5+ Ways to earn money online

Internet is becoming more critical day by day in our lives. 5+ Ways to earn money online in 2021 from the Internet have increased. There are even people who live using this means. I will try to show you how you can get quickly. Ways to earn money online in your article.


earn money online
earn money online

You can consider the following ways to earn money online. If you know other ways to make money online that you know and are not covered here, you can share them in the comments section. I will research these methods and present the most appropriate for my readers.

Ways to earn money online in 2021

You can find many topics and articles to earn money online. Because people now want to capitalize on the Internet and the time they spend on the Internet. There are many ways to do this, but some people find themselves in despair when they fail or cannot earn a satisfactory amount of money by choosing the wrong methods.

Let me tell you from the beginning, and there is nothing to despair. An essential point you need to pay attention to is deciding the path you will apply. After making the decision, you should focus on that subject by doing the necessary research. So I heard from somewhere that I should do it, I heard it, you should not say that I do it.

Ways to make money on the Internet, which I will give soon, will be tried by most readers in 2021 and will be successful among them. But many will fail.

Earn money online is an area that everyone thinks about, but few people try it and succeed. Because most people want to press a button and earn money, it is impossible to happen. Like any job, efforts should be made for these jobs.

Unfortunately, many of us suddenly want to start earning money online. However, it is a process. The more you build and improve your online money making business, the more money you can make.

There are millions of people who have tried the methods given by me in their articles. It is necessary to make an effort to stand out from them. Below, let me tell you what the ways of demonetization and the Internet are.

What are the monetization sites? You will also see how to earn money online from the Internet in 2021, what are the trends and what is the year.

earn money online
earn money online


Let's start if you are ready. If you have one of the following titles that appeal to you more, you can go directly to the Internet to earn money online.


Earn money online with Google Advertising


One of the most well-known ways to earn money online is to earn money from Google Ads. I mentioned it a bit in the section on making money by blogging. So how does money get created?

Many of the sites you visit on the Internet using this method. The method works as follows; You have a website, and you add Google's ads to your site. You make money from impressions and clicks of advertisements.

Therefore, to earn money online from Google Ads, you must first have a site or blog. If not, you can easily set up a blog and increase your visitors by entering content into it. Then you can place ads. So what does it take to be able to post ads?

As I mentioned above, you must first have a website. Then you have to register with the Google advertising system.

When it comes to Google ads, two systems come to mind. One is Google Ads, and the other is Google AdSense. Google Ads is the system used by advertisers, while AdSense is the system used by advertising publishers.

For example, you have a site, and you want to attract people to this site, or promote your products, in which case, you sign up for Google Ads and advertise. It shows your ad on various locations, Google searches. It also charges you per click.

When you want to publish ads, you sign up for AdSense and say that the following site is mine. This gives you the right to publish after necessary verification. After entering the system and obtaining the required codes, you place them on your site and start earning money online by click.

Is it challenging to earn money from Google? In my opinion, it is not difficult. Of course, if you have a good site where you can run ads. If you do not have a place, you can start building and developing your spot in advance.

How much will I earn monthly from Google? There is no clear answer to this question. You ask why? Because Google pays according to the type of ads and industry. For example, you can earn 20 INR from an advertisement about education and 90 INR from an ad's click for the hotel.

The number of visitors to your site and the placement of advertisements is essential to earning. The more visitors you have on the site, the greater your chances of winning. Likewise, the more places you place the ads in, the higher your chances of winning.

I warn you in the ad placement process, do not fill ads everywhere and do not free ads from the touched area. Google does not like it, and visitors do not enjoy it and leave your site immediately. Thus, there may be a decrease in the number of visitors and stay on the site.

Give me an example of Google monetization. For example, suppose you have 10.000 visitors per day. 1% of them click on advertisements. So 100 people click on the ads. It also pays 20 INR per click. In this case, you will earn 100 X $1 = 70 INR. If we calculate monthly, then 100 X 70 INR = 7000 INR.

Of course, you can increase this benefit more. If you design your site and your articles correctly and get 2-3% clicks instead of 1%, your earnings will increase even more.


