6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully

Going to give information about the apps related to 6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully  and the good and bad problems related to it. Let's see which best smartphone and some related things that work for you,

6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully
6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully

6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully 

The purest version of Android is called Stock Android or Pure Android. In this, you will find only the simple features provided by Google. But in this, you are unlikely to get any bug or any error, but even if there is an error or bug, it is fixed by the security patch update by Google.

Custom AndroidOperating System

In this, various best smartphone brands give their unique user interface by skinning Android. And that user interface (UI) becomes the identity of that brand. Like makeup is made beautiful. In the same way, it is customized by offering its layer in the smartphone.

1. You will get MIUI on Xiaomi's phone.

2. You will get One UI on Samsung's phone.

3. You will see oxygen OS in the OnePlus smartphone.

4. Color UI and Funtouch OS will be available in Oppo, Real and Vivo.

5. will find zen UI in Asus's flagship smartphone.

The question arises, then what is the benefit of different UI like this? I mentioned one point above that it has to show its smartphone differently from the brand side. Second, it is for advanced users. Those who like to customize their phones. Because in all these UI, you get different types of customized options. The user can customize his phone. Now your question will be, which one should we take, Android? If you want better security and performance, then you should go with stock Android.

What is 60 Hz, 90 Hz and 120Hz? Which the best?

If you need a variety of features like screen recording, call recording and game mode. Then it would be best if you went with a customized Android. 60 Hz and 90 Hz: What is the refresh rate, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully
6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully

It means' DISCHARGE' in a short time. There is such a thing, but our battery gets "low", and our phone stops because of not charging our phone during our work due to repeated calls. And we have to face many difficulties due to the phone being switched off, but now do not fade away because the battery of our phone has to face a problem. That is why there is good news for all smartphone users. They no longer need to take charging tension. This is because the new battery technology has been developed.

With this technology's help, the "battery" of the best smartphone will run for five days. In the new battery solution, the new additive users will replace the traditional lithium-upper connector. So far, the lithium-ion battery comes in. This battery is used to power the best smartphone, smartwatch and pacemaker. However, researchers have used a lithium-sulfur reactor for ultra-potency. Like electric battery developed using this new technology, it can run more than 1000 kilometres after electric cars.

According to Monash University researchers in Australia, researchers Tim A has successfully restructured sulfur cathodes' design to replace existing battery compounds. And smartphones have the highest battery expenditure on screen, data, GPS and all three. So when changing some settings, there is an essential difference in battery life. Now do some of the settings shown below and let your mobile battery run for five days.

Mobile Screen: - best smartphone

The touch screen is an integral part of the best smartphone. Phones with a button keypad no longer matter. Most batteries go for the touch of the screen and to maintain the glow of the screen. When the brightness setting is set to auto mode, the phone battery is used. Instead, instead of regularly placing a phone at the minimum level, you can meet your eyes comfortably. When we go for more light, it will increase if necessary, but extra shine saves the battery.

data: best smartphone

Data This is not very important; data usage is limited to talk only. However, when connected to a battery for data transmission, you are more likely to find a battery network in a work coverage or non-coverage area. So when there is no need, turn off the mobile "data". This will save your phone battery.

GPS: - best smartphone

You probably don't even know GPS, but now GPS is continuously on. But there is no need to keep it running continuously. GPS moves you through mapping and navigation. You do not mind to close it in a hurry so that your phone battery is reduced very soon, for this, do not forget to turn off your phone's GPS.

Every picture you see on the screen has several processes behind it. The picture appears on the screen only after all processes have been corrected. One of the different techniques used is rendered. The process of render is called the refresh rate. Explain that can render the number of times photos and graphics in a second is the refresh rate of that display. The refresh rate is measured in Hz (Hz).

type:- best smartphone

The refresh rate is 60 Hz, 90 Hz and 120 Hz. Refresh rates are typically 60 Hz, 90 Hz, and 120 Hz. Ordinary TVs and mobile phones use a 60 Hz refresh rate. This means that graphics or photos are rendered 60 times in a second. Similarly, the display's refresh rate is 90 Hz, then 90 seconds is rendered in its frame before the photos are shown and 120 times when the photos are 120 Hz. Good quality hardware is needed for a higher refresh rate, for your information.

Let us know that a mobile phone with a good processor and random access memory (RAM) is needed for a refresh rate of 90 Hz. At the same time, the 120 Hz refresh rate requires adequate hardware capacity. The smooth running of smartphones depends on the frame being rendered. This means that the sooner the frame is rendered, the more the best smartphone will run smooth.

