some failed business and successful business

Some failed business and successful business also changes according to the time or company has to change. For example, many years ago, who was an electronic businessman or used to shop, today he is doing business in LED or mobile. The reason you know is that it is beneficial to do the same thing that is going on.

some failed business and successful business
some failed business and successful business

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Some failed business and successful business

Through a few stories, why some failed business

1.What are the big companies that started with a small shop?

 Every big thing starts with a small thing. Successful companies of the world have taken decades of hard work to reach where they are today. Big companies such as, Amazon, and Apple started with building an online bookstore, a computer, and a search algorithm. There were simple minds behind these big companies, whose desire to do something meaningful in my life. Take a look at some of the biggest companies.

 1 - Apple

 2 - Microsoft

 3 - Hewlett-Packard

 4 - Dell

 5 - Amazon

 6 - Google

 7 - Harley Davidson

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some failed business and successful business
some failed business and successful business

2. Has any well-known company been bought for a penny?

 HMD Global, a small software company, based in Helsinki, Finland, is owned by Nokia, the mobile phone business king. HMD Global started in a garage but discussed the software to be made for their mobile phones all over China. When this company showed Nokia its software, Nokia did not take them seriously in the first meeting. But when Nokia noticed that almost all Chinese phones use their software, HMD Global tasked Nokia to create a UI for one of its models. Pleased with his work, Nokia bought some shares in this company and invested money in it, and also gave him an office in his building so that the employees of this company could work comfortably. Nokia started building its model of user interface and selected software from HMD Global. But what happened to Nokia after the arrival of Android some failed business is well known.

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HMD Global has also advised Nokia's board to adopt Android, but Nokia rejected this advice. Nokia adopted Windows, and HMD Global continued to do what Nokia asked, but Nokia company failed business. Gradually, Nokia's mobiles stopped selling, and HMD also was unable to pay Nokia. The 150-year-old Nokia was now on the verge of closure. Then Nokia was bought by Microsoft and eliminated the 'Nokia' brand. The Nokia Lumia mobile phone was now coming under the name Microsoft Lumia but no run after some point of a failed business. Here HMD Global took a risk. People who started this company could never forget that Nokia had a hand in making them big and giving recognition. When Microsoft also failed business in Nokia, HMD Global bought Nokia from Microsoft by adding money and taking some loans with former Nokia board members.

 Microsoft sold Nokia for low prices because there was no longer any business in this business.HMD purchased Nokia and released Nokia's first Android phone in 2014. And slowly started selling Nokia again in those countries where once upon a time, Nokia used to be a market leader.

3.Videocon company, which was earning the right name in India, failed business in electronics?

Videocon, the company, earning the right name in India in electronics, why is it in failed business now? There are many reasons why Videocon has such a condition. One of them is the spread of excess business. You can also call them luck due to their total income rather than debt. After being successful in electronics, Videocon started some business to spread its business in various fields like Telecom, Oil & Gas, DTH, Retail, etc.

 In 2008, Videocon was granted licenses to provide 21 circles and won spectrum in 20 circles. But within four years, the Supreme Court rejected the claim of the 2G spectrum. After this, the company had only six rings. In 2016, Airtel bought the range of those six circles for 4,428 crores. Even after that, till 2017, the company has a debt of 3207 crores in the telecom sector.

 Videocon Group's oil and gas division began in 1994 with the signing of a production sharing contract for the Ravva oil and gas offshore sector from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, India. In 2006 successfully bid for an oil field in the Oman area. In 2007 Brazil gained oil field of the offshore basin. Similarly, it spread its oil business in Indonesia, Mozambique, and East Timor. But the company suffered a setback in 2008 when the price of crude oil fell from $ 140 to $ 45 in the 2008 crash. Videocon had already made it expensive to buy the remaining areas, so the company felt it was not right to start raw production at a lower price. And the company incurred debt in the business of 22000 crores. If we look at the company's total debt, it has increased five times in 10 years. If you see the income of the company, then it is a failed business. The real mistake with Videocon was when they reduced the focus on their electronics business, and then companies like LG gave big competition in electronics. Since then, the company started running in a failed business. if you like this article, please share a comment, and follow my blog and also follow by email,

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