What are the 6 ways to make money at home?

How to make money at home 2020? What are the 6 ways to make money at home? I'm sure you are also asking this question. Because it sounds very nice, you are both at home, in your home and you will earn money here without going to work. 

What are the 6 ways to make money at home?

There are many ways to make money at home, and some of them are easy to do. For example, if you have a hobby and want to turn it into work, you can easily earn additional income by doing it at home. If you have the idea of making money at home in the corner of your mind and you do not know how to do this,

You can see how to make money at home by looking at the jobs on the list I listed in my article.

Make Money From Home With Youtube

Youtube is among the most popular ways to make money today. Youtube is the world's largest video platform. Being popular here and being followed by a lot of people can earn great money.

So how can you make money from Youtube? For this, you must first produce content. To produce content, you must decide on which subject you will concentrate on. It would be best to start shooting or preparing videos by making your plan and schedule on the subject you choose.

make money at home
 make money at home  

After uploading the prepared videos to your channel, share them on various social media platforms. If your videos start to be liked, you will gain more views and subscribers.

When your watch time reaches 4000 hours, and your subscriber count reaches 1000, you will be able to partner with Youtube.com. So Youtube will place ads on your videos, and you will start earning money.

Apart from that, if you become popular on Youtube, you can also get viral ads. You both earn more, and your ad portfolio expands.

Many of those who make money from Youtube has become famous for making videos at home. In other words, they started to shoot videos at home, and they became popular over time. That's why you can make money by shooting videos at home.

Youtube is one of the first things that comes to mind when making money at home. Now the market is a little more competitive. So if you are confident in your area of expertise, shooting videos on topics you know can earn you. Do not think that you will only earn from google ads that appear between videos on Youtube.

After your videos start to be watched, and a certain number of followers begin, you can get advertisements outside with various agreements. These could mean more meaningful gains for you.

In terms of home earning methods, Youtube is the one that requires a little more patience and dedication. For example; While you make money by writing articles, you earn your money the same day. When the job is done, you know how much money you will make and roughly do the job. But youtube is not like that.

However, you can enjoy much more while making money with Youtube and to earn much higher money after things are on the right. That's why you have to start somewhere. While you are sitting at home, you can spend a few hours a day and take your first step towards earning money by sitting at home.

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Make Money At Home With Pinterest Affiliate

Pinterest.com is one of the popular social media apps. In our country, the number of users is gradually increasing. As such, opportunities make money at home increase here too.

Pinterest is a platform based on images, furniture, and clothes that are very common here. Especially female users use this platform for clothing and product research.

If you can turn this into an opportunity, you will have a great opportunity to earn money from home. So what can we do about it?

What are the 6 ways to make money at home
What are the 6 ways to make money at home

First of all, you have to find products for yourself. You can start with a question of what products women prefer in America and do research. After you find the products, you can take affiliate links from overseas shopping sites and share them on Pinterest.

For example, let's say you found products on Aliexpress. You can take the link from there and share it by setting a nice discount image on Pinterest.com. If someone goes through your link and gets something, you will be given a commission fee.

You can expand your audience by making sponsored posts on Pinterest. You will need to spend some money on this, but when you consider the returns, you will cover these expenses very easily and make a profit.

I can say that Pinterest is a bit more appealing to foreigners in terms of making money at home. Therefore, those who already have a certain level of English would be more advantageous. You don't need to have very good English. Even at a medium level, you can earn good money by working selflessly.

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Make Money At Home By Website Design

Websites are now very important channels for businesses and companies. Almost every company wants to have a website. From there, he needs a website to promote himself and inform people about his products. Also, one of the important ways to look corporate is to have a websites.

What are the 6 ways to make money at home
What are the 6 ways to make money at home?  

If you can design a website and want to make money at home, the job is very simple. You will post on freelancer sites. You will be able to earn money by making websites to customers coming from there.

Make sure you are successful in your job. You can get a job for many companies. In fact, instead of making different designs for each site, you can design several website themes and sell them as a package. This is a little more advanced. Something that anyone studying computer programming or computer engineering can do.

