Organic search and what is Organic Traffic?

Organic search and  what is OrganicTraffic?

Think you need to know why you need to do SEO before how to do SEO and Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic?. Once you know why you need to do SEO SEO work You can also find out why those who do are striving for organic traffic in this article.

The traffic from the search results pages without paying any fee to the search engines, ie without advertising, is called organic traffic. This visitor traffic is defined as visitors from a search engine such as Google or Bing. The high organic traffic of the website means that the website also ranks high in search engine results.

Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc
Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc

Why Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is considered the most valuable traffic source for different reasons. Because search engines, which are the highest traffic source, direct the highest number of visitors to websites compared to other traffic sources. Organic traffic generally does not directly affect other digital advertising efforts. However, paid ads will have a positive effect on the increase in organic traffic.

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The Safest Source in Product Research

People who want to buy a product or service are the most trusted source for their pre-purchase searches. In this way, it may be possible to win potential customers on the purchasing journey.


High Quality and Trust Sign


Being first in search engines in a keyword means that you are of high quality in the eyes of visitors, that is, you are reliable.

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Long Term Profit


Getting up on Google is a difficult and time-consuming process. But once you rise, you stay there for a long time. You will only appear in paid ads as long as you pay.


Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc
Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc

Serious Visitors From Search Engine Traffic


Being on the first page of Google in a keyword means you can gain visitors from 92% of that keyword traffic on Google. So, being on the first page on Google means that 92 out of 100 visitors are likely to visit your site. This rate drops to 5 people on the second page of Google. The actual traffic gain will enable you to rank first on Google.


Search Engine Audience is General


The popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is an average of 7 years and the popularity is always shifting. For example, Instagram taking the place of Facebook. Today, the interaction received from a Facebook page with 50K followers can remain between 50-100.

Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc
Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc

Also, traffic from such platforms is not guaranteed. Platforms can close your page at any time. For this reason, organic traffic is always more important than social media traffic in terms of efficiency and continuity. When a user searches for something using the search engine, the results page displays both organic ( free ) results and paid results. Although organic results and ads are listed on the same page, there is a big difference between them. Because organic results are free.

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What are Organic Search Results?


Organic search results are results shown after paid rankings in search engines. Organic results are displayed for free in the ranking created naturally by the search engine algorithm. Organic search results are based on the content of the site, reference links, domain name authority, other known and unknown organic ranking factors, depending on the user's search query. SEO is done to rank high in organic search results.

The easiest way to increase your website's organic traffic is to add regular and quality content on your site. However, this is just one of the strategies used to get new visitors. The purpose of SEO, search engine optimization, is to directly improve organic traffic.


Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc
Organic search and  what is Organic Traffic? – koc

Listing in Organic Search Results


Google's answer on this matter. Let's empathize by saying,  "This is all about quality and quality. The reason for this is quite simple. First of all, take yourself from the centre and what would I do if I were a search engine?"


What Features Should Websites Have?


First of all, I can understand the content of the indexing phase, that is while registering to my database. SEO'Completely made, fast, secure ( SSL ), relevant to the search query, with information that will satisfy users in terms of content, not only text but other sites that are enriched with materials such as visuals and videos ( Backlink ) with a version suitable for the searched device ( mobile compatible ) I would prefer

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Why Would I Look for the Features Above?


First of all, in the results, I show a user who searches, look at the results that are related to the search you are doing and I call them my guarantor. That's why I try to choose the best quality. In order not to spoil my quality and not to miss the visitor. Otherwise, my quality as a search engine will drop and people prefer different search engines. This is how search engines work. In other words, he wants the site to which he directs the user as a guarantor to please the visitor in return. If you please, my visitor, I will please your style.


Good SEO Work Required


Good SEO is the only way to rank high in organic search results and stay there for a long time. A good SEO work is a technical SEO, quality and original writing content can be an easy-to-use website and all of the external SEO work. Missing one of these does not prevent you from appearing in organic search results, but it prevents you from rising in search engines.


The Risk of Organic Traffic


So, aren't there any risky aspects of trying to gain organic traffic? Of course, there are a few risky aspects. One of them is the constant updating of search engine algorithms. These updates can be in a positive way in some cases, and sometimes in a negative way, causing many websites to fall behind in the ranking results.


For example, in Google's latest March update, news sites that were on the first page for a long time on health issues lost overnight. This may be very sad for them, but hospitals or health platforms that provide health information have been opened up to get them where they deserve. Unfortunately, it is a long process to appear in the first pages of organic search results and it requires serious work, especially in highly competitive words. ThereforeSEO strategies it is imperative to apply.

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How to Detect Organic Traffic?


There are different free tools to track the organic traffic of websites. The two most used tools among these are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Alternatively, Bing and Yandex also have free tools to track your traffic. You can track your website's organic traffic from different performance sites that keep site traffic, such as Google Analytics.


How to Earn Organic Traffic?


• You should prepare blog posts containing these words by analyzing keywords related to your industry and competitors.

• The content you create should be for users, not search engines.

• Make sure to fix your site's technical SEO deficiencies.

• Optimize your site speed.

• Make your site compatible with various devices.

• Try to use not only text but also content such as video or pdf to keep users on your site.

• Optimize the link and category structure in an easily understandable way so that users can navigate your site comfortably.

• Consciously and patiently do organic backlink studies to increase the authority of your site.


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