Know how you can start a bakery business

  If you have a small oven in your house, you can start a bakery business from home many love to make cakes and feed people. Baking is a skill, and not everyone has that skill. So for those who have this skill, they must appreciate it. 

Know how you can start a bakery business
Know how you can start a bakery business

What are the things one should keep in mind before starting this business?, Where are the certificates, utensils, machines etc. required for this business and how to invest? First of all, you should see what your skills are. Do you know how to make a cake or other things? If not, you first learn these basic things and if a little bit comes, then practice and become better. Make some things and feed the people around you and ask them, 'How is it made?' 'Would anyone want to buy it with money?' Take the feedback of the people and at the same time, do a little survey around you to know what is needed more.

 Another question you have to ask yourself is 'Why do you want to do this business?' 'For the money, for passion or for some other reason.' Whatever the reason, try to have your passion in it so that you do not have trouble learning new and at the same time, you do not find this work.

 Also, there is a lot of difference between working for someone else and doing your job. You have to change your nature to do your work. When you work for others, the risk is less, but the risk is the risk in your career. So first ask yourself if you would like to take this risk? If yes, then you can start your bakery business from home.

 It depends on you from which level you want to you can start a bakery business from home. My advice is to start at a minimal level first.

 You have to take certification from FSSAI, for which you can apply online. You don't need to get the certificate first. You can use it even after one to two months of starting a business. However, do take this certificate as it always proves helpful.

 Before that, you have to see what things are needed for baking? Whatever you want to be related to the ration, make a list in this way. Make arrangements for cake making essential items like Owen etc.

 Keeping the investment low reduces our risk. In such a situation, use only the things that are in the house.

Know how you can start a bakery business from home
Know how you can start a bakery business from home

How to create a menu and decide the value of your products?

How to do packaging, delivery and marketing?

Marketing: Know how you can start a bakery business

Some Important Tips:

  Keep taking feedback and also try to innovate.

 The first thing you asked yourself is, what is your skill? What do you make, right? These questions are useful on this stage. You may have to make many things, but you cannot make everything. So, in the beginning, you start with your best items. If you are making only five products, then it is enough. You make the same and feed people. Take their feedback and then gradually increase your menu on the demand of the people.

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 When deciding on the price of products, keep in mind that your business is being done from home. There is no big bakery or factory where goods are coming in bulk and going in size. Suppose you made just two cakes, but if 100 cakes are made in a large bakery, your cost will be divided into two and their 100. Therefore, the value of your products will be slightly higher than the market. But if someone asks why this is so, then you must have the right answer.

 There can be many options for packaging. Some people pack in food-grade plastic. Cakes etc. go to the box. You have to see what product you are sending, if there is a dry cake, there will not be much packaging. But if there is a fresh cake, you have to pay attention to what to pack to reach the customers safely. See how the market is being filled there.

 A good option is to pack in steel or glass cartons. Cans that are reusable, but require that your customers return the box. Rest of the start, if you are getting orders from nearby, then you can also ask customers for their utensil packaging.

Know how you can start a bakery business
Know how you can start a bakery business

Know how you can start a bakery business

 For delivery, you need an option that can deliver products to customers on time. Now there are many delivery companies in the market, but a tie-up with them will be very expensive from the beginning. So try to either deliver yourself or the customer pick-up from you. Initially, the option of pick-up is best. When your orders start growing, you can hire someone, or if the Uber facility is available nearby, you can send them through.

 In today's era, first of all, you should use social media. Your page should be running on Facebook, Instagram. Tell us about yourself in WhatsApp groups. Get lots of business from social media. Think of the right name for your business, a name that does not hurt to create a website later. Create your social media account by the same name and write about yourself on it. Make posts about your products.

 Second, try to meet your customers directly. Yes, if there is an event near you, then put your stall there. Write your number by putting your name on the banner. Make and feed people there yourself. Take their feedback and tell them that you are doing business from home and how someone can order you. If customers know you directly, then you will do your marketing yourself.

 You will not have to invest too much in this, and will also do your work. But first of all, improve your skills in making cakes etc., even improve your skills on social media.

 If any customer comes back to you and orders from you, must maintain your taste and quality. Over time, you should do it better so that the trust of the customers remains.

 Another important thing is. If there is a mess, tell the truth. Apologize and say to the fact to the customer. This will make customers respect your honesty.

 Each of your customers is special, whether old or new. So keep your process transparent for everyone. Your products' rate should be the same for everyone, not less for anyone or more for others.

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Know how you can start a bakery business

 But be sure to keep a little information about your old customers, remember their special days and a day or two in advance, you can send a message and ask if they want anything. Build relationships with customers.

 Also, for people associated with any food business or those who want to start their own food business, advise attending a 'diet' festival to be held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. According to him, people get to know and understand a lot about business here.

 "People from all over India get into the food business in different ways. You will find many packaging companies, raw material delivery companies and many well-known food business stalls here. It is held in March every year. You can get more information about it on Google.

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