How to add your website to Yandex

Yandex Webmaster Tools using the tool, Yandex search engine to add sites, XML sitemap ( sitemap ), and site verification, I'll help on how to do the operation. So now let's take a look at  How to add your website to Yandex Webmaster Tools and how Yandex Webmaster Tools usage and settings work together.

How to add your website to Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex's attention to providing paid or free services has attracted the attention of website owners. The new website owners do not have clear information about the use and settings of the Yandex Webmaster Tools , Google's SEO tool

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Focusing more on

Search Console use and not thinking about visitors from Yandex search engines causes traffic loss on sites.

With its recent experience as a popular search engine, Yandex is constantly making updates and innovations to provide a better experience for website owners.

Worldwide more than 100 million preferred by people Yandex pretty ambitious about being the world's leading search engine. In the first years of its establishment, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan with the power of money and preferring countries such as Yandex have reached the position of being able to make their name known to every country by increasing its audience recently.

Yandex Webmaster Tools is a free metrics that provide us with free metrics about the performance of your site in search queries made through Yandex, the contents visited, the sitemap controlled by the Yandex Robot, the robots.txt file, which page and your articles are processed and processed correctly with

Yandex Webmaster Tools,Yandex search engine to add sites


Yandex Webmaster Tools, Google Search Consol I think it should be improved by looking at the tool. The search engine, which is widely used in our country, still forces the webmaster tools to be used in Russian and English in two different languages, which probably makes it not so popular.

First of all, we will need to create an account for free to use the Yandex Webmaster Tools. By subscribing to any of the Yandex services, it allows us to use all service tools.


In this article, we will explain in detail how to add a website to Yandex Webmaster Tools for website owners and webmasters.

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Yandex Webmaster Login

You must first open an e-mail to yourself through the useful panels of Yandex mail. Afterwards, you visit the link "" with your e-mail and open a webmaster account with your existing Yandex e-mail by using the "Log in" button. The first page you see after opening an account will be the first step to add your website to the Yandex Webmaster Tools. You can switch to the other page where you will add your website by clicking the button named "Add site" that we marked in the image below.


Yandex webmaster administration panel

On the page that opens, login to the part where the url is requested, if you are using the "www" prefix on your website and you have an SSL certificate, "". If you do not have an SSL certificate "http" if you do not use "www" prefix, you have to write the url of your website accordingly. The best way to do this is to open your website in your browser and get the url of your website from the url section while you are on the home page. In this way, you will not cause an incorrect entry.

After adding the url of your website, you can switch to the next page by clicking the "Add" button.


Yandex webmaster administration panel startof adding a website

The new page that will open is the page where the file you will add to the root directory of your website will be taken. Here you can register your website in Yandex search engine in different ways, but the simplest way is the way we will describe. As we marked with the arrow, we select the "Html file" tab.

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Yandex webmaster administration panel website add, go to html code download page

Uploading Html File to Your Website

In this section, it is possible to get this file in two ways. The first way is to click the link we marked with the arrow number 2. When you click this link, an html file will be downloaded to your computer. You can upload this file as it is, to the root directory of your website, either from your web hosting panel or with ftp access. The other way is to paste the code that we marked with the 1st arrow into the notebook, copy the name of the link above, and give the name of the link to the file while saving the code in the notebook. It can be used in both ways. Again, you need to upload the file you have made with your own means to the root directory of your website, as in the other.

3. The section marked with an arrow is the section that you click on the root directory for control purposes after loading the relevant file. On the page that will open, if you receive the message that the file you added has been successfully read by Yandex, everything is now OK.


Yandex webmaster tool, administration panel, html download page to upload to root directory

After visiting the last confirmation page, the last thing left is to click the "Check" button to the right of the page.

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Yandex webmaster tool, administration panel, website save page

Using Yandex Webmaster

The Yandex Webmaster Tools is very detailed as the management panel. The only downside is that the panel does not have a Hindi translation. For this reason, we recommend that you install a Google translate plugin in your browser where you will use the Yandex web manager tool.

Yandex has developed a tool for website owners close to the same Google search console features. With this tool, you can send the sitemap of your website, get reports of visits and impressions from daily queries. It is also possible to see the links coming to your site and the links from your site through this management panel.

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The webmaster tool, which has detailed articles about what features and what works with help pages, will help you to increase the SEO success of your website on the Yandex search engine, if used actively .


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