What Is SEO? How to SEO on your blog?

What Is SEO? How to SEO your blog?  SEO is a vast topic, and many other issues also come inside SEO. To do SEO of your block correctly, you should keep the following points in mind.  SEO can be divided into two parts: the first part of on-line SEO and the second part off-page SEO, 

What Is SEO
 What Is SEO?

What Is SEO? How to SEO on your blog?

Doing keyword research: What Is SEO?

To write a good SEO blog, you should first do your keyword research, and you can use keyword research as a tool to do keyword research. It is beneficial to do keyword research that you know that your After seeing how many searches are coming on favorite keywords, and how much their CPC is, and mostly how much their keyword deficits are, you finalize your keywords, make sure that your keywords are high and the obligations are low.

Writing Content:

After doing keyword research, you have to write a unique contract on your blog. This contact should be between 1500 to 2000 words at least. While writing the connection, you should have a topic at least two to three times. While writing the contract, make sure that you give the heading separately in your paragraph.

Add an image:

You put the right image related to your topic in your contact, and SEO that image. To sum up the idea, you reduce the image's size and give its alt text and description.

Giving inbound and outbound links:

In your contact, give a link to your post. For outbound, you can give a link to any other website related to your topic.

What Is SEO How to SEO on your blog
 What Is SEO How to SEO on your blog 

Creating Backlinks:Do off-page SEO

To do off-page SEO, you have to create quality backlinks for your website. You create your backlinks on a high DA PA website.

Increase DA & PA (Domain Authority & Page Authority):

You have to increase the DA & PA of your website, the more DA & PA of your website, and rank the faster your website in Google, should rank Google High DA & PA website on the first page.

If your website is in Blogger, you should use your website or block, keeping in mind the above advice.

If your website is in WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin, you can download the Yoast SEO plugin by going to the plugin section of your WordPress, and after downloading it, activate the Yoast SEO plugin to make your content easy To create, you give much advice related to SEO, so that your work becomes very easy. 

What is SEO?- 10 websites where you can create your backlinks for free

Creating backlinks is very important for blogging. Backlinks are used for off-page SEO of your website. Google still ranks websites with many backlinks, backlinks are also useful for your off-page SEO, so If you want to rank a website,, you must make backlinks.

What Is SEO? -Where are the backlinks made, and how?

Make backlinks in websites that have high DA (Domain authority) and PA (Page authority), we call it quality backlinks, by creating quality backlinks, DA PA of your website also increases, but now the question comes that asked backlinks. One way to make it is to buy paid backlinks, but if you are a new blogger, it can be very expensive for you, so I will tell you ten such websites where you can create backlinks for your website for free. Can the names of those websites are given below?

What Is SEO How to SEO on your blog
 What Is SEO How to SEO on your blog 

Photo bucket:

is a free image hosting website where you can place your images or short videos. Along with it, you can also add a link to your website. To signup for this, you can use your Facebook or Gmail account. Its DA is 95 and PA 65.

Deviant art:

This website is from an art community. This website offers digital art. You can also share and promote your work. Its DA is 92 and PA 84.

Image shack:

This is an image website. On this website, you can place an image. If you put the image that you have put on your website, then it will be good. This website is very easy to use, its DA 94 and PA 79.

Drop shot:

This is also an image website. It offers the option of placing images as well as videos, its DA 70 and PA 60.

Photo peach:

This is also an image website. It's DA 94 and PA 79.

Scrub the web:

This website is a website analyzer. You can submit your website and get information about the health of your website. Its DA is 72 and PA 55.

Directory world:

This website is a directory website. This website has a lot of hard categories. You can select your categories and submit your website. It has DA 61 and PA 57.

So much:

This website is also a directory website. It has DA 57 and PA 51.


This website is a business search engine. This website gives information about the company's product and service. It's DA 61 and PA 57.

Author stream:

This website is a presentation hosting website. You can submit your audio video and animation. It has DA 61 and PA 57.

Quora: Its DA is 92 and PA 72.

About Me: Its DA is 92 and PA 72.

Issuu: Its DA is 94 and PA 82.

Zoho: Its DA is 89 and PA 70.

Dropbox: Its DA 94 and PA 83.

Attacking Faceplate: Its DA is 72 and PA 56.

Bit Bucket: It has DA 61 and PA 57.

Listly: Its DA is 76 and PA 67.

Pen IO: Its DA is 94 and PA 92.

Cheaper seeker: It has DA 49 and PA 49.

On all these websites, you must make a backlink of your website.

Things to note: What Is SEO?

There may be some changes in the DA and PA of these websites in the coming times, so you must check the DA and PA of these websites once at your level. I sincerely hope the friends you came to my post that I want to know What Is SEO? Then after reading this post thoroughly, you must have got good information about SEO. If you have any suggestions or questions about this post or our blog, you must tell us by commenting. And to get similar useful information related to the world of blogging, subscribe to our email newsletter and share on Facebook.com and other social media platform.


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