What is FSSAI? And who needs a Fssai license?

You must have read the tag of FSSAI on food packets many times. In this article, you will read What is FSSAI? And who needs a Fssai license? And who needs a Fssailicense?

What is FSSAI? And who needs a Fssai license?
What is FSSAI? And who needs a Fssai license?

What is FSSAI? And who needs a Fssai license?

Before any food item reaches us, we go through many ordeals. FSSAI takes this exam. It has been established to deliver suitable material to customers.

If you find any substance degraded, then you can inform FSSAI. In this article, you will know the complete information of FSSAI.


FSSAI means Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI is an Indian independent body responsible for maintaining safety, nutrition, and hygiene in India's production, sale, storage, and import of all types of food items. It has a license number of 14 figures. Its rules are implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

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The FSSAI establishment celebration was aimed at protecting customers from poisonous and dangerous foods. Who established FSSAI? It was founded in 2011 by the then Union Minister "Anbumani Ramdoss."


FSSAI works on science-based criteria. This scientifically determines that the available foods or are available in the market are entirely healthy for the people. Therefore, a food producer, accumulator, and seller is required to have an FSSAI license.


However, for some, these licenses are not required - such as automobile vendors, temporary stallholders, small scale industries, hawkers, etc. Anyone who wants a permit can apply to the designated officer.

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Benefits of FSSAI –what is fssai


The public gets pure food.


Harmful and toxic substances do not reach the market.


FSSAI is the primary and sole body of standards for food safety and food regulations.


The same license is required for different types of food in an area.


Having an FSSAI license with a food vendor gives confidence to its customers.


Generally, it takes two months to get an FSSAI license. There are three types of FSSAI licenses in India –



Basic FSSAI License: These are for small and small scale industries, usually given for one to five years. This is for those whose annual income is less than Rs 12 lakh.


State FSSAI License: These are for middle-class producers and sellers whose annual income is more than 12 lakhs. It is also given for one year to five years.


Central FSSAI License: It is meant for food merchants whose annual income is above 20 crores.

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Register an FSSAI license 


An E-mail ID and phone number are required to register an FSSAI license. Correctly spell your name in your application and submit it. After that application, you will be given a separate ID, which will be necessary for further processing.


In the end, you will have to pay a specified amount. Prepare and submit a demand draft along with a copy of your application and payment amount.


In this way, clean and nutritious food reaches us. It is the responsibility of a consumer to consume only what is permitted by the FSSAI. And if an established industry does not have licenses, then request them. Till date, FSSAI has tied up many such substances and industry which have proved to be harmful after many years.

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You read these things in this article - What is FSSAI? We hope that by knowing what the FSSAI means, you will be aware of information of importance. If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends and give us feedback in the comments.


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