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How to Delete Apps from iPhone?

How to Delete Apps from iPhone? The best thing about smartphones like iPhone is that you can download many different apps to the devices. This process is not done on other phones. However, from time to time, you may need to uninstall apps from your device.


How to Delete Apps from iPhone
How to Delete Apps from iPhone

How to Delete Apps from iPhone?


 You may want to uninstall the apps if they are no longer used, if you need more space on your device if they are not working correctly, or decide to sell or give your device to someone. Can follow different ways for iPhone application deletion. You can find them in the article below.


New applications are regularly added to the iPhone's App Store. As new applications arrive, we can download new applications to the iPhone and fill their memory. As the number of apps we install increases, we may need to delete previous apps to make room for new iPhone apps.


Sometimes we download so many applications that there may not be room to show the screen's application.

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how to completely delete and remove Apps from iPhone


Solution One: Delete the app from iPhone directly


It is relatively easy to delete apps on iPhone. As you can delete apps directly from your device, you won't need another app when you follow this path. All you have to do is find the app you want to delete and tap its icon. The screen will shake, and you will see an "x" button in the icon's upper left corner. Confirm the application deletion by touching the "x" button, press the "Delete" option. If there are any other apps you want to delete, repeat the same steps.

 Delete it by pressing the icon. The screen will shake, and you will now see the "x" icon, so press the application to uninstall the application.

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How to Delete Apps from iPhone?


1-Find the game you want to delete from your iPhone on your screen. 


2- After finding it, press and hold your finger on the application you want to delete from your  iPhone. 


3- After holding it pressed, the game you want to delete will start to vibrate with the images of other  applications found, and an "x" mark will appear on the game you want to delete. 


4- Click on the "x" mark to delete the application from iPhone. 


5- (Delete: "The application you want to delete" "When the application you want to delete" item is deleted, will also delete its data") A window will appear as in the image. 


6- Click on "Delete" option. 


How to Delete Apps from iPhone?


Now will thoroughly remove the application from your iPhone device.


Second Solution: Alternative Way to Delete Apps on iPhone


In some difficult times, the first path may not work correctly. If the "x" button does not appear when you press the icon, it means that you need to change some settings on your device. You will see these in the second option. However, in this case, How to Delete Apps from iPhone?  No other software is required to delete unwanted apps on iPhone.

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Go to "Settings" and click on the "General" option on the home screen of your device. Scroll down to find the constraints. When you select this, you will be asked for your iPhone's 4-digit PIN code. You must enter this code. Otherwise, you cannot change the settings you need. To allow the deletion process, you must open the "Delete Applications" button under the "Allow" section. Once you've done that, you can.

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