What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones?

Hello, friends. Today, I will tell you about what the 9+ tricks know about smartphones, which few people will know about smartphones, and I can say that you will gain some knowledge from these tricks and settings.

What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones
What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones

What are the 9+ tricks you know about smartphones?

Going to talk today About nine basic settings of smartphones that very few people know about smartphones. 

Suppose your smartphones are slowed down. So you must reset it once, by resetting your phone will be the same as it came from the company. And keep in mind that while resetting, save your required documents first somewhere else because your essential papers or your contact number may also be deleted while resetting. By resetting, the life of your smartphones increases, and the phone does not hang.

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Keep updating every application from time to time. The benefit of updating the application will be that you will get the latest version of the application. With which you will be able to use that application even better.

 Never keep the wallpaper of the smartphones as much as possible. Use dark wallpaper as much as possible, and if you use black wallpaper, then it will be better because it also increases the life of your phone's battery.

Keep the brightness of your phone low while using the phone at night. Doing this will save your phone battery, and it will not have any effect on your eyes.

What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones
What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones

Never charge a smartphone at 100%. Remove it only at 99. By doing this, the battery of your phone will last for many days.

Once you have a new smartphone, it is necessary to charge it once, so your smartphone's battery life remains. The first charges it thoroughly and then set it again after it is entirely down.

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What are the uses of the smartphone?

This trick can be useful when your smartphones are lost or stolen! For this, you first dial from your phone from this number * # 06 #! As soon as you dial this number, you will get the IMEI number of your phone, and you will be able to track your phone, then you should note this delay, whenever you steal the phone, then you will send this number Will give it to the police, the police will find the phone soon!

What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones
What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones

Now let us know how it works! Whenever there is a phone thief, you will turn on that smartphone and put a SIM in it, and the police will give your IMEI number (IMEI number) to every telecom company so that they will know that this phone is at the moment!

Magnification gesture: If your eyes are weak, then you will definitely like this setting. For this, go to Settings and go to accessibility, and when tapping on magnification gesture three times, any content that appears on display will be zoomed, and after that, you can drag it. If you do gaming, then this feature will help you to aim.

Developer option: The developer option is a hidden feature of Android smartphones. This option is hidden in the settings of smartphones. The developer option is for the developer or the advanced user. If you learn to use this hidden feature, you will also be able to take advantage of it.

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By enabling this feature, you can use many hidden features in your mobile phone such as increasing the performance of the smartphones, stopping the apps running in the background, updating the smartphones custom ROM, smartphones computer or Friends can connect to laptop, with the help of this option you can do more than that.

What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones
What are the 9+ tricks know about smartphones

Follow these steps to enable it.

1. First of all, open the settings of your mobile.

2. Then click on about phone / about my Device.

Then you click on the device information.

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You will get the option. Tap on the Build number option seven times. By doing this, your developer option will be on. And now you can use it. Google hides some of the more advanced tools in a special developer options menu to enable you to get at things like animation speed, USB debugging, and app standby. The build number is a software version that includes the modem software and AP (application) software. Also, it has the dates on which that software has been built, but that is basically for the companies for their tracking purpose. 

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