How to Grow Your YouTube Channel | Youtube monetization 2021

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel | Youtube monetization 2021

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel | YouTube monetization 2021 with the popularity of and the diversification of Youtube money making ways, many people want to open a Youtube channel. But it is not possible to make money from Youtube immediately by opening a Youtube channel. In this content, you will learn in detail Youtube monetization conditions and ways to grow the Youtube channel.


Youtube monetization activation requirements had a drastic change on February 20, 2018. The reason for this change is explained as the fact that certain viral content is shared through many channels and generates revenue, and the change in YouTube monetization conditions for advertisers is a positive situation.

Youtube Monetization 2021
Youtube Monetization 2021

Youtube monetization 2021 and Grow Your YouTube Channel


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1.How to Activate Youtube Monetization


2.How to Grow Youtube Channel and How to Grow a Youtube Channel


3.Youtube Channel Settings


4.Video Settings


5.Free Blog


6.Build Community With Your Subscribers




1.How to Activate YoutubeMonetization


You cannot start making money as soon as you open a Youtube channel. To earn money from Youtube, ads must be added to your videos. Youtube has some conditions for you to be able to add ads to videos.



• The viewing time of your videos should be 4000 hours or more in the last 1 year,


• You must have 1000 or more subscribers.


To activate Youtube monetization, you must first have a channel that fulfils these two conditions. If you have fulfilled the conditions, you can start making money from Youtube channel by applying for Google Adsense.


So, what do we need to do on Youtube to have 4000 hours of views and more than 1000 subscribers? How does a Youtube channel develop? What are the ways to grow a Youtube channel? Because our goal is 4000 hours of viewing and more than 1000 subscribers.

Youtube Monetization 2021
Youtube Monetization 2021

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2. How to Grow Youtube Channel and How toGrow a Youtube Channel


Questions such as ways to enlarge Youtube channels or how to grow a Youtube channel, how it develops are among the questions asked by every YouTube channel.

To learn How to Grow Your YouTube Channel, we first need to understand how Youtube works. Even though Youtube is considered as a social media application, it works like a search engine.

In other words, it has an algorithm similar to the social media application algorithm, but more suitable for the search engine algorithm.

When we understand that Youtube works like a search engine, we can compare Youtube channels to sites like a website or blog. In fact, I prefer to call it Blogspot's video version.


3. Youtube Channel Settings


We will examine the settings required to enlarge Youtube channels in two parts as " Channel settings and Video settings ".

Let's start with the channel settings first.


Think of a Youtube Channel as a Blog


Think of the Youtube channel like a blog and Youtube is like Google, which is already a product of Google. But at the same time, since your Youtube channel can now appear in Google searches, it would be correct to consider the Youtube channel like a blog.


Set Youtube Channel Category


First, you need to decide what your channel content will be. Determine the Youtube channel category according to your decision.


Youtube channel categories:


• Cars and Vehicles


• Comedy


• Beauty and Fashion


• Education


• Entertainment


• Family Fun


• Film and Animation


• Food


• Game


• How-To & Style


• Music


• News and Politics


• Nonprofit Organizations and Activism


• People and Blogs


• Domestic and Wild Animals


• science and technology


• Sport


• Travel and Events


There are 18 different categories. These show what topics the content will be about. Thanks to these categories, your content is also recommended to those who have watched/consumed such content before.

Youtube predicts the people who want to watch your content in order to identify the content.

As a result, choose a category for the channel by deciding what topics you want to produce content after opening a channel.


Youtube Monetization 2021
Youtube Monetization 2021

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Don't Start With Public Videos


Just like the SEO work you need to do when you start a blog, don't start with general videos.

So, produce content that appeals to more specific interests rather than general content.

Actually, we can define it as follows. Generate content for long-tail keywords.

Suppose you are a recipe channel, the first ingredient you will produce should be ingredients such as " Baked Bean Recipe with Beef " or " Boneless Meat Bean Recipe " instead of " Dry Bean Recipe with Meat ".

Because the video for " Dry Bean Recipe with Meat " was made by channels with high subscribers long ago. Video of a new channel cannot compete with these in the first place. We are actually trying to reduce the rate of competition with the video of " Dry Bean Recipe with Beef ".

