Google's 45-minute shutdown | How much loss?

Google's 45-minute shutdown | How much loss? Google's services stopped for a while, including Gmail-Hangouts YouTube!, Many Google services were disrupted today, including Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts, Google Meet and Chat.Google's 45-minute shutdown,

Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss
 Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss

 Google's 45-minute shutdown | How much loss?

At around 5.20 pm, an error appeared on Google's page of these services, corrected at around 6.05 pm. All of Google's services are currently working again, but people had trouble with Google's 45-minute shutdown.

Disrupted many of Google's services today. At around 5.20 pm, an error page appeared on several services, including Google's Gmail service and Hangouts. It was the same on YouTube. However, the Google search engine, i.e.,, worked all the time perfectly. Google's services were disrupted, causing a lot of trouble. Around 6.05 pm, Google's 45-minute shutdown And all Google services resumed.

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Disrupted almost all Google services

#YouTubeDOWN and # Google's 45-minute shutdown trended on Twitter, Less than a few seconds after Google's services were disrupted, #YouTubeDOWN and #googledown trended on Twitter. When someone started posting a screenshot of their Gmail error page, someone started grabbing people's attention on the status of YouTube. On the other hand, people started reporting problems caused by hangouts on Twitter.

Running YouTube without login

By the way, if you try to open YouTube, YouTube is not opening, but if you open YouTube without login, the YouTube service works well. In such a situation, it is feared that Google's login system is not working. Some people have also expressed their concern over this on Twitter.

Are Google's services closed worldwide?

It is not that Google's services have been discontinued only in India, but such complaints are coming from worldwide. A similar complaint came from California, USA. Earlier, on September 25, some Google services were disrupted in the United States, including Gmail.

Google's 45-minute shutdown also disrupted Gmail, YouTube, cloud search, keep, task, voice, sheet, slide, group, hang out, chat, vault, current services.

Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss
 Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss

The result was 592million responses, the number one trend on social media.

Many people complained about this on social media, and many even made fun of it. Many people looked at Google to see if Google was down, resulting in 592 million replies. More than one lakh people were in trend by typing the hashtag Google Down in an hour on Twitter.

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Google hides failure in words like patience, credibility, gratitude

Apologizing to the user, Google said it happened due to an 'authentication system outage.' Google thanked the users for their patience and said that system reliability is paramount. He is continuously improving his system.

Domination results

During the epidemic, education relies on a system of tech companies from medicine to business. Google's interruption is a wake-up call. According to experts, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple did not let any other company flourish. The result is that today when there is a flaw in their system, citizens have no other option. All work stops. The failure of one company is disrupting the entire system.

What is a system outage?

An outage in a tech company's service means sending data from one place to another or interrupting storage. According to experts, this used to happen in Internet tech companies until a decade ago, but not now. Large companies, especially Google and Facebook, have built their network of data centers worldwide that there should be no outage. Yet what happened is very worrying.

Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss
 Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss

What happened in # Google's 45-minute shutdown? reports that 54% of people in the world could not use YouTube, 42% of users could not watch videos, and 3% could not log in. 75% of users could not log in to Gmail, and 15%. People could not access the website. At the same time, 8% of people did not get messages.

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A few minutes after going down, #YouTubeDOWN trended at number 1 on Twitter. #googledown was also trending. The downeductor report stated that disrupted Google services in India and many other parts of the world, including European countries and the United States.

Video Traffic on YouTube:

Statistics from show that in May 2019, 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every second. Thus 30000 hours of video content is uploaded every hour.

Gmail Mathematics:

Gmail had a 43% market share of email services in 2020.

27% of people email by phone.

More than 75% of people use phones to access email.

In 2020, 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day.

Meaning all these users must have been upset for a while.

How much loss?

When Google services went down, its products suffered damage. According to the shopping site Love the Sales, in 45 minutes of downtime, YouTube suffered a loss of £ 1.3 million, about 12 crores 81 lakh 13 thousand 427 rupees. The loss calculation is based on YouTube advertising revenue, which shows that it generated 34.648 billion in advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020. If a one-minute breakdown occurs, the loss would be 35,092 thousand rupees, while if one hour of service were discontinued, advertising revenue would be 2.106 million. Google had global revenue of US $ 160 billion in 2019.

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How many complaints were filed

According to the down editor, more than 50,000 complaints were filed for YouTube, 23,000 for Gmail, and around 19,000 for the Google main site as of 5:24 pm Indian time.

Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss
 Google's 45-minute shutdown  How much loss

What does Google have to say?

When all of Google's Twitter handles were searched, neither Google nor Google India has a statement about the problem. However, the Twitter handle of the YouTube team stated that they have come to know about this problem of the people and that their team is working on  Google's 45-minute shutdown and correct it as soon as possible.

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