Get new e-pan card through Aadhar in 10 minutes

PAN Card is a very popular certificate among Indian citizens. Apart from this, the PAN card is quite important. Also, the Aadhaar card is quite important. Apart from these two, it was reported earlier that ordinary citizens would face difficulties in paying income tax. Both these cards are also important for any type of financial transaction. However, customers who do not have a PAN card can easily get an e-PAN card with the help of the Aadhaar card.

Get new e-pan card through Aadhar in 10 minutes
Get new e-pan card through Aadhar in 10 minutes

Get new e-pan card through Aadhar in 10 minutes

It is known that customers can easily get their PAN card with the help of the Aadhaar card. This service has been brought in due to the Corona epidemic. With the help of which customers can get this new facility easily. Several PAN cards have already been issued.


Option 1 - Get online PAN card in 10 minutes


To avail of this facility, customers have to visit the main website. Go there and you will see PAN through the Aadhaar option on the screen, you have to click on it. From there you have to go to the new page. Customers will have to go to the new page and provide an Aadhaar number and confirm it. An OTP will then be sent to the registered mobile number. It has to be paid. After that, the new e-PAN card will be available at some time.

There is no need to fill a long-form to get a PAN card. If you have Aadhaar, you will get the e-PAN card in just 10 minutes. With this, the work will go, but if you wish, you can get a laminated PAN card with 50 rupees.


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how to apply


1. First go to the website and click on 'Instant Pan' through the 'Aadhaar' section under 'Quick Links'.


2. Click on 'Get new pan' where it is written.


3. Then enter your Aadhaar number there. Fill the captcha at the same time.


4. An OTP (one-time-password) will appear on the phone number associated with your Aadhaar.


5. OTPT needs to be input at the specified location. Also, the details of Aadhaar should be   communicated.


. If you want, you can also attach the email ID with the PAN card.


. After sharing this e-KYC information with UIDAI you will get e-PAN. The entire process should not take more than ten minutes


. The Check Status / Download PAN option allows you to download the e-Aadhaar PDF file.

Also, if the email is registered, then e-Aadhaar will go there by clicking on that option.

However, minors will not get the benefit of this e-PAN card. Also, those who have never had a PAN card before will get this opportunity. To use this service, Aadhaar must be linked to a phone number. Also, it is necessary to have the correct date of birth in the Aadhaar card.


Option 2 - Get PAN card online in 10 minutes


Now get PAN card online in 10 minutes with all the information of your Aadhaar card. According to sources, the Government of India has started this special service from this month. Currently, a PAN card is required to handle any type of financial transaction starting from opening a bank account or filing an income tax return. According to the source, currently, if you want a laminated PAN card with e-PAN, then you only have to pay Rs 50 for re-printing.


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You can apply for a new PAN card by visiting the income tax website

According to the source, after visiting the income tax department website and giving the Aadhaar number, a one-time password will come on the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar card. If that OTP or one-time password is verified, your PAN will be issued immediately. And that consumer will be able to download his e-PAN. Further, it is learned that 30.65 crore people still have PAN card in the country. It is also learned that 17.5 crore people have so far linked PAN card to Aadhaar card.

The solution is ultimately in the hands of the Income Tax Department

And if you apply for a new PAN card, it currently takes at least 15 days. This time the Income Tax Department is getting difficult. Ajay Bhushan Pandey, Revenue Secretary, Government of India said, "Government of India has prepared to start this service. You can avail this facility from February this year. Any person can visit this website of Income Tax Department.


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Presenting this year's budget, Nirmala Sitharaman announced

Meanwhile, on 1 February, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced to simplify the PAN card application process, presenting the budget for the 2020-21 financial year. It was then told in the budget that the Government of India is going to start the process of PAN number through Aadhaar in a few days. However, it is known that it is mandatory to have your Aadhaar number.


Other important links regarding PAN card services


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