Accordingly, if we want to be recommended for those looking for a "Dry Bean Recipe" video and get a high ranking; first "beef, boned meat, meat, etc." We should share videos of beans recipes like.

The bottom line is, as the bean recipe is a highly sought-after word and video, we should prepare all the recipes that may be related to it before we prepare this recipe content. So we will try to build a pyramid.

Tactics: You do not have to know about search engine optimization (SEO) or such technical details in order to open a Youtube channel. I will show the example I described above a tactic where everyone can find words and video ideas for their concept.


We must first search on Google and Youtube for the subject we want to produce content for our new Youtube channel. While doing this search, we can learn different search queries by placing * at the end of the words we want to search.


Ways you can find keywords and content ideas in the two different tactics above. Of course, there are tools you can do more various keyword research, but these methods are a starting guide for those who do not know anything.


Youtube Monetization 2021
Youtube Monetization 2021

Prepare About Page


Prepare a good page about the Youtube channel. We can think of this page as the description of your blog site in Google search.

While preparing the About page, provide information about both yourself and the category and content you have determined. It is even useful to add the content plan.

For example: “ New videos will be on the channel on Tuesday and Friday at 18:00. " like. In this way, you will also give this information to people who follow you new.

Follow Related Channels

Add other channels that produce content in a similar category to the Youtube channel you have opened to your subscription list.

In this way, you can be notified of your competitors instantly and send a signal to Youtube such as " match me with these channels ".


Create Playlists


Be sure to create playlists after the first content or video.

You can compare playlists to categories on a blog site. So if you want to add ingredients like restaurant trips, food tastings or cultural delicacies along with recipes, create different playlists for all of them.

In this way, you can distinguish the audience who enjoy watching your food tastings but are not interested in recipes. Irrelevant content is not recommended for users who do not want to watch recipes.


Customize Youtube Homepage


You can make the Youtube homepage settings in several ways. The Youtube homepage can be described as the first page of the blog site.

It is the section that users will see when they first enter the channel. You can add your most-watched video here or you can add video content of your own choice.

The reason for the most-watched video maybe because it is watched a lot and it can be preferred considering that it attracts the attention of users. However, you can meet those who want to follow you by adding a very short video introducing yourself and your channel.


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4. Video Settings


Let's get to the video settings, the optimization studies I mentioned above are important settings for channel settings. After uploading a video, how can we be among the recommended videos, what should be done to enter youtube trends, let's examine them?

Clickbait Do Not! Add Interesting Headlines


Title or misleading i.e. clickbait (click trap) do.


Clickbait is actually not related to anything between content and title. Some topics may be more interesting to people. However, if there is no content related to the title in the video, then your videos for YouTube monetization feature may turn off.


It examines the watch time of your video to see if there is a clickbait in Youtube video titles. If most of those who click on the content to watch and close the video in a short time, it may perceive the content as clickbait, thinking that the content is irrelevant.

Note: If your content and title are compatible but viewers are closing the video soon, Youtube may turn off YouTube monetization. In this case, you can activate the re-youTube monetization feature by requesting a manual review of the video.


Attention! Clickbait is not about writing effective and engaging headlines. Take care to add interesting titles related to your content.


Important! When choosing your titles, try to pass keywords in the title, just like I described with long-tail keywords. For example, if I give you an example out of our example above, the title " World's Most Delicious Recipes with Beans Veal " as both interesting and goes keywords both compatible with the content title.


Optimize Video Description


When adding the video description, we also need to optimize it by providing information about the title, keyword, our area of interest and content.


• Each video must have its own unique description.


• Try to create a minimum content of 250-300 words in video descriptions.


• Make sure to write your descriptions in an easy-to-read form. Separate comments with more than 250 words with paragraphs


• Prepare a template for the last paragraph of the comments. With this template, you will not write the last paragraph description for each video separately.


• Create a section in the last paragraph with links to your previous videos and channel.


• Add relevant tags to the video description.


Create Watermark


Create a subscribe 

the watermark that will appear in the lower right corner of the videos.

Although some channels use their logos for watermarking, it is necessary to see this watermark as a CTA button. CTA (Call-to-action), ie activating buttons.

My personal recommendation is when creating a watermark, try to use it as a " SUBSCRIBE "-style activation button rather than creating a brand or personal logo.


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Use Youtube Cards


If you have more than one content, direct viewers to other related content using Youtube cards.

