Free email marketing service 2021 | Per Month Starts At 0$

Free email marketing service 2021 | PerMonth Starts At 0$, the top 10 Email Marketing Services; choosing among free email marketing service can be difficult as the right tool will significantly affect your email campaigns' performance. We want to ease this burden for you by showing you the free email marketing service software that can work for you.

Free email marketing service 2021 | Per Month Starts At 0$

What is Email Marketing Service 2021?

Free email marketing service 2021
Free email marketing service 2021 

It is simply software that helps you achieve your email marketing goals. With a free email marketing service, you can manage efficiently and control how you can connect with your audience via email.

It can be difficult to send thousands of messages every day as your mailing list grows. But the right tool can make this easy and help you stay productive.

Many software will also provide information about your overall performance. For example, it shows who opened your email and clicked on links.

This way, you can see the big picture of how your campaign is performing. So you can fine-tune your campaign in the future to get better efficiency.

What is the free email marketing service, and What is the Importance of marketing service?

According to Marketing Charts, 82% of marketers worldwide say they use email marketing as their main strategy to increase leads and conversion rate. This doesn't mean that other strategies are less important; it just shows that email marketing is at the forefront.

Email marketing has proven to be cost-effective and offers the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to other strategies.

With free email marketing service software, you can send divided and personalized content as you wish to match your audience's preferences & interests.

So considering the opportunities email marketing offers, choosing the right tool can do wonders.

Best EmailMarketing Services

Many free email marketing services are paid, except for MailChimp, MailerLite, and SendInBlue, free email marketing service plans. However, most services also have a free trial available to see how they can work for you.

Free email marketing service 2021
Free email marketing service 2021 

1. MailChimp

Millions of businesses use MailChimp to send daily emails.

MailChimp is more than just a free email marketing service. It advertises itself as a personal think tank. This means you will get comprehensive insight based on your campaign data and get a personalized recommendation for your next move.

You can use its free email marketing service plan forever with simple features, but the brand will depend on your email.

With a free email marketing service, you can register up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. There are also useful guides on different topics that can improve your campaign strategies.

Apart from email campaigns, you can also create other marketing strategies to achieve your goals. This includes popup forms, even postcards and landing pages.

>That's not all;
You can also quickly set up Google remarketingFacebook and Instagram ads.

Moreover, automated data-based emails are also available and send messages to your audience, for example, on their special days.

When you connect your online store with MailChimp, you will also get automation features to increase your sales. Keep your contacts informed by automatically sharing your latest products.

MailChimp has an abandoned baskets email feature that reminds customers of what they left in their online shopping cart. You can also send order notifications and product recommendation emails tailored to your customers' preferences.

You can increase the loyalty of your customers by sending follow-up and re-engagement emals. You can ask for feedback from customers that you have not contacted for a long time and reconnect with them.

Free email marketing service 2021
Free email marketing service 2021 

Optimize your free email marketing service campaigns using the data of your audience and customers. However, you get simple split reports and A / B testing features with the free email marketing service plan.

The split feature will help you send the right messages to the right people. You can target those who have recently subscribed to your list or have bought nothing from your online store.

MailChimp also offers reports based on your online customers' data to make your marketing smarter. It will provide the necessary information to improve your future campaigns, track trends, and track your overall performance.

A / B testing will help you decide which campaigns are working better than others. You can set your goals and see which types of emails get the most clicks and opens.

If you need more support with MailChimp, the expert the directory can help you create a successful free email marketing service campaign.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been one of the best free email marketing services in

20 years. This software only offers a premium plan, email (simple), and email plus (advanced) with a free trial.

It is easy to use Constant Contact. It helps businesses and nonprofits set up a great free email marketing service.

With the drag and drop editor, you can easily create and edit mobile-responsive email templates.

Constant Contact also has Powerful list-building tools. You can send the most relevant emails by dividing the people on your list based on their data. It will also automatically resend emails that people do not open.

This free email marketing service can also help online stores sell their products. You can keep your customers engaged by offering them product or service recommendations that might be of interest to them.

Moreover, with Constant Contact, you can divide customers into smaller lists and send emails according to certain criteria.

Earn the trust and loyalty of your returning customers by sending and rewarding calls to action, such as coupons or special discount codes.

This email marketing service also facilitates contact management. You can automatically import contacts from Outlook, Eventbrite, Salesforce, and other services. Also, Constant Contact will update unsubscribes, abandoners, and passive emails for you.

