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What is C-Plane service? | Launched

What is C-Plane service? | Launched Details of Sea Plane ServiceWhat is C-Plane Service, Gujarat, Rent, Time, Service, (Seaplane Service in Gujarat), Price, Ahmedabad Booking, Cost, Capacity, Speed, Timing, Andaman, Kerala, Maldives.

What is C-Plane service? | Launched Details of Sea Plane Service

The Udaan scheme was launched a few years ago by the Government of India, under which different types of airlines are provided to the people. C-plane service is being started under this scheme, which will start in the state of Gujarat. It will run between Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's huge statue, called the Statue of Unity, through the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad. So what is a C-plane service, when will it start, and what are its features. You can see all this in our article. So let's know about C-Plane Services.

What is C-Plane service  how to launched
What is C-Plane service  

What is Sea Plane and What is Sea Plane Service?

C-plane service is an airline service initiated by the Ministry of Shipping, starting from the Sabarmati riverfront on the day of National Unity Day between Statue and Unity.

Launched Details of Sea Plane Service

What is C-Plane Service

Name C-Plane Service

Launch October 2020

The beginning government on Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti

Started by the Ministry of Shipping

Where will it start in Gujarat?

Operations by Spice Shuttle Company

Total Price (Rs) 3000 (both ways)

Related Plan Flight Plan

Capacity 15 seater

Speed 104 knots.


What is C-Plane service  how to launched
What is C- Plane service

The total fare of the C-Plane service will be Rs 3000, which is a combination of going and coming, i.e., the one-way fare for this service will be Rs 1500. To get the Sea Plane service, you have to book tickets in advance. Ticket booking is starting a day in advance through the online medium. These flights of SpiceJet will have 15 seats.


What is C-Plane service  how to launched
 What is C- Plane service

Flight Time in Sea Plane Service

C-plane service is starting on the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This flight's route is from the Sabarmati riverfront of Ahmedabad to the huge statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel called the Statue of Unity. C-plane services running from Ahmedabad to Kevadia will make two trips a day. The flight will start from the riverfront of Sabarmati at 10:15 am, reaching the Statue of Unity at 10:45 am, located in Kevadia. Then it will fly from Kevadiya at 11:45 to reach Ahmedabad at 12:15. In this way, one of its rounds will be complete. The second round will start at 12:45, reach Kevadia at 1:15 and then fly from there at 3:15 and reach Ahmedabad at 3:45. That means its journey will take half an hour in total.Know about the history of Sabarmati Ashram and the museum present there.

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What is C-Plane service  how to launched
What is C-Plane service 

Regional Connectivity

The introduction of this type of service in India is one of the most notable events as it is the first time in India's history. This service will give a lot of boost to the tourism sector, as it will give them a great experience. To start air service to small cities and towns in our country, many challenges are faced in structures. In such a situation, starting such a service on a small water body is a big step.

Features and Benefits of Sea-Plane Service

Spice is the shuttle company operating the C-Plane service, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SpiceJet.

It uses twin Otter 300 types of aircraft, the safest and popular C-plane air travel main and safe means of transport. The safety, maintenance, and commitment of such aircraft have been ensured to secure flights. Such aircraft are one of the most popular aircraft worldwide.

C-Plane is built in the Maldives. And it is from that. This aircraft's special feature is that it is famous for its reliability, robustness, short take-off landing capabilities, payload capability, and accidental external visibility. Maintenance, seat renewal, etc., of this aircraft, are done regularly. For this, they are also given a valid Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).

The Twin Otter 300 used in it has an accident-free history. And hence its demand is highest in the whole world.

Before starting the C-plane, it has also been tried in Nagpur, Guwahati, and Mumbai. First land testing has been done in Nagpur and Guwahati. But after this, both land and water testing have been done at Girgaon Chowpatty in Mumbai.

There are many remote areas around the world where the lack of an airport and air connectivity have been the biggest obstacle. In this case, the sea-plane can prove to be very helpful.

The C-plane can take off in the water. Therefore, you can easily reach this service in a place where there is no runway for landing. Even these aircraft can land not only in water but also in gravel and grass.

They can also be on the aircraft's landing, so it will save the cost of constructing a big airport or runway. And remote areas located in India, where runway and airport facilities are very difficult to reach. It can be most helpful there.

They can also land on waterways such as lakes, backwaters, and dams. Due to this can easily start it in various tourist areas.

There are 18 such areas in the country where this service can start. These areas include Ahmedabad - Kevadia, Agatti - Minicoy, Agatti - Kavatti, and more coastal areas like North East, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andaman, Lakshadweep, which are being evaluated.

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In this way, airline service is developing in our country. The introduction of the C-Plane service will give a boost to the tourism sector in our country. It is expected that it will start in many areas of the country as soon as possible.


What is C-Plane Service

Q: Where is the C-plane service starting?

Ans: Starting from the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad, in the middle of the Statue of Unity at Kevadia.

Q: C - Plane service has been started by

Ans: By Ministry of Shipping.

Q: What is the fare of the C-plane service?

Ans: Rs 1500 for around.

Q: Is C-plane service safe?

Ans: Yes, it has also been given a valid Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).

Q: Who has operated the C-Plane service?

Ans: Through Spice Shuttle, a subsidiary of SpiceJet.

Q: What is special about C-Plane?

Ans: It can land not only on the runway but also on waterways, gravel, grass lake, dam, etc.

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