Tell them that there are different content on Youtube cards and that they should definitely watch it in the video.

You can make surveys with Youtube cards. Use these surveys to engage with your content or with viewers.


Add Subtitles


One of the most important features that distinguish Youtube videos from each other is to add subtitles.


Adding subtitles is a very important factor if you want to stay ahead of other channels in your category.


Thanks to subtitles, Youtube videos are also perceived as a blog post. In this way, you can make a serious difference to your competitors for search engine optimization.


Subtitles do not always have to be in different languages.


You can add indian subtitles for indian video content.


If you have English videos, Youtube can add subtitles automatically. Therefore, it would be advantageous to add subtitles to your English videos in other languages.


Note: Video in title, keywords, interests, and content about that when you talk and you better define your Youtube video with subtitles strengthen it. This strengthens your competition.


Ask Viewers to Subscribe and Comment


Although ”don't forget to subscribe to my channel, like if you liked the video and share your comments! This is something that really should be, even if the sentences sound offensive anymore.

As I explained on watermarking, this is also a call to action and a technique that works.

Among the ways of YouTube channel enlargement, these two techniques should be used even if they are repulsive or cheesy due to the fact that they are a call to action.


Don't Ask Viewers to Open Notification!


Don't ask viewers to open the notification! Watch out, DO NOT REQUEST! I say.

Of course, don't say "don't open a notification", but don't mention any of them.

Because the notification system has a function that sends some data to Youtube about the value of a video.


It is like this; 50,000 people open notifications on a channel with 100,000 subscribers. Notifications are not sent to 50,000 people at the same time after the video is uploaded. Youtube wants to first check if the video is worth it in order to send the notification of the video to 50,000 users. Because we can say that he does not want to bother the Youtube user. First of all, notifications are sent to a test group, this can be 500 people or 5000 people. Depending on the reaction of these people to the notification, it may not send to the remaining users at other times or at all. This plays an important role in watching the video and decreasing the activity of the channel.


In addition, another issue to be aware of here is that the viewers may not be available when the notification arrives, they may not be able to react to the notification instantly, instead of reacting to the notification, they can watch the video by entering Youtube after 1 hour, and this may not create interaction in the notification.

As a result, your interaction may decrease because you cannot predict the behaviour of users and when false signals (insufficient, uninteresting, etc.) related to the video are sent to Youtube.

Apart from channel settings and video settings, let's examine other settings we can make and what can be done to increase the viewing.


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Youtube Monetization 2021
Youtube Monetization 2021


5. Free Blog


You can make your Youtube channel grow by setting up a blog.


You can use the paid or free options to set up a blog, but it's a good idea to start by setting up a free and easy-to-install blog with Google's product Blogger.


Another benefit of starting a blog is that you can earn extra money. It is a good method for both making money on Youtube and making extra money from the blog. If you set up a blog with Blogger, it is possible to make money with Google AdSense just like Youtube.


Setting up a free blog is one of the YouTube monetization growing techniques, but it can also be a start for those who will start Youtube from scratch. Thanks to the blog, you can direct the users you will reach to the Youtube channel you opened later. So, if you don't have the necessary equipment and time to open a Youtube channel, you can consider opening a blog as a small start.


Build Community With Your Subscribers


Build a community where you can quickly communicate with your subscribers on Youtube.

Also, it will be much more efficient to build a community because of the way I explained in the heading "Don't Ask Them to Open Notifications ".

To create a community, Facebook groups or channels such as Discord can be used. You can reach your subscribers by publishing your new videos from here. It will also be beneficial to act on feedback from followers within the community.


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6. Result


In this context, we talked about how to enlarge the Youtube channel, Youtube monetization conditions and situations where Youtube monetization can be turned off.


The ones mentioned in this article can be considered as a relatively technical YouTube channel enlargement. But as I mentioned at the beginning, Youtube works more like a search engine rather than a social media application. Therefore, these technical details are important details for those who want to open a new channel on Youtube or those who want to enlarge and develop their Youtube channel.


Last but not least, you need to produce content regularly and consistently for a certain period of time. You can't make any deductions from the first video, you should have a regular content plan for at least 6 months and act accordingly. As long as you do not give up, you can see that the Youtube channel develops when you apply these technical details correctly.

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