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united states postal service | package tracking

in the article about (usps) how to starts us postal service near me - what is united states postal service history and website of united states postal service package tracking, don't worry we told you about full history and package tracking site with postal codes of united states postal service.

united states postal service | package tracking
united states postal service | package tracking

united states postal service | package tracking

On July 26, 1775, members of the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, agreed that "… a Chief of Staff will be appointed for the United States that holds its office in Philadelphia and can receive a salary of $ 1,000." per year…"

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united states postal service history | how to starts

Colonial times During the early colonial times, reporters depended on friends, merchants, and Native Americans to carry messages between the colonies. However, most correspondences continued between the colonists and Britain, their home country. This post was likely a process in 1639 when the first official announcement of the colonies' postal service appeared. The Massachusetts General Court has designated Richard Fairbanks' tavern in Boston as the official repository of mail brought or sent from abroad for use as postal drops in coffeehouses and bars in England and other countries.

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Local authorities operate postal routes within the colonies. Then, in 1673, New York Governor Francis Lovelace held a monthly post between New York and Boston. The service was short-lived, but the post-rider trail was known as Old Boston Post Road, which is part of today's US Route 1.

William Penn founded Pennsylvania's first post office in 1683. In the south, private slaves, usually slaves, linked large fields; One tobacco head was the failure to transfer mail to tobacco's next plantation.

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Neale has never visited America. Instead, he appointed New Jersey Governor Andrew Hamilton as Deputy Managing Director. Neale's dealer didn't bargain, even though it cost him only 80 cents a year; In 1699, he owed his American interests to Andrew Hamilton and another Englishman, R. West.

In 1707, the British Government purchased rights to the North American postal service from the West and Andrew Hamilton's widow. He later appointed Andrew's son John Hamilton as Vice President of America. Until 1721, in South Carolina, Charleston was succeeded by John Lloyd.

In 1730, Alexander Spotswood, a former deputy governor of Virginia, became Deputy Director-General for America. Probably his greatest success was the appointment of Benjamin Franklin as inspector of Philadelphia in 1737.

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Two other Virginian Spotswood succeeded: Head Lynch in 1739 and Elliot Benger in 1743. When Benger died in 1753, Franklin and William Hunter, the Postmaster of Virginia and Williamsburg, were appointed by the Royal as Joint Postmasters for the colonies.

The Hunter died in 1761, and New Yorker John Foxcroft served until the outbreak of the Revolution.

During his tenure as a joint Deputy General Manager for the Crown, Franklin made significant and lasting improvements to his colonial publications. He immediately began reorganizing the service and went on a long tour to check out post offices and others as far north as Virginia. New surveys have been conducted, milestones have been placed on major roads, and new and shorter routes identified. For the first time, riders have transported the night between Philadelphia and New York, with at least half shortened travel time.

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Franklin reported to the first British Postmaster for the postal service in the united state of America In 1760, When Franklin left the office, he sent routes from Maine to Florida and from New York to Canada, and mail between the colonies and the home country regularly worked, with regular schedules.

Also,   created the surveyor position in 1772 to organize post offices and audit accounts; This is considered the precursor to today's Mail Inspection Service.

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But by 1774, the colonists saw the royal post office with suspicion. Franklin was rejected for actions sympathetic to the efforts of those who were exploited by the Colonies. Shortly after, William Goddard, a journalist and journalist publisher (under his father, New York, Connecticut, Franklin), established a Constitutional Letter for the intercolonial postal service. The colonies founded by subscription and net revenues were used to improve the postal service rather than be paid back to subscribers. By 1775, when the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, Goddard's colonial mission flourished, and 30 post offices operated between Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Williamsburg.

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Continental Congress - united states postal service.

After the Boston uprising in September 1774, the colonies began to leave their home country. A Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia in May 1775 to form an independent government. One of the first questions before the delegates was how the mail would be delivered and forwarded.

Benjamin Franklin, who just returned from England, was appointed as the head of a Research Committee to establish a postal system. The committee report secured a chief of staff for 13 American colonies and was evaluated by the Continental Congress on July 25 and July 26. On July 26, 1775, Franklin was appointed Chief of General Staff, the first-ever established under the continent. Congress; The establishment of the organization, the united states postal service, dates back to this date nearly two hundred years later.

