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How to change Gmail password

How to change Gmail password" I want to change the Password of my Google account. What should I do? How does the Google account password-change? We recommend that you change your Gmail service password, 

How to change Gmail password
How to change Gmail password


how to change Gmail password


Which is a Google mail service, periodically for security purposes. Nowadays, incredibly indispensable for android phones, Gmail accounts are of great importance. As such, attacks can be inevitable. Keeping your password safe means keeping your device, emails, and much important information safe. Google especially allows you to use dozens of services with a single password.

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The security of your Google account is of great importance if you are an Android device user. You can change your Password for security reasons and reset it if you forget it.


To change Google Gmail password:


how to change your Gmail password, now  sign in to your Gmail account.


Then click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and click the My Account button in the menu that opens.


Log in to the Login and security option on the My Account page. Click here to directly access the security page by directly passing the first three steps.


Find the section that says Password and login method and click where it says Password.Changing Gmail password


A screen will appear asking for your current Password. Continue by entering your Password.

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When you come to the page where you will enter your new Password, confirm your new Password by logging in twice and clicking Change Password.


You have successfully changed your Gmail password.


To change the Google Gmail password in apps for Android and iOS devices:


To change your Gmail password on your mobile device, you must be using the Google Gmail application. If the Gmail application is installed on your phone, you can easily change your Password using the steps below.


If the Gmail application is not installed on your device, you can download it via the download buttons. Gmail (Android) (436 downloads) Gmail (iPhone / iPad) (354 downloads)


After installing the application, log in to the application with your Password.

Tap the three-line button in the upper left corner to enter the option that says Settings.

In the settings, you will see an option with your email address. (such as [email protected]) You can reach the menu by tapping the option where your Gmail address is written.

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On the page that opens, log in to the link that says My Account.


On the next page, we tap the Login and security option. The new page to be opened may take a while to load, and wait patiently at this part.


Under the sign-in and security option, tap the option that says Password.


In the window that will open, after logging in with your current Password, I was hoping you could enter your new Password and confirm the transaction with the Change my password option.


That's all about changing passwords through the app.


Forgot Gmail password / how to change your Gmail password


If you do not remember your current Password, you must use Google's password recovery option to recover your Password. If you have forgotten your Gmail password, the steps to take are as follows.


Sign in to the Google Account support page.


Enter your Gmail address or your phone number if you introduced it.


Enter the last Password you can remember.

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Then, follow the other instructions that Google will request.


Do not forget that Google will ask you some questions. How to change your Gmail password? Confirm that you are the account owner, and I will send you the password reset email as soon as it verifies.

To recover your Password, we recommend you define an active phone number before for your account's security, and it will save your life. When setting the Gmail password, the Password you create using upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters will be much more secure.

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