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When it comes to Making Money Blogging on the Internet, the first thing that comes to my mind is blogging. I think this is one of the best things I can do. So how to make money blogging?

make money blogging
 make money blogging

How to make money blogging? 

When it comes to blogging, people can think of a difficult way. Since you can't start making money blogging right now, it takes some time. To not misuse your time, you should pay attention to the points I tell you.

Start to make money blogging right now on the Internet.

When you decide to write a blog, you should first set a topic for yourself. The subject may be related to your hobby, something that you may find interesting. However, you should research the topic and scan competing blogs. It would be best if you defined keywords related to the topic.

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The more specific you set your topic, the better. Because blogs with significant content are difficult to manage and challenging for Google to like because they have too much content, for example, instead of specifying a subject called trees, you can specify a palm tree subject. It is called "niche" in the blogger jargon.

Why choosing a niche blog is essential? Because niche blogs are about more specific topics. In this way, you can specialize in the same field, give better information and produce better content. Because the quality of your content is good, visitors read and share your blog more.

make money blogging
 make money blogging

Make Money Blogging

Also, Google is growing more and more blogs every day. Another critical point here maybe it makes money blogging in your area of ​​expertise.

After the topic is complete, you need to purchase a domain (site name) and set up your site with the word. press hosting (site host). It may sound a bit complicated when you listen to it, but it isn't.

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Make Money Blogging

Think of it this way:  Hosting is the thousand you live in. The domain is your home address.

Now, many hosting companies can distribute the site ready-made. You can get the site from there.

Once the site is ready for you, you can start writing articles about your topic. You must include keywords in your articles because Google will rank your article based on these keywords.

make money blogging
 make money blogging

You can learn about this by reading the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) article. There are hundreds of criteria for SEO. You can overtake your competitors by applying SEO criteria correctly on your website. But remember that essential SEO is that you produce quality and informative content.

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Make Money Blogging

You wrote your articles on the site. So how will you make money? How can you convert your make money blogging to an online monetization method?

Once your site starts receiving visitors, you will receive advertisements on your site and earn money from impressions and ad clicks.

Blog owners usually receive advertisements for Google Adsense. He is also the healthiest. Of course, if your site grows and starts receiving many clicks, different companies may also advertise directly to you. For example, you have a site about vacation spots, and it gets clicks. A hotel can come and advertise to you. Thus, your income increases. Or you can say that you can cooperate by sending an e-mail to the hotels located in the areas of your website.

Some people earn 10 thousand or 50 thousand INR a month by blogging. This may sound a little crazy to you, but make sure these are true. You can also reach these numbers. Of course, provided that we work systematically.

make money blogging
 make money blogging

Make Money Blogging

A minimal number of bloggers can reach these numbers. Because when a search is done on Google, ten searches are shown on the first page. So 90% of websites would be condemned for having very little traffic anyway.

But 10% is also a perfect part because most people start making money blogging with enthusiasm and write uncertainly.

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Finally, I should say that earning money from blogging is one way to earn money from computers.

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