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What is Google Analytics | login google analytics

what is google Analytics | login google analyticsDo you need access to all your website traffic and performance data? Log in to your Google Analytics account, and you will be able to view all analytics and make settings changes. Today we will tell you how to login to google analytics and protect yourself from intruders.

What is Google Analytics | login google analytics
What is Google Analytics | login google analytics

What is Google Analytics | login google analytics


Go to the Google Analytics website.


Enter the email address associated with your Google account and click Next to continue.


On the next screen, enter your password and click "Login."

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How to protect your account


Google takes user safety seriously and provides options for taking additional measures.


Check your account in the internal tool.


You will receive a list of issues related to your devices and accounts. For example, Google will report that there is no blocking on the phone, about unreliable applications that have gained access, or about the devices you have logged in recently.

Here are the basic guidelines:


Follow all notes of the verification tool.


Specify a backup box or phone number for communication in case you lose access to your account.


Turn on 2-Step Verification. SMS codes are gradually becoming a thing of the past due to security flaws. And electronic keys and notifications will be more reliable.


Enter strong passwords and do not use the same one on all sites. You have no complete control over how it is stored on third-party servers. If attackers break into the resource database, they will receive personal information and go through your other accounts: mail, social networks, etc.

Don't give dubious apps access to your account. Check permissions before installing.

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Update programs, applications, and operating systems periodically. New versions may contain solutions for dangerous vulnerabilities.


Also, Google offers enhanced protection against attacks and hacks.


Google Analytics accesses


You can control other people's access to your account. To do this, read about the GA hierarchical structure. Learn about an account, resource, and view levels, how they work, and what you can allow other users to do.


Signing in to your Google Analytics account is usually straightforward. Protect your information further or use an enhanced security program.


Conversion rate optimization is the practice of improving your site, which should increase the number of people who decide for you, for example, subscribing to a newsletter or ordering a service. A conversion is a specific action that you need from a user. Your benefit depends on it. What is the Conversion Rate? This is the percentage of people who visit a page and take the desired action.

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An introduction to Google Analytics APIs for beginners


The Google Analytics API is a powerful tool but far from intuitive and requires technical savvy. This guide is for non-coding users who want to use the API for business. If you are a programmer, the official documentation will help you. What is API by Example? This is a set of instructions that you give a program to get the desired result.


What characterizes the Organic channel in Google Analytics reports


By leveraging organic traffic, your business can increase conversions. Typically a customer needs 6-8 brand touchpoints before they are ready to buy, and one of them is a free search. Definitions Organic Traffic (OT) refers to visitors coming through the free SERPs. The source is the name of the specific page the user came from Google, site.com, etc.

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