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Long-Tailed Keywords | what is long-tail keywords?

In this article, what islong-tail keywords? We will explain how to increase your traffic by 100% with long-tail keywords. I guarantee that if you apply the methods described in this guide, keywordplanner '

Long-Tailed Keywords | what is long-tail keywords?
Long-Tailed Keywords | what is long-tail keywords?

Long-Tailed Keywords | what is long-tail keywords?


You will increase the traffic of any article by 100% with the long-tail keywords you target. After this article, don't ask any questions about what is long-tail keywords?


Long-tail keywords are the world equivalent of long-tail keywords and words consisting of more than two terms. Long-tail keywords are used for narrower targeted searches in search engines.

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It has less search volume than short keywords. For this reason, these words are ignored by many website administrators. However, the conversion rate is much higher.

It may not be possible to get very high traffic using these multiple words, but! You will reach your target audience 100%.

For example, I have determined the subject of this article as "long-tail keywords." While this page of mine will be far behind for users who search for "keyword" on google results pages, it will be the first place for users who search for "long-tail keywords."


As the number of words increases, the scope of the topic searched will be narrower, and the competition rate will decrease as the articles written on the subject are less.


Likewise, the subject of my article; what is long-tail keywords?


long-tail keyword analysis,


Long-tail keyword SEO work,


I could also identify it as long-tail keyword research. To clarify the subject further, as you can see in the image below, I searched for "keyword" on Google, and Google gave me 14 million 200 thousand results pages.

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keyword query


This time, I did the query as "long-tail keywords" and as a result, 352 thousand result pages appeared.


long-tail keyword query


In other words, while there are 14.200.000 pages related to "keyword" on google, there are 352.000 pages related to long-tail keywords. If you search for what you are looking for by writing more transparent expressions to Google. As a result, Google will give more relevance to the subject you are looking for.

When I searched for "key" on Google, Google showed me 122 million result pages. Since Google does not know precisely what I am looking for, it brings out all the content with keywords. While I was doing this query, I may have searched for crucial repair, and I may have also searched for critical types. As a result, these words are a subject that must open on a separate page in SEO studies.

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How To Find Long-Tailed Keyword


We need to focus on when determining long-tail keywords to think like a searcher, not like Google. If you have selected the subject you will write about, you should think about what kind of searches users can make.


When choosing these words, you need to find answers to topics such as what kind of searches have been made in the search results, search volumes, and choose words with the subject you will write.

Now let's see which methods you can use to determine the tail keywords.


Dictionary and Directory Sites


Make a note of what terms users have used related to the subject by searching for your content on these sites, which are the past's social media platforms.


Google Search Suggestions


Let's choose an example topic to write for ourselves. Our issue is sunburn. However, I can do many searches regarding sunburn on this topic. More precisely, sunburn can be on the skin as well as a burn on any vehicle paint. If we focus on sunburn words, we can attract irrelevant users to our page.

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Irrelevant users will immediately leave your page when they see that your page's content is not relevant to the subject they are looking for. In this case, your bounce rate will increase, and your SEO score will decrease.


Here's what searches users have done for sunburn. Google gives us suggestions on the subject. In the image below, you will see that when I start typing sunburn into the Google search engine, Google has made suggestions on this issue.


Google search suggestions


Please take note of the results about the subject we will write over the above tips. Then make a note of how you can do these searches with different variations. For example, " polymorphic light eruption".

Google Results Related Searches


When you search for your target topic on Google, make sure to take advantage of the list of relevant searches that previously had a search volume at the bottom of the result page.


Google related searches

Competitor Site Comment Section


To prepare your content, you have to do a competitor analysis. You can identify word suggestions by reviewing possible comments in the scope of top competitors on your topic.

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Question and Answer Sites


Question and answer sites are among the resources where you can find the most beautiful long-tail words. You can also get the idea of ​​writing content on different topics from these sites.


Keyword Analysis


You can also identify beneficial long-tail words using the methods found in our content titled keyword analysis.


Long Tail Keyword Tools - keywordplanner


There are many tools you can do keyword research with. You can use WordStream and WordTracker tools, where you can specify long-tail keywords.


Google Trends


Using the Google Trends tool, you can know ​​what trend searches have been done on your topic and use these words with long-tail variations.


It would help if you looked at the search volumes to determine which of the long-tail words you specify to use in the page title.

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Add the monthly search volumes of long-tail keywords we determined using the Google  keywordplanner tool to your notes.


# note: Since the search volumes of long-tail keywords are not too high, it is useful to choose those with a search volume of at least 100 and above when determining the long-tail keywords you will write on. If you have registered on a highly competitive keyword and do not get the result you want in google rankings (this is very normal since the competition rate is high), long-tail words will come to your rescue. So how?


If a general article you wrote with your highly competitive keyword does not give the results you want, write articles in subtitles with long-tail keywords and link to your item on these subtitles' general topic. Directing users who visit sub-topics that you register with multiple keywords to your available article will help visitors spend more time on your page and increase your page's authority in the eyes of Google.

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The method is straightforward. While providing information about the subject that the user is looking for, I also direct him to the page I want him to draw his attention and arouse his curiosity. You can reach the locations you wish to on Google quickly by following a strategy from specific to general.


I hope you found my post on Long Tailed Keywords useful. You can show your satisfaction by sharing the article on your social media accounts.


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