5+ ways to team building activities 2021

5+ ways to team building activities 2021Team building activities start with Good startup teams build good companies and do good work. All stakeholders, including investors, know this, so they invest in an idea and the team behind it. 

team building activities
team building activities

Team building activities 2021

With an effective team with passion, dedication, and determination, you can make the dream of enterprise come true. So how do you build this right team by supporting each other to be successful? This article will talk about some basic techniques you can use to create the ideal team.

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It is a well-known fact that clumsy teams can sometimes crush a startup. Team building activities, supportive and practical teams, can work together and transform study work when necessary for a successful start. Let's examine ways to team building activities 2021 to help you build a good team:

Let's start 5+ ways to team building activities 2021

Be an example

As an entrepreneur and startup CEO, team-building activities, you must first demonstrate their confidence and the respect and excellence of the people you expect from the people you expect their help from.

One reason Napoleon's army was so loyal to him was that he actively fought his soldiers. In other words, Napoleon set the right example for his soldiers. As a good beginner builder, you should do the same. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how you speak and work with your team, as it will affect your team's morale, enthusiasm and trust.

Teamwork can work when done right

Although the practice of team building activities is not generally preferred among employees, it is understood that team spirit development activities have noticeable positive effects, especially in the areas of trust, coordination, and communication.

One thing to keep in mind when building effective team practice is to avoid artificial and challenging situations. If you think of employees who roll their eyes during team play, you can understand what we mean by "artificial" and "forcing". Successful team spirit development works when activities are conducted in normal, meaningful, and familiar social situations.

team building activities
team building activities

Volunteering (if linked to your enterprise's values and goals), sporting events, fun outings, and joint meals are examples of activities in natural conditions that help team building activities spirit.

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Measurements kill productivity

According to a study, employees in the tech industry often spend more than 30 hours on unproductive meetings. Also, the vast majority of the study employees admitted that they attended these meetings or were engaged in other jobs. Less then half of the participants admitted that they thought these meetings were unnecessary and held too often.

This, of course, doesn't mean that team building activities should remove meetings entirely. The timing and style of meetings are essential to the event.

As the founder of an enterprise, if you are stuck between organizing a meeting or not, I recommend using the following decision-making techniques: One way of holding meetings you organize should be replaced by traditional long, tedious, Staged business meetings, daily business meetings.

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The daily scrum is done at the same place and at the same time each day (usually in the morning). These meetings have a strict time limit (usually 15 minutes) to ensure that the discussion is not deflected and is effective. If you feel that meeting with your team every day increases morale and productivity, you can choose to have a daily check for classic meetings - you'll appreciate you your choice.

team building activities
team building activities

 Do not interfere with everything. Give autonomy

Traditional business knowledge and practice are suitable for owners to intervene in even the most minor problems. Senior employees check their subordinates every day on every issue.

Studies show that choice and autonomy increase the happiness and performance of team building activities. To increase the productivity and satisfaction of your colleagues, you should give your employees autonomy, especially in the following four areas:

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A) When they do - for example, try to create a results-oriented work environment.

B) How they work (technical) - Let your employees discover ways to do their best.

C) Who they work with (team) - Le your employees choose their co-workers whenever possible. However, this can be difficult to implement, especially if your company is small.

D) What they do - Try to make time for "creative days" in your calendar. These days, your employees can turn to the projects or problems they want. A well-known example is Google's 20% Policy: Every Google employee has the right to devote twenty per cent of their working hours to projects outside of their core job. This method has, over time, enabled Google's core features like AdSense and Gmail. Was delivered.

Like every essential element of running a startup, autonomy is all about finding the right balance: too much or less freedom can disrupt your team's dynamics and impact your business.

team building activities
team building activities

Focus on intrinsic motivation

One of the reasons for the increased autonomy that leads to increased productivity and satisfaction in employees' team building activities enables employees to be personally motivated. Intrinsic motivation; means determination, enthusiasm, and personal passion. Instead, extrinsic motivation is provided by external factors (such as threats from the boss).

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Let's talk about some dynamics that affect motivation:

Competition: Some people are more enthusiastic when they see racing as a challenge.

Curiosity: Intrinsic motivation becomes stronger while arousing interest and curiosity. Employees fulfil each other's desire to learn and explore.

Cooperation and conflict: In some cases, helping others and entering a contemplative race can increase motivation and ambition.

Recognition: Celebrating your team's success and giving positive feedback to your employees are more effective in the long run than economic rewards.

Goals and Key Results

Goals and Basic Results (HTS); This provides an efficient structure for teams, companies, and individuals. The system is from Intel, promoted by Google. If we give a short description of the HTS process:

Set a goal: increasing website loading speed by 30%, increasing customer engagement by 15%, etc.

Identify some significant results: for example, Google uses a scale of 0–1.0. 1.0 means the goals are not tough enough. (Google engineers expect 0.6-0.7 points). Complete the tasks and calculate the output.

team building activities
team building activities

Let's look at an example of where HTS works:

HTS works as long as they represent a simple, risk-free process. Those concerned must be safe and support their responsibilities. This method is not used much today, but engineers in some large companies say they get the highest efficiency when following HTS closely.

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