Constant Contact allows you to follow the campaign results in real-time. For example, you can get a report for the most engaged email subject.

You will then receive detailed information about each campaign. This section will also suggest improving email open rate and clicks, deliverability, and advice for reducing spam reports.

Free email marketing service 2021
Free email marketing service 2021 

If you want to understand your contacts better, choose the e-mail plus plan. With this upgrade, you can send emails for surveys and surveys, donations, or even send events that can be integrated with Eventbrite.

Moreover, you can interact with your audience using the automationfeature.Create a warm welcome message for your new subscribers and sendthem serial emails;You can create your email series from scratch or usetemplates.

Finally, there is a marketplace that you can integrate with over 400 third party services. There are also professional services available to help you get used to Constant Contact.


GetResponse claims to have 99% deliverability and offers an all-in-one marketing machine. This software also has a free 30-day trial period.

This service has a drag and drops template editor to help you design and customize your newsletter. GetResponse provides more than 500 pre-designed and customizable templates. Moreover, it has 5,000 licensed images from Shutterstock.

There are also 30 pre-designed RSS-to-email templates for bloggers. This feature will make it very easy to share your blog posts.

You can send serial emails daily or weekly with automation and autoresponder in this email marketing service. By using perfect timing, you can be sure that emails are delivered optimally to the contacts' local time zones.

You can collect detailed information through the subscription process and assign different labels to each of your contacts. In this way, you can send more personalized and relevant messages according to their preferences.

You can score people according to the criteria you set. With scoring, follow, and rate customers for insight into their activities.

GetResponse is the first free email marketing service to provide webinar marketing solutions. You can easily schedule a webinar, activate recordings, and start collecting new contacts. Don't worry about security. SSL encryption will keep your conference secure.

Interact with your customers through chat, polls, screen sharing, whiteboards to encourage active discussion and feedback. You can even embed YouTube videos on the webinar.

If you want to save and share the webinar, simply record the session and save it in free online storage.

When using this application, you will also have  Customer Relationship Management  (CRM). CRM will help you better understand the relationship between you and your customers.

With this email marketing service, you can integrate CRM with email automation and send more targeted messages for your email series.

It also has intuitive email analytics to view campaign reports and discover people's activities and behaviour patterns.

If you want to learn more about the free email makerting service strategy, you can find free online tutorials, technical papers, etc., on this service's website. There are plenty of resources.

4. Drip

Drip, a rapidly growing eCommerce marketing solution, is the first e-commerce customer relationship management (ECRM) service.

Drip's ECRM's focus is on approaching your customers. This service can handle millions of data sets and is beyond specific CRM solutions.

You will have a more customized marketing approach when using ECRM. You can benefit from personalized marketing strategies. This email marketing service will connect and present your millions of customers' data across all your channels to create great timed email campaigns by connecting all data points.

The lead scoring system will help you identify which of your customers are the best leads. It will collect its data according to their level of interaction.

ECRM helps you understand your customers' content better. Having more insight into engagement growth and conversions also increases your chances of increasing your sales.

With Drip's free email marketing service automation, you can quickly send lots of customized email series. Start building your list with the powerful email generator that offers text or image-based builders.

As an online store owner, you may have noticed that customers' journeys to visit and purchase products differ. This information can be difficult to process when you grow your business.

But you don't have to worry because Drip's automation e-commerce marketing workflow will help you keep track of all these processes and send emails to every customer on time.

Reach potential customers even better. Drip's omnichannel marketing will help you attract customers wherever they are. You can create Facebook ads, customize website landing pages, send text messages, and even send postcards via the postal service.

To enhance your automation, Drip has an extensive library of applications for integrations. You can integrate CRM tools like Salesforce, customer support tools like Drift, and popular e-commerce solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Drip's analytics and reporting will provide information about the relationship between you and your customers. You can create different reports for all campaigns, such as ad plan registrations, demo requests, content downloads.

There are also more than ten different types of reports. So you can better understand trends and strategically create a new approach for your next campaign.

There is a knowledge base available to assist you in case of a problem. You can also hire certified consultants. Although there are not many counsellors, they will help you when you need more help.

5. ConvertKit

What ConvertKit sees as a source of pride is that creators created this software for creators. This service offers a simple user interface and has only the most important features for a free email marketing service.

