What is 5G networks and 5G Technology | How it Works

What is 5G networks and 5G Technology | How it Works 

Hello friends,What is 5G technology how it works, in this article you will get information about 5G technology As is 5G technology and how it works.

 Because nowadays the question is arising in the mind of most people that what will happen in 5G network,

 How long is the launch in India and how much will internet speed increase.

  Overall, 5G network has become a matter of comfort at the moment and it is natural for Internet users to know about it as well.

 Today, most people have smart phones and most of the tasks are done through digital mediums.

What is 5G networks and 5G Technology
What is 5G networks and 5G Technology

 In such a situation, internet speed is very important for everyone. If seen, generations of mobile networks have increased in the last 10 years and this time working on 5G technology is one step ahead of 4G LTT network.

 Let's understand that 5G technology is stored and it will be launched in India by tomorrow and how much it will increase internet speed.What is 5G networks and 5G Technology | How it Works


 What is 5GTechnology, (5G Technology)


 5G means 5th generation network. It is a new technology of mobile networks. And 5Gnetworks have a much larger role in the wireless data field than all previous network generations.

 It is anticipated that not only connectivity through 5G networks will improve, but data transfer at the new radio frequency by advanced antenna technology will significantly increase data transmission speed and reduce network latency.

What is 5G networks and 5G Technology
What is 5G networks and 5G Technology

 When you do some searching from mobile to internet, the time between your phone and target server is 40ms and in 4G network this latency is 40ms, which is estimated to be 1ms in 5G network, that is, you clicked and the answer opened up to you. Front.

The 5G network will also have a network management facility, so that through network siting, mobile operators will be able to create separate smooth networks in the same 5G network, so that consistency and speed can be maintained, if 5G internet speed is talked about. There are indications that 5G internet speed will be 30 to 40 times faster than 4G,

 Which will not only benefit the common people, but it will also explain the changes in technology. If we talk about 5GLaunch Date in India, by 2020 its service can be a teacher.


Second generation of mobile network

Other mobile network generation 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G were as follows


1.   1G (FISIGeneration) analog signal used to talk

2. 2G (second generation) digital voice and SMS / MMS(CDMAIGSM)

Mobile data with 3 .3G (third generation) digital voice also started getting

4. Data Speed ​​and Voice Quality with 4G (Fourth Generation) MIMO and LTE Technology Benefits of Big

What is 5G networks and 5G Technology
What is 5G networks and 5G Technology

5G Technology (Benefits of 5G Technology)

 50 A new type of wireless network that will create a platform for new innovations, including 5G not only improving broadband connections. Rather, having internet speed will give a big boost to innovations being made on NAB smart devices such as IoT devices. Automated cars and artificial intelligence are becoming the safest research on all of these and if all of these require internet speed and low latency, 50 networks will do it all.

What is 5G networks and 5G Technology
What is 5G networks and 5G Technology

 With the help of all these 5G technology, education, health, automobile and common man as well as small businesses will reach.

 Which will take a few years to be implemented right now, but if viewed from the point of view of a common consumer, it would be an estimated 30 to 40 percent increase in 50 Internet speeds compared to frost.

Which can be up to 10Gbps, so video streaming and downloading will be very fast and of advanced quality.

 How 5G Network Works

Like you have 5G 5th Generation wireless mobile technology, which is better than current 4G LTE, and you will get 30 to 40 times more speed.

Usar gigabits can be downloaded at 5G network speed before setup per second,

 Changes will be made to the entire network equipment, not only by providers,

 But every internet user has to buy 5G supported smart phones,

Which will be available to remove the phone in future. The challenge may also prove to be. The 5G network also has a call site like other cellular networks. (Cell site where there are also 5G devices such as antenna slavemeters and receivers. From here the data is divided into different sectors. 5G Tweak uses a type of coding, called OFDM. 04G LTERT in it at 50 Sukin uses 50 yellowness and latency to function separately. Ton Mater Wave Denomination (EHFD (Extremely rnigy Fruquency) Bhasad 300 at 300che Frequency Tasmijat cannot be performed.


But transmission on millimeter waves reduces network anger,

And there is a possibility of signal breakdown due to bad weather or exposed buildings. In such a situation, stations will be built at every small place and at a short distance, so that the signal is not broken and connectivity is maintained.

5G (loss of 5G) | What is 5G networks and 5G Technology | How it Works

friend. There will also be losses that cannot be ignored.

1. 5G technology equipment is very expensive and there are very few engineers who are skilled in it and research is going on continuously, which will make its installation very expensive and buy equipment used after its launch and do not support old equipment holdings . Changing will prove to be very expensive. How much can it hurt health

2. people can be estimated, which was published by WHO and IARC in 2011, how much EMF is available for Dion and there is also no safety policy


3. millimeter wave technique. 50 Signal Thunderstorms will be of little use, leading to signal problems.


Friends, you have learned about 5G Technology and you must have known all the advantages and disadvantages of this work.

We can say that it is still a while for the 5G to be launched in India so What is 5G networks and 5G Technology | How it Works and the information related to it is only being said as an estimate,

 The real facts will be revealed only when its use becomes normal. We hope that you have got information related to 5G Technology in this article, if you got some life from this article, then add it with others as well.please share this article and comments, thank you 

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