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How to limit data in Netflix - set Netflix

In this article, we explain How to limitdata in Netflix and How to set Netflix data? uses. Here are the details. Netflix, which has attracted a lot of attention recently with its original productions. 

How to limit data in Netflix - set Netflix
How to limit data in Netflix - set Netflix

hosts the most preferred online series, movies, documentaries, and many other shows, actually allowed users to limit the data they use. However, many users do not know how to enable this feature.

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How to limit data in Netflix and How to set Netflix data?

Recently, Netflix users have expressed their complaints by stating that the popular online platform uses too much data. In the statements on the platform's official site regarding data usage, while watching TV series, movies, or programs, it is approximately.

It is stated that 1 GB of data is used per hour for HD video broadcasts. Although Netflix has announced low numbers of data usage, according to users, this is not the case. Although Netflix offers the option to download its content, there is no difference in data usage between watching or downloading online. At this point, how can internet users with data usage quota turn this negative situation into a positive?

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How to set Netflix data usage on the computer?

Users who will watch Netflix on a computer offer four data usage options as Low, Medium, High and Automatic. In these data usage settings, if users prefer the Low environment, 0.3 GB per hour for each device, 0.7 GB per hour for each device if they choose the Medium location, High, i.e., the maximum video quality machine per hour when watched in HD. It is stated that a maximum of 7 GB of data is consumed per hour for each device when 3 GB and Ultra HD is watched. If they choose the Automatic option, it will offer the highest possible quality depending on the internet connection speed.

These data usage options can be selected separately for each profile when using multiple profiles. Users who watch Netflix from the computer first log in to Netflix.com using their username and password, select the Account they want to set data usage, choose Account> My Profile> Execution Settings> Select the desired data usage setting> Save the desired data usage they can select the setting. Of course, changing data usage settings directly affect video quality. Data usage setting changes made by users in their profiles take effect within 8 hours. As a detail, unfortunately, Netflix does not allow changing the child profile's data usage setting.

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How to set Netflix data usage on smartphones?

Netflix, the platform that allows production to be recorded automatically and then continued to be watched on a different device and downloaded to mobile devices, has become a platform preferred by many smartphone users. Users who watch Netflix on their smartphones are offered four options: Automatic, Wireless only, data saving, and Maximum data, where they can change data usage settings in the mobile application of the platform.

If users choose the Automatic setting, this setting allows a data usage setting that balances data usage with excellent video quality. In contrast, this setting will enable them to watch content for approximately 4 hours with 1 GB of data. If the Data saver option is selected, approximately six allow hours to manage content. While there is no information about data usage in the wireless-only option, it is stated that the broadcast can only be watched on the device while connected to the wireless network. Finally,

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 if users choose the maximum data option, they can watch content using 1 GB or more data in 20 minutes, depending on the device and network speeds. Users who watch Netflix on smartphones can select the desired data usage setting by first opening the Netflix application and following the menu> Application Settings> Cellular Data Usage> Select the location you prefer, to set data usage settings. If mobile users who want to change their data usage settings perform a download on Netflix, the system does not allow you to make changes to the data usage settings.

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