Collect your subscriber list by creating forms and landing pages. You can choose templates from the gallery or easily create one using drag and drop elements on the form.

You can view the form in three different formats: inline, modal, or sliding.

Then start sending incentive emails and add triggers for new subscribers. Welcome emails will help you interact with people on your list, and link triggers will tag certain links whenever they click on them. For the follow-up, you can send relevant email series.

ConvertKit's visual automation helps you view your serial email before sending it. Here you can change the workflow according to events, actions, and circumstances.

There is an option to send re-engagement emails to clear subscribers from your mailing list and exclude passive customers from the list.

With this free email marketing service, you'll be able to test which campaign ideas are best and do A / B tests.

ConvertKit has a very clear and clean reporting feature. It helps you understand trends and people on your list. You can generate reports for automation, email engagement level, and subscriber loss.

You can integrate it with more than 70 online tools and services to take your email marketing campaign to the next level.

6. AWeber

AWeber is one of the oldest in this industry. Its service is most suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

There are many features to kick-start your free email marketing service campaign. You can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates and use the form builder to gather your customers to get started.

Create or customize the form's design to match your brand, and add custom blank spaces to learn more about your customers.

If you don't have a website in the first place, don't worry. AWeber will host the form itself and provide you with a link to share it on your network.

Quickly create HTML-rich email content by choosing from over 700 mobile-responsive templates or create text-only messages from scratch. There are also more than 6000 stock images to enrich your campaigns.

Organize and design your email content by dragging and dropping elements. And there is also the ability to view a copy of the original email before sending it.

Increase your blog's readership by using RSS to email. Just enter your RSS feed information, and the service itself will automatically convert your RSS into email marketing feeds. This feature is also compatible with all popular blogging platforms.

Manage your list and send follow-up emails from anywhere using AWeber mobile apps.

Streamline your campaign using AWeber's marketing automation funnel. You can create the automation flow with drag and drop elements in its editor.

Better manage your lists by creating sections and use tags and triggers to send more personalized messages—clicks, open rate, products purchased, page visits, person positions, etc. Identify tags and triggers based on factors such as.

Also, there is a tracking feature for each action of the person. You'll get a report on who opened messages, what links they clicked, and how many people unsubscribed.

Apart from that, you can analyze the success of all your campaigns. The reports will tell you which email campaigns are working best, driving traffic to your site and generating the most profits.

You can also A / B test or split test for your email campaigns, and there is no variable limit. You can test the subject line, preview the text and content, and even send time to see which email is getting the most engagement.

Using four deliverability columns, this free email marketing service ensures that your email messages reach the people's mailbox.

There are many online services that you can integrate. Your Aweber's other popular CRM, eCommerce, leads the manufacturer. You can relink with research and webinar services.

Finally, there is also an extensive knowledge base. You can learn more about the best methods of free email marketing service campaigns.

7. Buy

Keep, the maker of all-in-one CRM software Infusionsoft, focuses on email marketing for professional service providers.

This free email marketing service helps you be more organized and communicate with your customers more effectively. You get all the necessary tools for email tracking, customer records, and payment collection.

Send your contacts to them directly or automatically with emails, quotes, invoices, appointment scheduling links, reminders, etc. You can keep them interacting by sending. You can apply tags to record specific parts of the past or a feature of each person.

You can create a private space to store more personal information. It will make it easier to recognize and follow their backgrounds. You can save information about social media information, address, birthday, shared file/document, and more.

This service will send highly personalized messages to new potential customers and existing contacts using the automation feature.

Free email marketing service 2021
Free email marketing service 2021 

You can easily make an appointment. Keep can send email links to your contacts and let them schedule appointments. When the appointment time is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email, and your Google Calendar will be updated automatically.

The appointment control panel can also store all your customer information. Thus, when the appointment day comes, you can access the data in a few clicks.

Create full services and expense lists with instant quoting, and let customers choose the services they want.

Kemp's sales forecasting plan will give you an overview of every stage of your sales process or every deal you make. You can move the sales process and the agreements made to the control panel.

You can track and analyze the performance of your business with the built-in reporting tool. You can review how good the interaction, communication, and services are for your customers.

Kemp's reporting can also give you insight into the success of a campaign. This function will also allow you to identify which strategies directly affect your business.

You will find different reports from tag tracker to campaign target tracker. Each report has different information that helps you better understand your business.

