How to use and what's new | Whatsapp plus app

How to use and what's new | Whatsapp plus app has been working on its Disappearing feature for a long time.  On a support page, WhatsApp plus app has revealed this feature and other details related to it.  For starters, the company has announced that its Disappearing Messaging feature will be available not only in its Android and iOS-based apps but also on Kios, WhatsApp Web, and its desktop-based app 

How to use and what's new  Whatsapp plus app
How to use and what's new  Whatsapp plus app

You how to download your favorite Whatsapp plus app Status.

Whatsapp plus app company also said that new messages sent in personal or group chat would disappear automatically within seven days once the facility is enabled. However, this setting does not affect messages sent or received by the user. Another interesting thing about this feature is that in personal chat, the user can turn on or off Despair messages, and group administrators can do this in groups.

As far as the availability of messages is concerned, WhatsApp plus app states that if the user does not open WhatsApp plus app within seven days, the message will disappear. However, the preview of the message can still be displayed in notifications until Whatsapp plus app opens. The company also stated that if the disarm message is forwarded without closing the disarmament settings, it will not disappear. If the user makes a backup before the message disappears, it will include the missing letter in the copy protection. If the user restores from backup, the message will disappear.

After the arrival of the WhatsApp plus app, people's lives have become much easier. For the convenience of WhatsApp plus app users, the company keeps rolling out new features. Last year, the company released the WhatsApp plus app Status feature. It has been almost a year since the WhatsApp plus app status feature arrived, but the part remains intact so far. Users like this feature a lot. 

Let me tell you that the status gets deleted automatically after 24 hours. Can easily post photos or videos to the position. Not only WhatsApp plus app, Facebook and Instagram apps also have a status function. Millions of video statuses are posted every day on WhatsApp. After seeing the level entered by friends and loved ones, you might have realized that at some point, I would like to upload the photo or video seen in WhatsApp status. Today we will tell you about some such important steps. Using this method, you will download your favorite Whatsapp plus app Status in a pinch.


How to use and what's new  Whatsapp plus app
Whatsapp plus app

How to anhydrate hidden folders in WhatsApp plus app

To download your favorite WhatsApp plus app status, you need first to unhide the hidden .statuses folder on the phone.  You probably won't be aware that it automatically gets stored in this folder hidden in the telephone whenever you click on a WhatsApp plus app status.  Now you may be wondering how to remove the video or favorite photo from this hidden folder.  Let him know that to avoid the copyright issue, and the state is not saved in the gallery. There is no need to reboot or jailbreak the iOS device to anhydrate the phone's .statuses folder. 

Go to the file manager menu bar, here you can see the configuration options., you will see the option of Unhide Files.  After clicking on this option, go to the WhatsApp plus app folder in the file manager.  Then you need to go to the media folder. In the Media folder, you will see a hidden folder named .statuses. This folder contains state photo and video stores. There are also many apps available to download the status of your favorite WhatsApp Plus app. Let me tell you, and. WhatsApp does not release this app is a third-party app. You can easily download these third-party apps from the Google Play store.

There are 100 billion messages sent through the WhatsApp Plus 2017 app annually,
On New Year's Eve, WhatsApp plus app sent 63 billion messages, followed by 75 billion in 2018 and over 100 billion last year. Now, around 100 billion (10 thousand crores) messages are delivered every day. Nearly 100 billion messages are being sent every day on WhatsApp.There is no other messaging app around. In January this year, Android crossed the 500 million downloads crossed five billion downloads on Android in January this year.WhatsApp plus app overtook 100 billion messages sent on New Year's Eve last year.

 During the quarterly morning call, Zuckerberg announced that 2.5 billion (250 million) people worldwide use one or more Facebook apps every day, and 10 million (10 million) use the company's services. Has more active advertisers than.  New Year's Eve is the day that WhatsApp plus app usually sees a big boom in messages, which has been around for years. In 2017, WhatsApp sent 63 billion messages on New Year's Eve, followed by 75 billion in 2018 and over 100 billion last year. Currently, approximately 100 billion (100 billion) messages are delivered daily.

How to use and what's new  Whatsapp plus app
Whatsapp plus app

How to use and what's new | Whatsapp plus app

No other messaging service supports WhatsApp plus app with this number. This is the growing user base for the app, which crossed the 2 billion (200 million) brand earlier this year. According to the Statista report, WhatsApp plus app reached five billion downloads on Android in January this year, making it only the second non-Google app to get this huge figure.

To make the app more user-friendly, WhatsApp plus app has been adding new features from time to time, and many new features are still in the works.  WhatsApp plus app recently gave users the "Always Mute" feature, which has given users the ability to mute chat alerts forever.  This feature has brought a sigh of relief for many users.


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