What is the benefit? | best smartphone

As mentioned above, the best smartphone runs smoothly due to the more frequent render. This is one of the most significant advantages of a reasonable refresh rate. Apart from this, the refresh rate has many other benefits. The higher the refresh rate of the best smartphone, the better its visuals will look. Also, scrolling will be easy, and the playback will also remain constant while watching the video. It will be fun to play games with big graphics.

loss: -  best smartphone

There is some loss, and If something has its benefits, then it also has some disadvantages. Similarly, the refresh rate has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Smartphones with refresh rates of 90 and 120 Hz tend to run out faster than others. However, some smartphones use unique technology. Due to which the high refresh rate does not affect the battery. Also, many apps and games do not support 90 Hz smartphones.

5.There are ten apps on your mobile, now quickly delete the app on your android best smartphone,

According to a report, the number of smartphone users will be more than 70 crores within the next five years. The affordable internet facility has increased the appeal of people behind the smartphone more. Just as people use more and more smartphones, new apps are being launched every day. In such a situation, many people link people's privacy by creating dangerous apps, and their personal data is being linked and going into dangerous hands. Here we will give you the details of some such apps to link your personal data to your best smartphone. So know about this dangerous ten app.

File Transfer Pro: - (File Transfer Pro)

This is an app that you use to transfer files to your best smartphone. This app has the possibility of being malware, and experts say that this app should be immediately deleted from your best smartphone, as you can link your data through this app. So if you have put this app on your best smartphone, then delete it immediately.

Real-Time Booster: - (Real-Time Booster)

This app is also considered particularly dangerous. And this app can link your smartphone's data. Although Google has removed this app from the Play Store, it is still available elsewhere. So please do not download it from anywhere else. If it is already on your phone, then you remove this app immediately. Malware has been feared in this app

Brightest LED Flash Light: - (Brightest LED Flashlight)

The use of flashlight has become increasingly popular nowadays. If you, too, have downloaded the Brightest LED flashlight in your phone, then there are also threats of malware in it. Therefore, you will have to delete this app from your phone immediately.

Free Wi-Fi Pro: - (Free Wi-Fi Pro)

This app seeking free Wi-Fi is extremely dangerous. You should not download it from your phone, and if it is already on your phone, you should delete this app as soon as possible.

Truly calculator: - (True Love Calculator)

This app is an app to show you the panorama of relationship and love. This app is extremely dangerous. With this app, there is a danger of having your phone's data linked. Therefore, you should not download this app from anywhere.

Tattoo Maker: - (Tattoo Maker)

Tattoo Maker This app is also considered malware. With this help, hackers can link your data. That is why you do not forget to keep this app on your phone.

Skull Face Photo and Camera Effects: - (Skull Face Photo & Camera Effects)

This app is also considered dangerous. And they also refuse to install it on their phones. This app steals se information on your phone. If this app is also present on your phone, please do it immediately, or else you should not read it.

Reverse Video Editing: - (Reverse Video Editing)

You should never install this app on your phone because it does not steal your data or information. This action does harm/damage your phone.

 Photo Smoke Effect: - (Photo Smoke Effect)

This app is considered dangerous for your phone. And it would be best if you never forgot to install this app. Installing it is not free from danger. If this app is already on your phone, then you delete it immediately.

Vice Recorder Pro: - (Voice Recorder Pro)

6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully
6 tricks how to use best smartphone usefully 

6 . 
Why don't android smartphones have removable batteries?

1.To prevent people from placing a paper or spice loop under the battery. Only us Indians can get this skill.

2. To use people as phones and not as wallets.

3. No one can keep a secret SIM card or memory card separately on the phone.

4. So do not lick the battery charge. Look at the phone itself.

5. Do not test other phones for battery power.

6. Do not loosen the back cover by opening it several times.

These were all jokes, but now let's move on to the real reason:

1. The first reason is the slim design. These built-in batteries do not require a rear panel, meaning that less space is required inside the gadget, and the best smartphone can be made thinner.

2. Smartphones are more lightweight and look more stylish and modern.

3. Built-in battery also makes the phone waterproof.

4. Furthermore, built-in batteries are better for your protection. Suppose someone stole your phone. The battery has been removed from the inside, and there is no removable back cover, making it difficult to access, making it difficult for the thief to disable tracking functions. So the chances of finding your phone are very high. If you have any question or complaint about this article, you must tell me in the comment.

It would be best if you did not forget to use this app for voice recording as it can prove very dangerous for your phone. So could you not install it? So, friends, this is the app that can damage your phone and also link your personal information. Apart from this, before you download any unknown app, you must follow the information about this app as above,

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