Finally, this service also provides a strategy guide for you to use. It's a free tool to learn and create the most effective free email marketing service strategy.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing automation seeker with advanced features. However, if you use the lite plan, the features can be a bit restrictive.

With the lite plan of this service, you can only use inline registration forms to collect contacts. Add additional fields for the contact information you want to target.

You can create a form from scratch or use the templates provided. It is very easy to customize your form and create the required fields.

The active Campaign email content is also highly customizable. You can use existing templates or create your template from scratch. There is also an email editor available to assist you with content design and customization.

When people sign up, greet them with serial email messages. From the automation map of this service, you can create the message workflow and see how the messages are linked.

Send automation based on specific criteria. Thus, you will be able to send more personal messages to all your contacts. More importantly, you can send unlimited messages even in the lite version.

ActiveCampaign will also provide you with detailed reporting. Review your training, conversations, campaigns, contacts, deals, and trade reports to better plan your next move.

9. MailerLite

MailerLite is a very powerful free email marketing service tool with many easy-to-use features.

Start growing your contact list using the MailerLite landing page designer. You can use professionally created templates or design your own using the drag and drop builder.

This free email marketing service also provides you with landing page samples that can be your inspiration.

You can use the popup feature to reach your potential customers. There are also different variations to display your popup, such as a featured popup, floating bar, floating box, full screen. If you don't like them, you can create one yourself that acts as you wish.

Instinctive subscriber management will make your administrative tasks easier. Add, filter, and organize contacts by goals and group tags and store detailed contact information.

There are many different targeting conditions—previous interaction, interests, location, age range, time zone, etc.

To keep your contact list clean, MailerLite can automatically delete passive subscribers. You can send re-engagement messages to people from here, and MailerLite will identify potential customers accordingly.

You can easily create content for your free email marketing service campaigns with the email editor. Simply drag and drop elements and insert dynamic media such as images, videos, social media posts.

To add even more personalization, you can add your subscriber's name, location, and other personal information. Most importantly, all your messages will be responsive to any device.

MailerLite's automation feature helps you adjust the automation workflow and send your messages according to people's behaviour.

The automation editor is very easy to use, and despite this convenience, it has many powerful features. Add and combine different triggers based on time, action, or condition. You can also add, move and delete the automation workflow in a few clicks.

To get the best results, you can send different emails to a sample group to test your campaigns with A / B testing and see which one has the higher engagement. The test centre allows you to check different subject lines, content, sender information, or different designs.

MailerLite analytics and reporting will help you better understand the overall performance of your strategies and research. You can track newsletters by unsubscribes, bounce rates, spam complaints, and other important metrics.

You can also research to get feedback from your contacts.

10. SendInBlue

SendInBlue is a free email marketing service with a generous free plan that can store unlimited contacts for you.

Start creating mobile responsive campaigns with SendInBlue HTML editor. Or create emails from scratch with the drag and drop editor.

Quickly build your contact list with customized subscription forms. With SendInBlue intuitive editor, you can create a form or edit templates from scratch.

It is quite easy to add more custom fields to the form. Collect contact information such as location, gender, age, and more.

Send a personalized email message for each person. Send the same messages for different purposes using dynamic customization and attribute conditioning. Apply different text, figures, or dates, depending on the person's attributes.

The automation feature will help you create an email message series efficiently. Identify triggers, defined tags, and conditions for specific individuals.

A workflow library is available for you to be inspired and learn. From here, you can download advertising emails, coupon codes, etc. use the pre-set workflow to send. You can also set up your workflow in a few clicks.

With this free email marketing service, you can optimize your messages by applying all alternative A / B tests.

SendInBlue insights and live reports will show you the overall newsletter and workflow performance. You can analyze email open rate, clicks, and other metrics.


This is the end of a fairly long article. By reading this article, you have learned many email marketing services that can help you achieve your goals.

There are four main core features that you can simply look for in a free email marketing service. Forecasting and reporting features that allow you to create forms for contact lists create both eye-catching and responsive email content, automate the entire process to stay productive, and finally fine-tune your strategies.

If you want to test core features without spending a penny, MailChimp is a great software to start with. Once you understand how this process works and needs more advanced features, you can upgrade to premium or switch to other services.

You can use OptinMonster to increase further and optimize your conversions. OptinMonster is a hugely popular lead generation tool that can integrate with most software on this list.

Which service do you intend to choose? Don't forget to share your thoughts and questions with us in the comments below!

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