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one in five Indians will be able to get corona vaccine

One in five Indians will be able to get corona vaccine,Coronavirus vaccine in India: The government monitors immune data when planning for one in five Indians to get the corona vaccine. Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan said that by July 2021, 20-25 crore people are expected to get the vaccine.

one in five Indians will be able to get corona vaccine

By July, one in five Indians will be able to get the corona vaccine,

   Once a vaccine for the coronavirus is approved, providing adequate doses is a significant challenge for governments. Vaccination is being planned in India, and inputs have also been sought from the states. Union Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan said that the government expects to receive 40-50 crore doses by July 2021. With this, 20-25 crore people will be vaccinated. According to government estimates, only 20% of the population will be able to get the vaccine by July. The current population of India is said to be 130 crores. In India, three vaccines are given to humans in 2/3 rounds. Harshvardhan noted that the government is in the final stage of formulating a framework for storage and vaccination of corona vaccines.

one in five Indians will be able to get corona vaccine
one in five Indians will be able to get corona vaccine

How will the vaccine reach you?

 Harshvardhan said that once the vaccine data is validated, there is no reason to delay the corona vaccine's approval. He said that Dr Of the Policy Commission. A high-level committee headed by VK Paul is planning the whole thing. This committee will be responsible for determining which country's vaccines will be available from which countries, pharma companies and provide adequate corona vaccine in India. Arrangements are also being made for inventory and supply chain management. There will be real-time tracking of vaccine consignments, and black-marketing will not be allowed. After receiving the corona vaccine, the central government will send the dose to the states. States have to make arrangements for storage and immunization of vaccines.

 Who will get the corona vaccine first?

   The corona vaccine will be available from the third quarter of 2021, according to the health minister. A list of people who will be vaccinated first has been sought from the states, he said. Harshvardhan said that would give the initial dose to health workers like doctors, nurses, paramedics. The corona vaccine will be procured by the central government, so the states have been asked not to agree with the vaccine manufacturers.

one in five Indians will be able to get corona vaccine
one in five Indians will be able to get corona vaccine

 What is the status of the vaccine in India?

   There are three vaccines in the country which are being tested 2/3. So far, the results have been encouraging. The Serum Institute of India (SII) has partnered with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. The company is testing its corona vaccine 'Kovishiland' in the country. Also, Bharat Biotech has developed a vaccine called Kevin. Zydus Cadila has developed a vaccine called ZyCov-D. India is also part of the GAVI Alliance, designed to provide vaccines to 92 low- and middle-income countries.

What is the government's stance on foreign vaccines?

   The government has said that corona vaccines being developed abroad will come to India only after meeting all safety standards. Harshvardhan noted that the vaccines coming from outside would be given to the people only after ensuring that they are safe and effective or not. He also clarified that the government has not yet made any decision about the Russian vaccination Sputnik V.

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