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How to go live on instagram | download insta story

Live on instagram: instagram story download, how to go live on instagram? one of the most popular functions of the Instagram application lately, is frequently used by everyone. The Instagram live broadcast is among the most popular and most used features by users. The part that allows users to open live broadcasts instantly and their followers to participate in these live broadcasts is trendy.

How to go live on instagram  download insta story
How to go live on instagram  download insta story

Instagram live broadcast feature - How to go live on instagram

The Instagram live broadcast feature, which can easily use on mobile devices, can also be used on a computer. However, many users do not know how to go live on instagram streaming from a computer. Instagram live broadcast pc from this article for you How to watch on it, we explained in detail.

Instagram, which increases its user base daily by adding new features and different designs, has paved the way for the Periscope application with its live broadcast feature. Live streams are used by many Instagram users, although they did not get in the form of the stories feature.

Instagram live broadcasts are available to users in two different ways: watching others live broadcasts and sharing your live stream. Live broadcasts watched can be recorded for various reasons, revealing situations such as downloading to a mobile phone and watching later. How do we download Instagram live streams in this article? and how to go live on instagram: Instagram Live. We will be sharing the answer to the question.

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What is Instagram Live Broadcast?

When this feature, provided in Periscope and similar applications, was loved by users, Instagram brought the live streaming feature. Thus, users can open broadcasts with the Instagram live broadcast feature without the need for other applications. This modern feature is not available through the website of Instagram application. Users who connect to the Instagram application on the computer wondering how the Instagram live streaming is performed on the PC. (Instagram:how to go live on instagram)

Watching Instagram Live Broadcast from Computer

The number of people using mobile applications on computers is relatively high. For this reason, users are wondering how to perform Instagram live streaming on PC. Using Google Chrome extensions to watch Instagram live streams from the computer may be a suitable solution. If you are going to perform Instagram live streaming on PC, you need to follow the steps below.


• Log in to the Chrome web store, where add-ons and apps for Google are available.

• In the search bar of the Chrome web store, type IG Stories for Instagram. Click on the first among the applications that appear.

• Click the download option on the right side of the application and wait for the add-on to be installed on your computer.

• Log into the Instagram app via the Google Chrome browser available on your computer. Sign in to any live stream.

• After performing these operations, you will see that you can easily watch the Instagram live broadcast from the computer.

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What is IG Stories for Instagram?

The IG Stories for an Instagram extension allows you to use some Instagram application functions via Google Chrome. Because the Instagram application restricts the ability to watch Instagram live broadcasts from the computer. IG Stories for Instagram users watching Instagram live stream allows them to access the feature on the computer. 

Besides, this plugin will enable users to download live broadcasts and storylines recorded on Instagram to their computers. However, with all these advantages, using these and similar plugins can be dangerous because some of these plugins or applications can access Instagram passwords. The IG Stories for the Instagram plugin does not request a password from users, but users still need to be careful.

How to save live streaming videos on Instagram

Downloading Instagram live streams

Instagram has a download option to download the broadcast shared on Instagram to your mobile phone, transfer it to your computer when necessary, and watch it later. To download a shared live stream, you need to click the Save / Save button or icon in the screen's upper right corner. After the transfer is complete, you can use your video however you want.

If you want to record videos shared in the form of stories, you can download them for free with the necessary add-ons by following the page's steps. Click here to go to the story video download page.


How to download other people's live streaming videos on Instagram

The easiest way to download other people's live streams from Instagram is the AZ Screen application. By installing this application on your phone, you can record content in the video format you want. Video, story, and live streams of others are easily downloadable with the AZ Screen app. In cases where the method of downloading your live broadcast videos that we shared above does not work, you can also download your live broadcast content using this method. If we look at the details of this application;

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Az Screen Recorder is not a direct download program but a screen recording application. When you open the video you want to download/save by starting the application, the image on the screen will be recorded so that you will keep the live broadcast or other kinds of content on your device.


AZ Screen Recorder

You can easily download the AZ Screen Recorder application from the Android market for free.

You can include the device sound or your voice in the video via Az Screen. Az Screen is a free mobile application that contains ads.

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Automatically save Instagram stories

As with Instagram photos and videos, this is allowed when you want to automatically save a copy on your mobile phone when you post a post.

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