[5] tips and tricks to online earning money

Are you thinking about five tips and tricks to online earning money and getting easy earned money online in the top 5 ways? It's my personal opinion if you try the tips and trick defiantly are you online earning money, 

[5] tips and tricks to online earning money

Seeing the title of the post, many people think typing seems to be a mistake! But not really. Today, I will share an XRP coin earning PTC site where you will get the coin that you will get by looking at an ad of just 5 seconds and getting it in the wallet immediately.

Site link: Click here... 

What is the function of the site?

The main function of the site is to do the ad view. The duration of each ad is 5 seconds, which will give you 300 coins to view. And the minimum withdrawal amount is 300 coins. So if you want, you can take payment by just looking at an ad of 5 seconds.

However, if you want to withdraw by depositing coins, you must withdraw 10,000 coins; otherwise, you will not be able to view new ads.

In addition to ad view, you can earn by applying captcha entry and coupon code. You will find the coupon code on the Facebook page of the site.

How to account?

First, go to the site link above and create an account by clicking on SING UP.

Then log in to the site and set your XRP wallet by clicking Change Wallet on the dashboard's left side.

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How to earn tips and tricks?

There are five ways to online earning money from this site.

Visit Website: Here, you can earn as much as you want by ad view. Each ad's duration is 5 seconds, and you will be given 300 coins for each ad. When an ad view is finished, reload the page and see the new ad. Keep earning unlimited income in this way.

Captcha: Here, you can earn by filling captcha. You will be given 20 coins for each capture code entry.

Coupon: You will get 20,000 coins by entering a coupon code on the site every day. Get the daily coupon code on the site's Facebook page.

Offerwall: Here, you will get coins by doing some survey or simple task.

Mining: See here for income from mining. Make money by mining for free without any work.

online earning money
online earning money

How to get payment tips and tricks?

Click on the Withdraw button on the dashboard to withdraw, and you will get the payment in your wallet immediately.


Earn Money tips and tricks By Link Shorten - Earn Money By Link Shorten


We share different types of links in different places, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in our daily life. But you know, if you want, you can online be earning money by shortening the link through a link shortener.

However, you don't just have to shorten the link and share it, and visitors will have to come to that link. This means that after you share the link on Facebook / Twitter or your website, they will show an ad when the visitors click on that link. Only after completing that ad, the visitor will see the original link/news shared by you. So the more visitors you have, the more your income will be.

There are many link shortcuts online, but today, I will share my favorite or best link shortener. I call the site the best because I like the payment system of the site, and there are no annoying ads like other link shorteners.

If your minimum income is 5 0.05, you can make Bitcoin, and if it is 0.15, you can take it through mobile top-up. Besides, there are payment options through PayPal, Skrill, Web Money, and Bank Transfer.

Site link: ZCPAUS 

How to account:

1. To make an account, click on SIGN UP by clicking on the site link above or the banner below.

2. If you click on the signup option, a form will come. Fill it properly. Once you confirm it via email, you will open your account.

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3. Now login to the account, click on the profile from settings, fill in your profile information, and configure the payment method.

online earning money
online earning money

How to shorten the link:

1. Click on New Shorten Link on the left side of the dashboard to shorten the link.

Zpa LinkShorten

2. Then Click Shorten with your URL.

zcpa link shorten method, earn by shortening the link

You can use Alias ​​for link shortening to help you remember and find your link easily.

How to withdraw:

I said at the beginning that this shortener site has many payment methods. Configure the way you want to withdraw from the settings and click on Withdrawal on the dashboard. You will receive a payment within four days of your request.

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Home  Online  Earning  tips and tricks Top  4  cryptocurrencies


None of us who work with cryptocurrencies have ever heard of these four popular coins in Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Etherium and Bitcoin Cash.

Today I will share with you a site from which you can earn these four coins at once.

mulitcoinads with payment proof, bitcoin income, the best way to earn bitcoin

The site's main task is to fill a total of 4 captchas for four coins one by one every 5 minutes and to view the 35-40 ads for each coin. There is also an opportunity to invest and earn here.

online earning money
online earning money

Site Name: MulticoinAds 

How to account:

To register on the site now click on the registration link or the banner below.

MultiCoinAds - Earn BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC

Then complete the account with your email, password, and mail verification.

How to make money:

MulticoinAds the site you can earn in 3 ways.

 Multicoin Faucet: Here, you can earn money by filling four captchas for four coins every 5 minutes. I think this option is the best way to online earning money from this site. Because it takes less time to do this work and there is no income limit. You can earn as much as you want.

PTC Ads: Here, you can online earning money by viewing ads like other PTC sites. In that case, by selecting any one of the four coins, you can earn by viewing the ad.

