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How to make friends at college / Make New Friends as an Adult

Not only have you left your high school acquaintances, but you're in a new place, studying at a higher level, and have more independence than ever before. So how to make friends at college? You will live on your own for the first time. Although you may keep in touch with a few friends from high school, you may not know many students on campus when you first arrive. Terrible? Yeah! However, this is an opportunity to gain new experiences and meet new people. Here are some tips to make your transition to college easier.
How to make friends at college
How to make friends at college 

7 Simple Ways to Make Friends in College

How to make friends at college

1. Use social media.

Many schools have social media pages for incoming students. Consider introducing yourself, asking if there are others in your area, or asking if any of your interests share. Check out the page for posts from other students who want to meet new people. If you live in a dorm, you can also use social media to connect with your future roommate!

2. Connect at orientation.


How to make friends at college

Even if you don't need to go to orientation, still sign up! You will meet other newcomers and start making friends. Talk to the people sitting next to you as you learn about campus policies or sit down for breakfast; Even if you don't live in the same dorm or plan to study the same major, you can make friends! Also, if you talked to anyone over the summer via social media, send a message and ask them to meet during orientation.
How to make friends at college
How to make friends at college 

3. Join clubs and groups that interest you.


How to make friends at college

You'll find clubs on campus for just about any interest. From intramural sports to human interest groups, games and activities, you have to find others who care about the same things as you. Check for flyers at campus announcement meetings and check your school's website for more information. Don't hesitate to try new things.

Usually, there will be an event fair at orientation – sign up for something that looks interesting from afar! Then, after trying a few different activities, you can decide what you like and don't want to continue. Regardless, you will have met various people, and even if you choose not to pursue an extracurricular, you may decide to stay in touch with some people.

3. Ask a classmate to study together.


How to make friends at college

It's always a good idea to find a "colleague." If you miss a class, you can ask questions about homework or due dates and swap grades to prepare for tests together. Start meeting some people close to you during the first few classes. A few weeks in a semester is the perfect time to ask them to swap phone numbers or email addresses if it doesn't come before them. If there is an upcoming article, ask if you can help each other organize your work. 

As the first exam approaches, ask to meet and study together. Not only will this help you do well in the classroom, but you can also find people who have a lot in common; this is how it started with more than a few great friendships (and relationships)!

5. Spend time in common areas.


How to make friends at college

Sometimes dormitories have common areas where students can congregate. It lets you spend some of your downtime there, meeting people you might not complete even if you study, even though you live in the same building. People can gather to watch movies together or play video games in the evenings. Your RA may host floor meetings and events. If there is a communal kitchen, spend some time cooking and eating there, and you are bound to encounter others. (Remember, cakes are the way to everyone's heart!)

6. Go to campus events.


How to make friends at college

Whether you're a speaker at a sporting event, theater show or campus speaking, go! Not only is it one of those times in your life when you have free or discounted access to this type of event, but you will be surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds, of other interested students. You may not like every activity you attend, but the more you try, the more you can narrow your focus and go-to actions that surround you with like-minded students. You have to start somewhere!

7. Find a part-time job.


How to make friends at college

Whether you qualify for a work-study position or find a job near campus, you'll earn a little extra money and meet new people. Then, after spending enough time together to drink ice cream, fold clothes and put on socks, or wander around campus on a warm autumn evening to change print cartridges, you'll bond with your coworkers!

How to Make New Friends as an Adult - How to make friendsat college

Until university, friendships are formed from the neighborhood, the same class, course or common acquaintances. During the university period, friendships are formed either from the same type or through the same interests. It's okay so far, but old companies may not stay as you slowly grow into adulthood. Some of us even complain about not enjoying our previous friendships during this period, and some of us are unable to make friends as before. Therefore, friendship relationships, an important element of close relationships, take on a different dimension as age progresses.

HowDoes? - How to make friends at college

Pre-adult friendships are based on physical intimacy (like sharing a row) or common interests (like liking the same game or band). However, it is much more difficult to find people with common interests. The concept of sharing the same desk at the university is not so much since their interests are more developed and even specialized. Moreover, in our education system, many people discover what they like and their interests during their university years, so they can be alone or only make short-term friendships during this discovery process.

Many people overlook the fact that friendship is a natural need, even as adults. As a result, many people are shy or even reluctant to engage with people to have a good time together and share feelings. Even if people are emotionally lonely, they avoid forming new social bonds for fear of being misunderstood.

Many parts of society do not know how to chat fully and pleasantly. After meeting, people try to get to know each other with superficial questions, but since these questions are not reflected as an interest to the other party, an emotional bond that can lead to friendship cannot be established between people.

So how do you make new friends as an adult?


How to make friends at college

First, internalize your need to make a new friend. So everyone needs new friends, a little fun, a laugh together, a hug and a shared experience together. So you're not the only one looking to make a new friend, okay?
Now we put a sweet smile on our faces and spread some joy to the world with our beautiful smiles. We look into people's eyes with a small smile for two or three seconds, indicating that we recognize their presence on earth. At this very moment, we say "hello" inside ourselves. By the way, the more often you do this, the more likely you are to make new friends because people automatically want to know someone with high energy with a bright smile.
After making our greeting stating that we know our beings on earth, we need to understand whether the person in front of us has the criteria to be our friend. The best way to understand this is to throw a small conversation-opening word to the person in front of us.
For example, we can make a sentence stating that we noticed a detail about the person we want to be friends with (Hello! I was very interested in your bracelet. Can I take a closer look? Where did you get it?) or we can ask a personal question (They say the coffee here is good. Before can you advise me if you tried it?)
The first step to friendship is to listen to the other party with genuine interest after the first word and ask questions to keep the conversation going. Not every conversation is going to be a friendship, but my
advice to you is to practice until you master small daily conversations and have these conversations everywhere.
Chat with the staff on campus, chat with the person next to you on the bus, chat with the back row after class, chat with the people at the next table in the canteen. As your conversational muscle gets stronger, your self-confidence will increase, and you will attract more people around you.

Small daily conversations are the first step of friendship, of course, but you will need to do activities with your new potential friends to strengthen this bond. It's okay to invite people you've just met to your favorite pizzeria after class, to the bowling alley near the campus, to the theater after work, or for weekend shopping. I can assure you that many people are so lonely that they will happily accept it when you make a funny proposal.
Friendship is a reciprocal relationship. In other words, the more effort you put in, the more effort the other party puts into the ideal, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Therefore, if you want your new friendships to last long, my advice to you is to communicate frequently with your new friends in a way that will revive the bond you have established. In this way, you both make an emotional investment in your new friends, and you can easily observe whether your investment has a return. 

How to make friends at college
How to make friends at college 

Finally, I recommend you have a lot of fun and enjoy your new friendships without stress. Adulthood is already a time of high responsibilities and daily stress levels. Therefore, should not forget that companies are meant to relieve the stress of life, to have some fun and to discharge a lot during this period.
I wish you all happy friendships.

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