Earn money online with site design and add-ons


This is one of those jobs that will require technical knowledge. Internet sites are growing every day, and they are looking for a site design (theme) for themselves. If you make beautiful themes, you will not need to search for ways to make money from the Internet again.

So you can earn a lot of earn money online from site and plugin design. Furthermore, this business is always a profitable business with a future in mind. So what is this topic, site design?

The theme is WordPress ready, the most used website system. People who want to create a site install WordPress.com on their site and then upload an article for the site's design. Of course, when it comes to site design, do not just consider it as WordPress. You can also design sites for different structures.

What is an Add-on? Plugins are tiny programs that make it easy to use WordPress and add various features to your site more easily.

As I mentioned earlier, you must have the technical knowledge to make these designs. Even if you do not know, you can study and learn in 2-3 months.

The system works as follows; People who want to set up a website want to get ready topics as they do not know about setting up and coding the site. They take the ready-made theme and install the article on their website, where they have previously installed WordPress.com. Likewise, they also install plugins.

No free themes? Sure is. But if they want to create a professional site, they will want to get a premium theme. This is where you will step.

If you write a good, helpful, mobile supported topic, you can market it quickly. There are both local and international websites for this. You can set up the theme there and put it up for sale. You can also set up a site yourself and do marketing through it.

The more functional and seamless your topic is, the more sales it will make. Likewise, the better the plugin you write, the more preferred it is.

I want to state that I think this is one of the most exciting ways to earn money online. It may seem not very easy, but if you learn it and hold it, you can make money online for a lifetime.


Earn money online with domain trading

This is one of the ways that I suggest to earn money online. It is all about trading. You do not need technical knowledge. You need to be creative and take advantage of the opportunities.

What is the domain? IN INDIA equivalent domain name. So the name of your websites. For example, howtostarts.in, like google.com. To open a website,  v must purchase a domain, and experts recommend to buy an exciting part suitable for opening the site.

Therefore, you can identify exciting domains in advance, buy them at 200-300 INR per year and put them on sale.

Purchased domains are registered in your name as long as you pay for them, and no one can buy the environment until you want it. This applies not only to your country but to the whole world. So no one else can get the same domain.

How do I sell a domain? After purchasing the environment, you can post it on part selling sites as an advertisement. The best known worldwide are Sedo.com and Godady.com. Alanadlari.com and Natron Domain Name Market in INDIA.

You can enter these sites and enter your domain for sale. You also set the price. If a buyer comes out and pays these sites, you are selling the part, and the money is transferred to your account.

You can also do domain marketing in forums like t10.net.

Those who want to make domain trading a method to earn money online from the net can also look at Facebook groups. Many domains are bought and sold in these groups.

So, what will you get when buying a domain? You see, a contemporary artist is shining, or a subject is starting to become famous. Those who are interested in these issues will want to purchase these domains. If you notice it beforehand and buy those domains, you can make outstanding profits.

For example, the domain name get2023.net. I saw the advertisement in previous years. The person buying the domain put it on sale for 25,00 INR. If he could sell it, he would have made a profit of around 3000 INR.

You can also take advantage of opportunities like these.

earn money online by Course on Udemy


Udemy is one of the most popular sites where you can buy courses online. You can also earn money from here. Of course, you have to teach make money online.

The argument is that you are preparing a course on a subject, of course, with a video, and you can put this course on Udamy as a package. If someone buys your class, you make money. Of course, Udemy.com also take commissions.

You can earn money online on Udemy for many years, which is one way to make money from the Internet. If you create beautiful courses that do not need updating, the money can stay in your pocket for a long time without any hassle.

Many people are earning money online here. There are even those who make millions of dollars in profits.

For example, think of it this way, you did a course and put it on sale for $20. When 1000 people take your class, you earn $20,00. If you think that the dollar is 72 INR, then you will have a turnover of 20.00 X 72 = 1.40,000 INR. If Udemy also cuts his commission, you will earn around 1.00000 INR.

