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What is valid JSON file? | How to open valid JSON file?

 What is valid JSON file and How to open ? JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation) is a text format that can be used with all programming languages ​​and is preferred as an alternative to XML, facilitating data transmission. JSON ' the data are processed in small size while performing data transmissions. Thanks to this feature,it is possible to developfaster web applicationsusing JSON.


What is valid JSON file? | How to open valid JSON file?
What is valid JSON file? | How to open valid JSON file?


  • Filename:  JavaScript Object Notation file

What is valid JSON ? Opening is valid JSON and Learning JSON

what is valid JSON; It has a convenient usage structure for many contexts and applications with its spring brackets, square brackets, colons and commas. As defined in the third version of the ECMAScript Language Specification, JSON is inspired by object literals in JavaScript. Although it uses JavaScript as an inspiration, JSON works independently of programming languages. In terms of its structure, JSON is similar to both DOM and XML and uses a completely unique structure.

To mention the data types used by JSON, 6 different data types are used in JSON. We can list them as follows;

JSON files contain simple data structures and objects. The data contained in these types of files are in the form of a standard data data and are light, text-based and human readable data. Although JSON files are originally based on JavaScript, they can run and format independently of programming languages. Generally, these files are used by web developers with APIs when preparing applications.

Although many web software uses the JSON file, these files do not always have the ".json" extension. However, some of my web articles can also be saved using this file suffix. JSON is generally used in AJAX web software, but you can see that the JSON file is also used when saving your bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox.

Because it is easily readable by humans and is text based, you can open, review and edit JSON files using any of the sample software below;

To Open JSON Files on Mac Platform;

To Open JSON Files on Windows Platform;

To Open JSON Files on Linux Platform;

Example :2

How to Open a JSON File?

It can be opened with notepad.

Notepad ++ Download Program

Json: The biggest problem during the exchange of information between different programs and languages ​​on the internet is the correct transfer of variables and arrays. Json is a comprehensive code system developed to solve this problem.

For example:

Let's say you have a page that uses ajax with PHP, and you need to process the information coming from the PHP server with javascript. Json will save you a lot of trouble while transferring variables into javascript without breaking the way you use it with php.

example json answer:

{"dictionary": {"json": "json is a structure", "tomato": "tomato is a vegetable"}}

The process works like this:

1-You are defining variables in the form of arrays with PHP. then you convert the array to a single variable with the json library written for php.

You send with 2-ajax.

3-Javascript opens the incoming information with the appropriate Json library. and you are using the array you get.

The Json site below has the Json compiler and solver for various program languages ​​in the subsection.

JSON Learning

You know it is not essential to learn JavaScript JSON, JSON for use in your project, but both XML you have previously used one of the AJAX-like structure as well as' a , you must be the judge. Since JSON does not contain much data formatting, it is a text structure that can be easily used after knowing these details. To learn JSON, you can directly visit the official organization site prepared for JSON. With the help of the official site that offers Turkish language support, you can quickly understand how you can shape JSON.

Used programs: Json Address of Required Programs: www.json.org



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