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Franklin's son-in-law, Richard Bache, took the name Comptroller and was appointed William Goddard Surveyor.

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Franklin served until November 7, 1776, when America's current Postal Service descends in a seamless line from the system is planned and operates. History has given him substantial credit for laying the postal service's foundation that performed spectacularly for the American people.

IX of the Articles of Confederation was approved in 1781. The first three Postmaster Generals - Benjamin Franklin, Richard Bache, and Ebenezer Hazard - appointed and reported by the Congress."

Postal laws and regulations were revised and codified in the Ordinance of October 18, 1782.

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Post Office Department

Following the Constitution's adoption in May 1789, the Law of September 22, 1789 (1 Stat. 70) temporarily established a post office and the General Staff. On September 26, 1789, George Washington appointed Samuel Osgood from Massachusetts as the first General Office under the Constitution. At that time, towards the end of 1780, postal officials consisted of only one Postmaster-General, one Secretary / Comptroller, three surveyors, a Dead Letter Inspector, and 26 competitors.

The Postal Service was temporarily maintained by the Law of August 4, 1790 (1 Stat. 178) and Law of March 3, 1791 (1 Stat. 218). The Law of February 20, 1792, prepared detailed provisions for the Post Office. Subsequent legislation enlarged the Post Office functions, strengthened and consolidated its establishment, and provided rules and regulations for its development.

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Philadelphia was the seat of the government and post office until 1800. When the post office moved to Washington DC that year, authorities moved all postal records, furniture, and supplies in two horse-drawn carriages.

In 1829, at the invitation of President Andrew Jackson, Kentucky's William T. Barry became the first Chief Executive to serve as a president's Cabinet. Its predecessor, John McLean of Ohio, began referring to the Post Office or the General Post Office, also called the Post Office Department. Still, it was not established as an executive body, specifically by Congress, until June 8, 1872.

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During this period, an Instruction and Postal Depor Directorate, the investigation and examination branch of the Postal Department, was established in 1830. From that office, the head of PS Loughborough is considered the first Deputy Chief Inspector.


united states postal service package tracking - postal codes (usps)

01000 - 02791     Massachusetts     692

02801 - 02940     Rhode Island        91

03031 - 03904     New Hampshire  286

03901 - 04992     Maine                  486

05001 - 05907     Vermont              304

06001 - 06927     Connecticut        431

07001 - 08989     New Jersey        727

10000 - 14999     New York (state)  2.162

15001 - 19699     Pennsylvania        2.181

19701 - 19980     Delaware                96

20001 - 20091, 20201 - 20599        Washington, DC   276

20600 - 22214     Maryland             614

22003 - 24966     Virginia               1.224

24712 - 26886     West virginia      852

27000 - 28999     North carolina   1.084

29000 - 29945     South carolina    536

30000 - 31999     Georgia              960

32000 - 34999     Florida               1.483

35004 - 36925     Alabama              813

37000 - 38599     Tennessee           791

38601 - 39776     Mississippi          531

40003 - 42788     Kentucky             949

43000 - 45899     Ohio                    1.423

46001 - 47997     Indiana                968

48000 - 49971     Michigan            1.162

50001 - 52809     Iowa                    1.058

53001 - 54990     Wisconsin            897

55001 - 56763     Minnesota            995

57001 - 57799     South dakota        384

58001 - 58856     North dakota        406

59001 - 59937     Montana               404

60001 - 62999     Illinois                 1.575

63005 - 66160     Missouri              1.169

66002 - 67954     Kansas                 775

68001 - 69367     Nebraska             620

70000 - 71599     Louisiana             722

71601 - 72959     Arkansas              705

73001 - 74966     Oklahoma           766

75000 - 79999     Texas                  2.603

80000 - 81658     Colorado             647

82001 - 83128     Wyoming            194

83201 - 83877     Idaho                  321

84001 - 84791     Utah                    347

85001 - 86556     Arizona               549

87000 - 88439     New mexico      430

88900 - 89883     Nevada              254

90000 - 96199     California          2.623

96701 - 96863     Hawaii                139

97001 - 97920     Oregon              479

98000 - 99403     Washington (state) 718

99501 - 99950     Alaska               280

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