Ad Packs: Those who want to earn money by investing without doing any work online can earn money by buying any ad pack at 120% profit for 120 days.


The site has a Place Your Ad feature, where you can promote your site or link using Coin Deposit or Earned Coins.

Payment system:

The payment system of the site is very fast. You can withdraw at any time, and you will receive payment in your wallet within 5 minutes to 28 hours of your withdrawal request.

Can take Bitcoin, Lightcoin, and Bitcoin Cash Payments in any wallet, including Coinbase. However, to get Etherium payment, you must link to FasetPay.

Minimum withdrawal amount is: BTC 0.00025, LTC: 0.0002, BCH: 0.0001, ETH: 0.0001


Income by entering data in 2captcha, earn 4$ TO 5 $ per day


Data Entry is a means of online income. Data entry is any information typed or written, i.e., typed by looking at any given information. Several types of data entry work online, such as form fillup, internet research, email processing, copy-paste, captcha entry, etc. We will discuss a site that can earn by entering the captcha (Captcha) in all these works.

Data entry or captcha entry is not a difficult task, those who can type and can earn more from here. There is also an opportunity to online earning money from here through an Android phone.

What is captcha entry tips and tricks?

Sometimes you will notice that when you register on some website, there are some letters or numbers that you have to write in the box given next to it. This is Captcha. By doing this, the site can understand whether people are registering on the site or robots.

The site we will be working on today is such a site. You will be given some captcha on this site, which you will enter the box and then enter the following captcha by pressing Enter.

Site Name: 2Capthca

How to account:

1. Visit the site and click here to open an account.

2Captcha Data Entry Registration Form.

2. Click on the Register button on the right side of the site's home page, fill in your email, a complex password, and captcha in the Register form and click register. 

3. On the new page, I'M A WORKER clicks on the Next button.

4. Now, you will get a full register link in your mail, click on that link and complete your account registration.

online earning money
online earning money

How to type data entry or captcha:

First, log in to your account. Then there is a button called Start Work at the top of the dashboard. Click there.

You need to complete 2Captcha training before starting work. It's free, quick, and easy and will protect your account from being suspended for making a mistake. Type the image next to the image text in the text box below and press Enter.

You will have 15 seconds to enter each captcha. However, it usually happens in 3-5 seconds. You will get captcha faster if your net speed is good.

Amount of income in 2Captcha Data entry:

You get paid according to how much work you do on the site. Those who have good typing speed will be able to earn more than others. Here you will get $ 1 for every 1000 recap type. Which pays through WebMoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Uphold, AirTM and Payeer, etc. You can request payment only if a minimum of $ 0.5 is deposited in the account.

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 Make money as well as send free SMS tips and tricks.


We send SMS every day for different needs. SMS is another way to communicate with friends and relatives. Moreover, most of us use SMS as the call rate is very high now. And what if you can send this SMS for free?

Although there are many mobile apps and websites for sending free SMS, I will introduce you to a website from which you can send free SMS and online earning money. However, if you send an SMS from this website, your number will not go to the person you send the SMS. Another random number will replace your number. This website is great for those who want to send an SMS to another number by hiding their number. So let's find out how to send and receive free SMS.

How to send free SMS:

1. To send a free SMS, you first need to create an account on the website.

2. Click on the register link below to create an account.


3. Clicking on the register, the button will open the website.

4. If you click on the register button with the required information on the website, you will complete your registration.

 After registration, you need to login to the website.

5. After logging in to the website, you will see a panel called Send Free SMS Message.

From that panel, enter the number of the person you want to send the SMS to and the Message you want to send, click on Send Message, and   will send your SMS.

Here you can send not only a single message but also multiple messages if you want. Besides, there is a bulk SMS service along with multiple messages. However, to receive all these services, you need to take a premium membership.

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How to make money from the website:

1. If you want to make money from the website, you have to open an account and log in according to the above rules.

2. When you log in to the website, you will see an option called Earn Points. Click on Earn Point, and you will see your referral link.

3. Copy the referral link and share it with your friends.

4. If someone enters the website from your shared link, then 1 point. And if you open an account with 3 points and log in every day, you will get 2 points (150 points are equal to 30 rupees).

This way, you can online earn money from this website.

How to withdraw money

If the minimum is 30 rupees, you can make money through Flexiload. However, if you want to take development, you have to pay 50 rupees, and if you want to take a rocket, you have to pay 100 rupees. Once the mentioned amount of money has been deposited in your account, you will be paid with your money if you message on the website's Facebook page.

Warning: Sending any lottery / bad/threatening/sexual messages using this website may result in banning your account as well as cybercrime.

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