7 practical tips how to start a conversation

7 practical tips how to start a conversation


Those who start speaking well should relate to the other person Think about yourself. Think about on how to start a conversation, if someone asks you a really interesting question, you want to answer it. These exciting questions and answers lead to broader and perhaps deeper conversation topics. And it can create a strong relationship.

how to start a conversation

how to start a conversation

How to start a conversation -7 practical tips

Before starting a conversation, some tips and tricks:7 practical tips on how to start a conversation


- Take a deep breath and relax. Remember that people talk to each other all the time. Most conversations come naturally after the first few sentences.


- Let goes of your fears. Don't worry about being boring or saying something stupid. Just start talking. Everything else will follow.


- Introduce yourself. Be polite and respectful. Depending on the situation, you can also tell them your full name. And if they don't tell you theirs, ask what their names are.

Another great tip when you start a conversation. It helps you always build a conversation on a person's favourite or common point. Choose your conversation carefully.

Add a sense of personality and intimacy by saying the other person's name occasionally throughout the conversation. Use the questions and respond appropriately to what your audience says. Don't forget to consider the time and place as well. If you're in a funeral or sad movie, you probably don't want to use a funny conversation starter.


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1 .Choose your speaking topics on how to start a conversation


· Use current events. If you know something recently that most people have been talking about, ask the other person what they think of the story. Think about on how to start a conversation .Just be careful not to discuss anything controversial. Especially if you don't know the person well.

· Use the listeners' favourites. If you know something the other person likes, this is always a good conversation starter. We all love to talk about what we love, whether it's a hobby, pet, or family.

· Talk about your favourites. If there is something you love, you will find it easy to talk to someone else. Sometimes your listener might want to listen to you to speak for a while, and your enthusiasm for what you love may encourage them to open up and talk.

2 .Say the other person's name


Doing this helps you remember the person's name and usually relaxes them. It also adds a sense of intimacy, making it the perfect tool when talking about personal matters.


3 .Tryasking an open question


Open-ended questions are the secret to a great conversation. These questions cannot be answered with a simple "Yes" or "No". Open-ended questions usually need more explanation. Simple follow-up questions such as "why", "what" or "when" can cause the person to dive deeper into an ongoing conversation and elaborate their thoughts, feelings, and views.


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4 .Donot respond to your comment


Talk about something that interests you, and then ask a question about what you said.

For example, share the title of your favourite movie, then ask for the title of the movie.


5 .Answera question with a follow-up question


If a person is uncomfortable talking about themselves, they may ask you a few questions. You can deflect the questions with your questions.

For example, "What do you think about the music awards last night?" "What do you think about how to start a conversation?"

how to start a conversation
how to start a conversation


6 .Usewords that appeal to the senses


Words such as "feel", "appear" and "hear" not only attract attention but also encourage your audience to remember your speech. Describe colours, sounds, tastes and emotions to draw a visual picture of a place or event.


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7 .Respondnaturally


Smile and laugh when someone is funny. Use facial expressions to show gratitude, understanding, and curiosity by the content of the conversation.


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