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How to Find Android | Find My iPhone

How to Find Android or iPhone | Find My iPhone  is quite simple with Google to Find Your Phone feature.When the number of smartphones stolen in our country and abroad is relatively high, Google develops tools on the Android side and Apple on the iOS side to ensure our data security. If you are already using an iOS device, Find My iPhone

How to Find Android | Find My iPhone
How to Find Android | Find My iPhone

If you are an Android phone user, you are aware of the Android Device Manager application. The new Find Your Phone option added to Google's My Account page is the only solution for both platforms.

How to Find Android | Find My iPhone

A new feature that concerns all smartphone users has been added to the My Account page, which Google has opened to keep our data safe and protect our privacy: Find your phone(Find your phone). This new option, which you can see at the bottom left corner under the My Account page after logging into your Google account, helps you keep your personal data safe when your Android phone and iPhone are stolen.

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Since we have a lot of critical personal data such as business e-mails and bank account information on phones where we can do almost anything, it is essential that we can immediately intervene in our phone that the wrong people seize. At this point, what is the need for Find Your Phone service when Google already has Android Device Manager, and Apple has the Find iPhone service? You can ask the question. The new feature is both more practical, and you need to do it step by step. Lock Android Device Remotely.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone?

With the application called Find My iPhone, you can locate your mobile device with the iOS operating system.

Where can I find Google Find My Phone?

By logging into your Google account, you click on the dotted drop-down menu right next to your profile picture and go to the bottom and select My Account. (  You can also access the My Account page at My Account. You will soon be able to access this page by searching your name on Google)

On the My Account page, under "Login and Security," you will see "Find Your Phone." You click Get Started.

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The next page lists the devices linked to your Google account. From here, you select your lost Android phone / iPhone and log into your Google account.

After this point, recommendations are offered according to the operating system of your device. As some issues have changed for Android phones and iPhones, as you can guess, it is necessary to evaluate the options separately for both device owners. First of all, I think it is required to talk about Android operating system users' security steps because Google provides a service and extra options.

If you are an Android phone user: Find My Android

If you are an Android phone user, there are seven options to help you secure your data. Ringing and locating your phone, locking your phone with a password and leaving a note, making a phone call to your number (a useful feature when it is lost in the house rather than being stolen),

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logging out of your phone to prevent access to your Google account, reaching your operator, access to local assistance (what is the stolen phone doing in the lost property office? but you can still see the lost property office near your location in your city) and erase your device (you fly all the data on the device with one click).

If you are an iPhone user: Find My iPhone

As an iPhone user, you have five options to find and lock the iPhone, make a phone call, close active phone sessions, reach the operator, and get help (location of the lost and found office near your site in your city), only two of which can be accessed via Google. To find and lock your iPhone, you have to go to the iCloud site, and there is no option to delete data on your phone with one click.

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