The best wordPress menu plugin 2021[mostly free] | how to start

The best wordPress menu plugin 2021[mostly free] | how to start

The best WordPress menu plugin adds additional features to the menus found in WordPress themes. Menus are an essential feature of your website that acts as a guide for your visitors.

This post will help you choose the best WordPress menu plugin that is right for your website. Let's get started then!

What is the WordPress Menu Plugin?

The WordPress menu plugin provides additional functionality to create website navigation menus beyond the default or essential WordPress menu feature. If you need more features or complex functionality beyond what is built into WordPress menus, the WordPress menu plugin can offer you more options.

The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free]
The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free] 

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Menu Plugin?

There are a few essential points to consider when choosing the best WordPress menu plugin for your site.

1.Responsiveness: Your website navigation menus should work on all devices, from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices and smartphones. Your WordPress menu plugin should be responsive, and meaning should automatically adjust the menus to any device's size.

2. Speed - Menus shouldn't slow down your site. Website speed is still critical to SEO, so choose an optimized plugin and a definite code structure built with speed in mind.

3. Developer Reliability: Some reliable developers maintain and update their plugins. Also, they have good customer service and detailed information for easy installation. Choosing a plugin with developer credibility is always the best option.

4. Security: If you want to install an add-on from an external site, check for malicious code before proceeding. The free plugin repository analyzes the code of the plugins available on their site. External ones will need a thorough analysis to guarantee the code's security (hint: do not download or install versions of premium plugins from bootleg or nulled ). Resources; mostly contain malware or other dangerous code).

5. Reviews and Ratings: The Internet is a community in its own right; people give feedback on purchased products, installed software, and much more. For this reason, faulty plugins with complications are poorly rated, which will help you avoid the error.

The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free]
The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free] 

What Are The Best WordPress Menu Plugins?

To help you choose the best WordPress menu plugin, I tested multiple WordPress menu plugins to list the features each plugin offers, from simple to complex.

I have included both free and premium plugin options so you can decide according to your needs.

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1. Max Mega WordPress Menu Plugin

It is a plugin that automatically converts a menu into a mega menu using the drop creators on the dashboard; that is, it makes the menu click-friendly, easily accessible. It is a complete menu management plugin and offers various customization features such as choosing colors, fonts, and sizes.

This plugin also allows you to create complicated menus, add interactive features, and add calendars and forms. It is the only mega menu plugin with the block or inline CSS styles.

Moreover, this plugin's mega menu feature is free and loads fast and light, unlike other plugins.

It also has a pro version, an extension of the standard mega menu, and installing it as a separate add-on.


1. Free with many tool lists

 2. Uses the standard WordPress menu interface that many users are familiar with

3. Many icons are supported in the free version


Animations are provided for slides and fades

5. Adds icons such as "Disable Link" "Hide Text" to menu items


Responsive touch


Comprehensive documentation

The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free]
The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free] 

2. Responsive Menu – WordPress menu plugins

It is one of the best WordPress menu plugins for mobile. This plugin allows you to create fully responsive menus for your sites with mobile development for smartphones and tablets due to its many features. It has more than 150 customization options and 22,500 different menus for user navigation.

It also supports shortcodes, WPML, loads incredibly fast, and can instantly create your custom responsive menus. Like the Mega Menu, it is also presented in a free version. However, there is a paid premium version with extended features.

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1. Supports external scripts

2. Supports background images and CSS elements

3. It has an integrated title bar

4. An extensive list of options for customizing the menu

5. Controls typography settings in the menu

6. You can upload images for background photos while uploading other images as logos and icons.

7. Personal menu creation option

If you need to change your mobile view and need a desktop image change, you should consider installing the responsive menu plugin.

3. Mega Main Menu - WordPress menu plugins

It is one of the cheapest WordPress menu plugins with many features. It has several options that allow you to add various images from the drop-down menus. Also, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from; this means you can brand your menu on the website.

Mega Main Menu might be one of your preferred plugins, as it has a free trial period provided by the developers to give you time to test the interface. This will help you decide if this is right for your business.


