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Manage google password manager 2021

Manage | google password manager 2021, Google allows you to save your passwords in the Chrome browser and view these passwords easily. In addition, you will be able to easily google password with manager the features mentioned in this content.

Manage google password manager 2021
Manage google password manager 2021

Manage google password manager 2021

We browse many websites during the day and most of these websites have a membership system. At this point, we make use of the password saving features of the internet browsers we use. However, sometimes it can be difficult to update a changed password in browser settings.

There is a settings menu to manage the passwords stored in google password manager - Google's internet browser. However, it is not possible to change passwords in this menu. To update the password, you need to go to the relevant website, log in again and click on the "Update Password" button. However, there is a way to organize all passwords on a single screen.

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 How to use Google's password manager interface?

Google has created a website to edit passwords. You can access this website, called Google Passwords, using the link found here . However, using a website is not always the easy way to do it. Moreover, if this website constantly asks for your password and two-factor verification code, if any ...

The method we will explain now allows you to manage your passwords stored in Google as you wish, without the need for all these. Let's see how you can apply this easy method.

Let's first look at Google Chrome's standard password management page.


google chrome - google password manager 2021

Instead of such an interface, we first write "chrome://flags / #google-password-manager" (the part inside the quotation marks) in the address bar to take full control of the passwords. The page we are accessing will list some of the features of Google Chrome that have not been activated.

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manage passwords

"Google Password Manager UI" You will see an option on the screen. To the right of this option, there is a menu that says "Default". When you click on this menu, you click the "Enable" button to activate the feature.


auto fill

When you click on the "Enable" option, you will see the "Relaunch Now" option at the bottom right of the screen, which is required to restart Chrome and use the feature we have activated. Already, an information letter showing that the feature will only be active after a reboot is clearly stated by Chrome.


password editing

After pressing this blue button, Chrome closes and reopens after a short time. Now, again, we access the "Passwords" option under the "Settings" menu of Chrome. This time, the overall look will be completely changed.

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delete password

This interface you will encounter is the interface you need to easily check all your passwords. In fact, very similar to Google Passwords.

After this step, you need to find a website whose password you want to change. You can either search manually or by using the search box on the right side of the screen. After clicking the relevant website, you are asked to enter your Google account username (your Gmail address) and password. After completing these processes, a screen like this will meet;


password editing

Using this screen, you can edit your passwords as you wish, and delete them if you want.

We have come to the end of this guide where we tell you how to easily manage your passwords in google password manager - Google Chrome. See you in the new guides.

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Note: This guide only allows you to manage the passwords that you have saved in your browser. The passwords you change using this method do not mean changing the passwords you use to access websites.

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