If you are confident in your area of ​​expertise and can explain a topic in a simple, understandable way, I would recommend it. The training is sold very cheaply. However, because you train on the most extensive website in this field, you earn from the edition.

My advice to those who would choose Udamy to earn money online from the net; That they do not produce copy training by following other activity, and they are original. Thus, they will reach a more significant number of customers.


Earn money online with Upwork


If you want to do a freelance internet job, you can go to the Upwork site to find a job. There will be a job for you here because it is one of the most critical internet monetization sites.

When I say freelance, I mean working as a job regardless of any place. It is also called a freelancer.

When you decide to work as a freelancer, you do not have to think about earning money online. You enter Upwork, and you are looking for a job. Employers work in Upwork and freelancers who want to get a job and get a job from there.

Must know English to use the site. If you have at least intermediate English, you can easily find a job in Upwork.

I give some examples for those who ask what kind of jobs I can find in Upwork.com.

You can find jobs related to the website, design works, photomontage, SEO work, AdWords job, digital marketing, and all other digital issues in the internet sector.

If you want to find a job, you can go to the site and click on the top's search button. Since the site is in English, the search part is also in English. You will click on the place which appears as "Search Job". You can also choose a language here. So is the language of work. If you decide Hindi, you will come to Hindi functions.

For example, someone is looking for someone to translate into English. I Will translate some articles from Hindi to English, and some will be translated from English to Hindi. They set a time of $ 15 an hour for this.

Someone was looking for a Hindi language package for a mobile application produced in an advertisement. For this job, he set a budget of $ 100.

In another advertisement, they looked for someone to act as a customer representative in a live chat for a website that supports Hindi. A budget of $ 700 per month has been set for this.

Here you can apply on-site for one of all these jobs. If the poster approves it, you can get the job.

Earn money  online by selling backlinks

When I say that selling backlinks, I'm sure many people will ask what a backlink is, and it will sound like a complicated thing. But it is not complicated.

So let me explain what it is backlink. Links from one site to another are called backlinks. As you will see in my article, I will link to other sites for reference purposes. All those links are defined as backlinks.

What does a backlink do? Backlinks allow search sites to grow, especially on Google. While analyzing the site, Google also examines the backlinks and decides which site the site will rank.

If there are references from quality sites, IE backlinks, there is a high probability that the site will rank higher.

Backlinks sometimes become on their own. Let's say you are writing an article, and you can link to a better item on another site for reference purposes within the report. This will be a naturally generated backlink.

But backlinks are sometimes taken artificially. The same happens with selling backlinks. So how about this?

Suppose you have a good site in a region. Good also receive visitors. Other sites related to your content will want to come to you and get backlinks from them. Thus, those sites will get a chance to rise in Google.

Links to your site are references to other sites. In this way, their rank will increase. You can start selling backlinks from places that you own.

How will you do it? In general, sites that want to get backlinks to reach you from your site's contact address notify you which links to exit and which articles will exit.

You should also quote. If you agree to the price, you can remove the link from the article.

Usually, when writing a recent article and leaving a backlink, it is recommended to remove a backlink from there. You can either write this letter or request another party. This is about your agreement.

SEO experts say that the position should be at least 300 words. I suggest you also pay attention to this.

So, how are backlink prices determined? Backlink prices are determined by the rights of the site and the number of visitors. But there is no such thing that many visitors are charged. You decide yourself by conducting market research.

For example, suppose you have a site with 5 thousand visitors per day. You can get 1000 INR for backlink work on this site. If you have a place with 10,000 visitors, you can get 10,000 INR. It's all about you. Of course, I do not recommend that you draw a price above the market average. Because then the opposite can see different options.

Selling backlinks is my favourite way to earn money online. Imagine you have a beautiful sight, and you get 5-10 backlinks per month, bringing income without doing anything. It is like rental income.

What is required to sell backlinks? A blog is needed, of course. You can start selling backlinks by opening a blog and expanding it—coding, design, etc., to open a blog. You don't need to know.

You can enlarge your site by opening a blog in your area of ​​interest and entering its articles.

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