How to use a credit card ? | What is Zero Cost EMI ?

How to use a credit card? | What is  Zero Cost EMI? Companies offer EMI facilities to attract customers by eliminating the worry of lumpsum.  Apart from online, this facility is also provided in the showroom for the purchase of electronic goods.  

How to use a credit card ? | What is  Zero Cost EMI ?
How to use a credit card ? | What is  Zero Cost EMI?

How to use a credit card ? | What is  Zero Cost EMI ? 

It is necessary to know whether it is a cost EMI in EMIs or is just a trick in such a situation. How to use a credit card? | What is  Zero Coast EMI? By keeping a few things in mind, you can avoid fraud of Zero Cost EMI.

In an old circular of RBI, some costs and terms have been hidden from customers under No Cost EMI's guise, and so now How to use a credit card? 

 Now Think about How to use a credit card? | What is  Zero Coast EMI? Suppose you have to buy a phone worth 20 thousand.  Under the Zero Cost EMI, an amount of 20 thousand rupees 1667 rupees EMI per month for 12 months during the online search.  If you multiply 12 by 1667, the answer will be Rs 20 thousand 4. It is considered a good option without paying interest. The second option is Rs 1834 per month. Twelve thousand rupees have to be spent on filling 12 months.

 But with that, you get a 2 thousand discount offer.  In this way, you will have to pay 20 thousand rupees only if you take advantage of the discount.  By getting a bargain offline, you get a phone worth 20 thousand rupees for 19 thousand rupees.  The best option is online, both offline and online.  Because you do not have to pay interest on e-MII and you can become the phone owner even if you do not have a lump sum amount.  But during this time some things should be kept in mind.

How to use a credit card ? | What is  Zero Cost EMI ?
How to use a credit card? | What is  Zero Cost EMI?

 Zero Cost EMI:

It is necessary to take care of the model while shopping.  Maybe a new model of the phone is going to come.  In which new processors have been used.  One disadvantage is that by taking one item from a credit card, the temptation to buy many items increases.  If you take the option of Zero Cost EMI, then make sure that there is a sufficient amount in the account not to pay a heavy penalty.  There can also be a danger of calling the bank.  The bank gives you another EMI option in the name of verifying the purchase.  Now you will not be able to calculate at that time that may also charge the interest rate.

 The employee will not tell that there is no cost EMI of six months.  The employee will only tell you the hefty amount of total payment on Zero Cost EMI.  On taking advantage of the option, the bank may not charge you any interest the first month.  But later on, it will start charging interest at a higher rate.  So you do not get caught in the employee's deception. If you are saved from fraud, ask him to send the terms and conditions of the email.  Never recognize an employee on the phone without knowing the service and needs.

How to use a credit card ? | What is  Zero Cost EMI ?
How to use a credit card ? | What is  Zero Cost EMI ?

If I have a credit card and How to use a credit card. 

 If it is a lifetime free card, if your balance is zero, then there is no worry… You will not have to pay even a single penny. But if there is an annual fee for that credit card, then the month in which it is due, He will have to pay it in his next month.

 There are many credit cards in which if you spend rs 50000 / - or rs 10,000 / - or any such limit up to a fixed limit during the year, then the annual fee is waived. In such a case, if you have already made that amount and paid all the money, you are still safe. But if not, the card company will add that annual fee to your bill.

 But if you do not want to use it, why do you have to take a credit card? 

 My advice is that you pay all the necessary expenses which you have to pay in any case, with a credit card first .. like phone recharge, money transfer in Paytm wallet, installment of insurance, electricity, water or phone bills, metro recharge, Rail or air tickets, planned monthly purchases, etc. These are the expenses you were supposed to incur by cash or debit card or other methods and whose monthly spending plan was there.

Now since all these expenses are from credit cards, this amount will remain in your bank account for the whole month, and that But you will also get interested. At the end of the beginning of the next month, when his bill arrives, pay him by debit card or net banking. In this case, you will also get reward points for both credit and debit cards, and your monthly financial account will not be disturbed. 

Always avoid unnecessary expenses and impulsive purchases on credit cards. Otherwise, it can complicate you in a cycle of expensive interest. But as I said above, if you use both types of cards properly, How do you use a credit card? | What is Zero Coast EMI? Then your life will be happy! 

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