some good small business for starter | starting businesses

Do you have some good ideas for starting businesses?, some good small business for starter | beginning businesses, which can be meager cost and very profitable, but if you get it right, then it should get at least RS.2000

today plastic has been banned everywhere paper packets are in demand, a small machine comes with the help of which you can make a packet of paper, and after placing two or four boys and giving them that packet, you will sell them every package.  You can pay a commission. The more packs you sell, the more they will get the commission. The rest will be yours. 

This is a very low-cost starting business that you can do. It is more useful nowadays because you can be as strong as the foil according to your talent.  You can make charms of paper packets and give them to the shopkeepers in the market, on which you will get a price ranging from RS.2 to RS.20. The biggest thing is that a lot of it can come today because it has become my habit that I also have vegetables in foil  Milk is also needed in packets, milk is also required in boxes, goods are also required in packs, the cloth is also necessary for bags.

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starting businesses - small business for starter

Secondly, I know a person who seems to be my cousin, he is 74 years old at this time, and he was very ill and helpless. He had a lot of debt on him. I felt very pity to see him, but he was a  Let me tell you in this Tata done by him is a man of a very sharp mind.

some good small business for starter

My village is near Ahmedabad, there is excellent paddy cultivation, and every farmer sells his paddy at cheap prices. He did that he bought paddy from people in our village by taking a loan of RS.200000 which was two-three years ago.  They were found in 1700 Kuntal.  He found an excellent mill that he had with him and got rice from him perfectly, and after packeting it he named it Gayatri Bhog.  He also kept two men because he is an older man who started packaging and selling them with shopkeepers at 5 kg 2 kg. He is getting about three to four times the paddy price purchased at that Rs. 1700 per quintal. Today the situation is that he has  To increase starting businesses. 

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He has taken a loan of about RS.2000000. He has not yet repaid the entire loan, but he has also begun to Packet Dough with Gayatri Bhog. The best thing is that he has not done his job on the road or in the city, between the village and the village.  Because they get paddy and wheat at very cheap prices and labor charges are also available at very cheap prices and the place is also found cheaper, if they do all this in the city, this charge is costly for them.  Talking about travel, he has bought magic and has kept some boys he allows for selling on commission. His starting businesses is going very well. If I become an IS, then I will take business as a starter myself at a higher level.

business for starter,starting businesses
business for starter,starting businesses 

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Thirdly, I know a shopkeeper next to me, he also used to sell goods like everyday shopkeepers, but he changed. He changed his entire shop to air-condition and started cutting all the available goods on his own.  And put each packaged goods next to the same brand. If a branded item is in RS.100, then its packaged goods in  RS.80, it easier for them to sell their goods and guarantee the branded goods. 

business for starter,starting businesses

business for starter  starting businesses

He did not make any promises but asked him to give five times for the defect in his belongings. This led to the packets of customers taking the same, and he also gave gifts to people on occasions like Diwali, Dhanteras, Eid. Today people from far and wide come to buy goods from him for discounts and skills, his shop started running at the double the speed, today he only keeps an eye on the CCTV camera and sees what stuff is not there, all the boys do their work.

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And their starter business is going very well. I have an excellent starting business plan.

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