customers of your Online Photo Selling?

Do you know, many such companies are willing to pay 100 dollars or more for one photo taken by you. Yes, This is true. And if you are a professional photographer, then this price goes up.

 What is the Process of Online Photo Selling?

Now you will wonder why someone would pay such a price for a stock photo taken by you. So let me tell you that the Stock Image Company that buys your Online Photo Selling the same online photo twice or three times the price given to you. Sometimes they can easily do Online Photo Selling to a needy person or company by editing your photo a little bit.

How to Selling Online Photos and images

 The Online Photo Selling by you is given to Online Ik Selling or Bench to Stock Image Company to another person in need or Small / Large Company. Such as -

In Marketing or Advertising: Printed Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Catalogs, Product Promotions, etc.

In Business Work: Letterheads, Logo Designing, Presentations, Branding Material, Social Media, etc.

In Editorial Works: News, Magazines, Blogs, eBooks and Online Publications, etc.

In Designing Works: Graphics Designing, Web Designing, Digital Wallpapers, Online Messages, Decoration Works, Art Works, etc.

What type of photo is in high demand in Image Stock Company?

What are Basic Photography Tips?

 Suppose you do not have a website or blog. Even then, you can also sell photos online by doing Free Registration on the 5 Best Websites given below. Register one by one on these websites and upload your photos.

 By the way, if there is an image of Good Quality, then it is bought sooner or later. But if a collection of images of a particular type is made, their demand is higher. Such as -

 General People: Children of any country, religion, community, older people, young people laughing, crying, dancing, singing, eating, walking, doing almost all kinds of activities, online photo selling of different garments is done.

 Working People: There is a demand for Longo photos working in almost all businesses Office Work, Field Work, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Painter Sweeper, etc.

 Food Recipes: There is a demand for cooking, serving, serving, eating all kinds of dishes.

 Machinery and Tools: Flour Mill, Spice Mill, Rice Mill, Gear, Hammer, Saw, Screw, Bolt, etc., are in demand. But the brand name of the company that made it should not appear in the photo.

 Nature: Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, flowers, garden, plains, animals, birds, insects, fish are all in demand.

 Historical Places: There is a high demand for photos of historical buildings, temples, mosques, churches, gurdwaras, etc.

 If you do Photo Collection and Online Photo Selling by considering the Points of Photo Demand mentioned above. You can earn income from it. Be sure to pay attention to these things before starting it.

 Even if you are not a professional photographer, it will work. Just focus on Photography Basics. For example, do not have Backlight or Blur and use Flash. (Even during the day)

 By the way, you will find hundreds of websites for online photo selling on the internet. But user feedback on all websites is not good. So here is a list of the Best Websites based on Users Reviews. By doing Free Registration and following the Rules of that Company, it can obtain good income by doing Online Photo Selling. What is the Process of Online Photo Selling?

 Suppose you sell your stock photos from your website. So your brand name becomes popular with time, and the number of buyers increases. In this, you can decide the price of your images yourself. Here you do not have to pay any commission to any other company.

 If you do not have your website, you can create your website or blog without coding or technical knowledge with the help of WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins available on WordPress CMS. Read - How to Create a WordPress Blog? Complete Guide.

 Special Stock Images Plugins for Photo Stock are already available on WordPress.com And your Photo Stock Collection stays in your Web Hosting forever.

   1. How to Register on Shutterstock?

 Alamy is a United Kingdom (UK) company operating in Abingdon since 1999. Alamy Database Library has about 20 Crore Photos, Videos, and Vector Collection. More than 100,000 photos are added to it every day.

 Shutterstock is known in the list of the World's Top Best Stock Photography Websites. It has been working continuously for 15 years. More than 1 Billion Images, Video Clips, and Music Tracks have been downloaded.

 It has more than 1 Million Contributor Accounts and more than 300 Million Image Collection available. Its Image Library has more than 200,000 Images per / day Add. Today Shutterstock Customers are available in 150+ countries.

 Shutterstock has paid more than M 500 million to its contributors. So this place is perfect for you to start Online Photo Selling. Here 20 to 30 Percent Payment is made to the Contributors according to the number of Downloads of your Photo at the end of the month.

Registration on any Stock Image Website is effortless. Here we see the Full Registration Process of Shutterstock as an example.

  • Step 1: Click on the "Start Shutterstock" button above.

  • Step 2: Now ShutterStock's website will open, click on Get Started there.

  • Step 3: Fill the form and click on Next.

  • Step 4: Click on Confirmation Link on your EmailEmail or Open it on New Browser.

  • Step 5: Now click on "Please Click here to Verify your emailemail" to verify the EmailEmail Link on Shutterstock Website.

  • Step 6: Click on Next, Type Country, Address, State, Zip code, Phone on Address Form, and click Next.

  • Step 7: Welcome Message will come in Last. You can upload your photos by clicking on Upload from here. And other features on the dashboard.

 Dreamstime has been successfully operating the Royalty Free Stock Photography Website continuously since the year 2000. In this, Photographers from all over the world do Online Photo Selling. It is also known as the most extensive stock community in the world. It has about 29 Million Users Registered. And its Database has a Collection of about 126 Million Stock Photos. Dreamstime provides Android and IOS App, which allows users to upload photos and videos from their phones. Here you can earn 12 Dollars / License. And get 25 to 50% commission on each photo sale. Dreamstime is also known for the Highest Royalty and Commission. 

Start Dreamstime.

 You must have heard the name of Photoshop. Adobe is one of the world's top photo editing software companies. It has also designed its own Adobe Stock Platform. Adobe Stock gives its contributors complete freedom to work, and there is no condition that you cannot sell your photo elsewhere. Here you can earn 20 to 60 percent of the sales of the photo. It depends on the quality of the photo. If you want to benefit from your Passion, then Adobe Stock is World Class Platform. Start Adobe Stock.

 500px operated since 2009. There are 15 Million Photographers like you from all over the world. It's easy to log in. If you wish, you can start Online Photo Selling directly from your Facebook or Gmail account without signing up. This is Canada's Photography Community. It provides Android and iOS Apps for its Contributors. So you can start earning Paise by uploading directly from your Smartphone. Here you can get up to 60% of Photo Stock net Sales. Start 500px.

 And its network of Photographers and Photo Agencies is spread in almost 173 countries of the world. Alamy pays its Contributors a commission of 40 to 50% per Stock Photo Sale. About 200 Million Dollars have been paid by it.

 Also, to know the registration process on these websites, go through the entire registration process on the Shutterstock Website step by step. I hope this post" What is the Process of Online Photo Selling? You must have liked it. If there is any Doubt somewhere, ask in the Comment Box. And don't forget to share this post with your friends and acquaintances on social media. Thank you.

 Start Alamy.

  What is the Process of Online Photo Selling? In Best 5 Sites," we went to What is the Process of Online Photo Selling? Who are the Real Customers of your Online Photo Selling? What type of photo is in high demand in Image Stock Company? What are Basic Photography Tips?

 And  What is the Process of Online Photo Selling?  Best 5 Websites Where We Go Online Photo And how to do Photo Selling on Top Best 5 Websites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Adobe Stock, 500px, and Alamy, and what features these Websites provide to their Contributors.

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