21 questions to ask yourself and manage your life every week

21 questions to ask yourself and manage your life every week, do you want to change your life qualitatively? To see completely new opportunities and possibilities, to take an active part in developing your destiny and gradually, step by step, consciously guide your life where you want? To do this, try to answer the following questions to ask yourself and manage your life every week, only with complete honesty.

questions to ask yourself

questions to ask yourself 

21 questions to ask yourself - how to start

Manage your life every week

Q1. What have I discovered new for myself, and what have I applied in my life?

Success is straightforward, and the secret is to take a step every day. And after a year, you will reach your goal or come close to 365 degrees. The necessary information will help make this route as short and effective as possible.

Q2. What is my biggest achievement this week?

A person can question to ask yourself and confidence in their abilities by recording their abilities. He becomes strong when he completes all his affairs. And if he deliberately insists on it, the effect becomes very strong! But if you do not remember an achievement, you should try to find out why. After all, an individual as a person can be either in the process of growth or decline.

Q3. To what extent have I reduced my time and energy on unnecessary things and become completely inactive during this week?

Sometimes everyone does it, even those with a lot of purposes and who have a lot of money. But if you notice it in time and stop slowing down, you can achieve success.

Q4. What work do I need to do next week?

There are non-essential cases. They can be done at any time, but there are immediate cases, and if they are not done within a certain period, significant damage can occur.


questions to ask yourself
questions to ask yourself

Q5. What is my goal for next week and what do I need to do to achieve it?

It is necessary to look at the whole situation as a whole, analyze the required tasks and identify the priorities for the next week. If you see the goal clearly, you will reach the highest level of awareness in your actions.

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Q6. Who should I thank this week?

A person lives in a society, constantly interacting with other people associated with common goals. There is always someone we are not indifferent to, and someone helps with the necessary advice, someone provides friendly support. It would help if you expressed your gratitude to the people, so the horizons open up and effective collaboration methods are found.

Q7. What impressed me the most this week?

You are included in what is remembered in human life. If there is absolutely nothing to remember for the whole week, it means you are doing the wrong thing, and life is ruined. This week seems to get out of life. I don'tdon't remember you living it. After all, the routine is erased from human memory over time, leaving only vivid impressions. questions to ask yourself and manage your life.

Q8. What are the obstacles in my path to the goal and how to overcome them?

What type of ballast pulls your life force over you and prevents you from moving towards the goal as efficiently as possible? There are a lot of options - the wrong environment (you need to try to surround yourself with successful people questions to ask yourself and manage your life every week, then your motivation will increase significantly), destructive habits (they take the most valuable thing out of you - vitality and time) ), Negative experiences (it is difficult to believe in oneself having experience) life does not confirm their presence), lack of correct knowledge (it is good to have motivation and strength, you also need to know that to achieve success) What needs to be done), chronic illnesses (well, this is no comment).

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questions to ask yourself
questions to ask yourself

Q9. What are my three goals for a period of three years?

To check the direction of your progress towards a specific goal, you need to do a weekly analysis of your long-term goals. This will help determine if you are moving in the right direction and if you are moving at all ...questions to ask yourself. 

Q10. Who may need my help or support?

Helping another person means getting a new acquaintance, making contact. After all, it would help if you treated someone else the way you want other people to treat you, who knows, maybe this person will help you in some time.

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Q11. What new opportunities can I have?

You can always find opportunities; they can come in the form of new events, new knowledge, meeting new people, and questions to ask yourself and manage your life every week. When goals come to a person, the necessary opportunities go with them. Set goals for yourself, and you'll be able to see the options you need to achieve. 

Q12. Have I done anything for my health this week?

When the human body has strength and energy, the matter burns, all tasks are easily solved.

Q13. What steps should be taken to move towards your goal, and where to start?

The essence of these questions to ask yourself and manage your life every week, and the problem is to determine 2-3 steps, which can do already in this step. When you take these steps, you will gain the first experience and knowledge, the horizon will open, and you will see what the next step should be.

Q14. What can I do to eliminate or reduce my fear?

There are no fearless people. Once you recognize what you are afraid of, it is straightforward to overcome your fear.

Q15. What work do I need to complete to get closer to my goal?

You can pretend to be artistically busy, move papers and make open calls. And don'tdon't take a step towards the goal. And you can do just one thing and move on quite quickly. Find and do this one thing.

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Q16. Who can help me and how can I find him?

The most effective way to achieve success is to find someone who has already walked this path, i.e., a mentor. Find this person and consult him.

questions to ask yourself
questions to ask yourself

Q17. Will skill development help me get as close to my goal as possible?

In any case, there is knowledge, which can help you do something better, faster, cheaper ... To understand what experience you need at this stage, you have to compare yourself to such a person. Who has achieved more than you in your field, and understand how he has what you do not have?

Q18. How much attention and time have I given to my relatives?

We don'tdon't always remember that our loved ones live next to us, and they need our attention and support. Spending at least an hour a day with loved ones helps us maintain a warm and trusting relationship that inspires us and gives us vitality.

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Q19. What am I doing that pulls me back?

If you find yourself in a stalemate and don'tdon't see what to do, go back and write a list of what not to do.

Q20. What am I doing that is completely useless for my purpose and life in general?

Perhaps the best alternative to some of these unwanted activities may be relaxation and energy building—it's better to do nothing.

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Q21. If my life was coming to an end, and next week I will be the last to live, what is one thing I would like to accomplish tomorrow?

This is a challenging question to ask yourself and manage your life every week, the answer to which reveals the values ​​and priorities in one'sone's life.

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