1. You can add your preferred images, logos, and icons

2. Access to over 1600 vector icons

3. Ultimate customization from the wide range of colors available


Compatible with WPML, WooCommerce, and Bootstrap

With these features and low price, getting the Mega Main Menu is a good option for you. Plus, the plugin is fully responsive and compatible on tablets and mobile phones.

The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free]
The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free] 

4. UberMenu - WordPress Menu Plugin

UberMenu is a popular premium plugin and one of the Best WordPress Menu Plugins that allow the user to add advanced content like Google Maps to the menu. It provides an excellent menu for all devices and includes your personal photos and images. There is room for complexity with the integration of third-party widgets into the menu.

The plugin is widely used and ranked # 1 on CodeCanyon with over 75,000 sales, is easy to learn, and supports over 50 style combinations.

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1. Easily add images

2. Adds preferred custom content and widgets

3. Allows men to organize

4. It has more than 50 icons that can be added to any menu item

5. AJAX save feature

6. Support advanced content such as maps, search bars

However, one downside is that it has a large number of unnecessary menus that eventually become useless. Also, users make a one-time payment in installments without any refund request.

 Installing the UberMenu Plugin will allow you to add items to the menu automatically.

5. QuadMenu Plugin

QuadMenu Plugin is one of the newest WordPress plugins that enable the integration of menus. It allows you to create your menu for a variety of themes in a simple way.

This plugin has many menus like the main menu.

The visual is very important in this plugin as you can change your color and font selection.

QuadMenu also has its developers with a professional version with a variety of additional menus and premium licenses.

The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free] The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free]
The best plugin of wordpress 2021[mostly free] 


1. The menu works well on mobile devices

2. Supports Google Fonts and animation styles

3. Unlimited number of themes for your website

4. Allows menu integration to eat manually or automatically

5. You can include more than menus in this plugin.

    You can add icons, tabs, registration, and social menus.

6. Dead and Drop panel that allows you to manage your mega menu adds new items and    columns.QuadMenu has a variety of menu options that are not limited to Mega Menus alone. Also, the premium version comes with a lifetime warranty.

6. Superfly Responsive – WordPress menu plugins

Superfly Responsive Plugin 

is one of the best WordPress plugins popular as they can create beautiful vertical menus. It also has unique side menus that will highlight your design or work.

Social media buttons, images, and fullscreen mode are features of this plugin. Vertical menus are suitable for mobile visitors, and you can scroll your way using the navigation menu.

You can fully customize the plugins with various colors, fonts, and icons, and it supports Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. You can also add social links. Superfly works well on mobile versions.

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1. For creative vertical themes, you can replace old or boring themes

2. Users have a full-screen view to avoid distraction during use

3. Animations powered by C223; they are beautiful and unique compared to other plugins that can use

 4. Shortcodes to set errors in content areas

5. Fully responsive

6. Various colors and fonts to choose from

7. Budget Friendly.

If you are a business owner who loves the vertical style, this plugin is for you.

To Summarize: Best WordPress Menu Plugins

The Best WordPress menu plugins listed above are some of the plugins you can use in WordPress, and I'm sure after reading the article, you will choose the best one for your site.

You've probably noticed some plugins that perform the same functions, The Best WordPress Plugins from my point of view: UberMenu, WordPress Mega Menu, and QuadMenu.

These three WordPress menu plugins have similar functionality, versatility, efficiency, and customization options. Note that the speed of a plugin depends on its uploaded content. However, the three plugins work perfectly and do not slow down the download of the page.

One of the most significant differences is the question of responsiveness. Without a doubt, all three are good at this. However, QuadMenu has a higher speed as it is specially programmed for smartphones and adapted to Desktop computers.

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Unlike QuadMenu and UberMenu, which have PHP, API, and JavaScript developer tools, Mega Menu can be used correctly by beginners with no programming knowledge.

Also, all three have an easy-to-use interface, but with minor differences. The interface for Mega Menu is super simple and straightforward. While QuadMenu has a slightly improved interface, UberMenu should be watched training video, especially for beginners before using it.

No matter which WordPress menu plugin you choose from the list, they are all great options and have all the features needed to start creating custom menus for your WordPress website.

Have you used any of the WordPress menu plugins I mentioned? Or maybe you are using a WordPress menu plugin not mentioned here and want to tell me about it? You can indicate them in the comments.

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