How to start to write a book and Publishing Books?

How to start to write a book and Publishing Books?


The answer to the question of how to start to write a book and Publishing Books?is generally simple, by reading, making it a habit of reading and enjoying what you read ... However, in order for a person to ask this question, he must already have a reading habit, it will remain unlikely that a person who does not like to read has an intention to write.


Being able to start writing can be called the biggest step that can complete a whole and turn words into a complete work. If you follow the saying that starting is half of finishing, if you are determined to start work, the rest will come. So how to start writing a book, what should be done, what steps should be taken?


How to start to write a book and Publishing Books
 How to start to write a book and Publishing Books

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First of all, there are no essential rules for writinga book, except for the existence of equipment such as pen and paper, typewriter or computer. The writer candidate can produce his own methods, tend to different preferences according to the type of work he will write, but he must define himself and his purpose well. Whether he is inclined to act with his emotions or should he turn to programmatic work like an engineer, he needs to know, solve and feel this.

In emotional writers, the basic text is provided by a flow that is created with documents in the mind and where feelings come to the fore. In planned writing, the flow, transition and end of the story are written in a pre-prepared plan. While writing, the author feels himself to be a member of one of these groups, but he has to use both methods in some way but changes the percentage units according to his style. A writer who writes seventy per cent with his feelings can advance in the novel by doing thirty per cent planning or vice versa, but it is important to define himself well before he goes into writing, to minimize the difficulties he will face in the future. Although the writer describes the candidate as emotionally, it will be beneficial for him to write a brief summary of what he will write and what he has in mind.


How to start to write a book and Publishing Books
 How to start to write a book and Publishing Books

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It is necessary to complete the steps to be taken before the question of  how to start writing a book. If the foundations are laid solidly, the resulting work will be built on a much more solid ground and success will be achieved in terms of continuity. Otherwise, it is inevitable to give up writing, absenteeism and long-term writing stuttering in possible cases of congestion. The reader, who feels ready and has the necessary enthusiasm, can start writing and move on to the most difficult part of the job.


What is the hardest part when writing a book?


If what we mean by writing a novel is to write a novel, the beginning will be the hardest part. The impressive story or poem, which is appreciated in other literary genres, is preferred at the beginning of the book, but it has to have a beginning since the novel is based on integrity. Although the initial difficulties also start to write, factors such as the publication of the written work, the appreciation of the reader, and the warm welcome of the book by the reader will not remain singular. For example, few people watch the first competitions of the team competing in an inter-high school sports tournament, but when the team reaches the final, all eyes will be on them and much more attention will be required. The finalist and most prominent part of the books is their beginning, and they must be written with great care, meticulously controlled and reviewed. When finished, the editors of the publishing house and the reader in the future can reach an early judgment by considering the first sentences. It is not surprising that works that are strong, confident, and do not have a close professional entrance are damaged by the effects of this prejudice. Especially in our country, after reading the first page, the number of works that received a negative response to publishing by the publishing house officials is quite high. 

The author candidate, who is aware of the existence of problems, should look for solutions to these problems, try and study according to the writing technique, and examine the relevant examples. If desired, the introductory part of the novel can be left for later. Thus, the practice of the writer will have increased, the writings about the future will be clarified and the ground will be prepared. Whether the first parts are left to the end or written in order from the beginning, several different techniques can be used, as the introduction will be the centrepiece of the book.


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Should it be assertive or a simple entry?

How to start to write a book? - Starting with an assertive sentence is important for future reactions, but it is likely to be exaggerated by the first reader or editor and cause a negative judgment. Usually, with the influence of social media, such succinct phraseological sentences remind the novel, but positively affect the reactions given after success. A remarkable sentence that does not distract the subject and is used without exaggeration is likely to be more useful than a common sentence.

A simple entrance can also be made. Entries to draw the focus of the novel without tiring the reader and to make them wonder can be a little more helpful. It is important to be able to make an introduction that will warm the editor and the reader to the novel. Character and environment introductions should not be used as a text book in plain entries. In contemporary literature, the definition of the character is used to disseminate the story to the novel rather than to examine the setting one by one. In-story descriptions will be less tiring.


How to start to write a book and Publishing Books
 How to start to write a book and Publishing Books

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Examining examples according to the genre and structure of the novel, taking partial examples from the techniques of master writers yields healthy results, but above all, the writer must define the work he aims at and himself well, choose his steps, the way he will move and his technique correctly.


This is how I answered the question of  how to start writing a book 

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