However, it is quite simple to set up websites that already have ready-made themes. After a few days of video training, you can easily learn how to build a website. In the beginning, you can sell websites to your circle on the internet when you progress a little.

You can either create a site yourself and market it from there, or you can put it on different theme sites and sell it by commission from there.

If you are new to this field, I recommend keeping prices low to gain reference. As your reference increases as the people who are satisfied with your work accumulate, you will get work at higher prices later.

Although it seems a little difficult, I know that young people can easily overcome it after taking 1-2 weeks of time and practice. Trust yourself and get started. The rest will come. I can say that it is one of the most enjoyable jobs to make money at home

4. Make Money From Home With Whatsapp

Whatsapp is among the most used mobile applications worldwide. It has approximately 2 billion users. As such, it can be among the make money at home. Of course, not only want to earn money from home, but every sector can use it.

There is no specific way to make money from Whatsapp. Everyone can choose their method. But I'll show you a few methods.

The first method I'll show you is to set up a paid whatsapp group. If you think you are good in a field, you can set up a Whatsapp.com group to inform and guide people, and you can receive certain due to enter the group.

What are the 6 ways to make money at home
What are the 6 ways to make money at home

For example, if you can analyze Bitcoin-related analysis, you can set up a group to share these analyses. Or you can set up a group where shopping opportunities are shared—a situation entirely up to your interests.

The other method is the affiliate marketing method. This method will also need whatsapp groups. You can either join groups or start your own.

After doing the group work, you will agree with the companies and receive the products' referenced links. You will then share these links in Whatsapp groups, and you will be able to click on those links and earn money from shoppers.

For example, if you send a message to 1000 people in total and ten people return, you can make a nice profit.

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Make Money At Home By Dropshipping

The number of people who make money by dropshipping has been increasing rapidly recently. And doing dropshipping has become popular. So what is this drop shopping?

Dropshipping is when selling products without stocking them. It can also be called a kind of intermediary. If you want to make money with this system, you should find a supplier for yourself. Then, you should share the photos and features of the products to be purchased from the suppliers on another site.

You should determine the site you share and your customer portfolio well. When there is a sale on the site, you will receive a notification, and you will forward that information to your supplier. After the product reaches the buyer, the site where you are the seller will pay you.

You need to pay attention here to put your profit on the supplier price on the other side, but not to keep the price too high. If the price is appropriate, your earnings may increase as you can find more customers.

What are the 6 ways to make money at home
What are the 6 ways to make money at home

Dropshipping is a business model that anyone can do, from homemakers to students, from part-time workers to full-time employees.

There is a point I want to warn here. The business of making money with Maaelsef dropshipping has gone to different places. It became the favourite of many fraudsters. How does fraud work? It works by selling dropshipping training at exorbitant prices to those who want to make money at home.

Some people sell tutorials to earn thousands of dollars with dropshipping. You can find these pieces of training very easily on the internet for free.

People who claim to be very good in this field will earn that money themselves instead of selling their education. Find out yourself with free videos without relying on these people. Believe that all the information in the training you get by paying high fees is already available on youtube for free.

Make Money At Home With Medium

Medium is a blog founded by the founders of Twiiter. You can write articles in every field on this platform. Since the domain authority is high, it is much easier for the articles written on this site to rise to the top of Google.

If you want to write articles here instead of setting up a blog, you can earn money from the beautiful articles you will write. So how to make money at home with Medium?

At the bottom of the articles on Medium, there is a like button. Users who read the article can like the article here. According to likes, Medium.com gives a certain fee to those who write.

The nice feature of the platform is that there is no subject restriction. You can write in any field, including political content. But there is a situation like this. You must be able to write in English because English articles are more popular.

To give an example of making money on Medium, a user in the United States earned close to $ 60,000 over an article comparing Uber and Lyft applications in recent years.

He put links in this post and made money from those who went through the links and signed up for Uber or Lyft apps. So besides the likes of Medium, it also made money from the links.

A very good choice for those who are interested in makes money at home. The difference between making money by writing an article is that the money you will receive when you write an article is obvious from the beginning. However, on Medium, this money may continue to come to you in much longer terms.

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