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How to Write an E-mail?

How to Write an E-mail?I get several e-mails a week from users asking for help with articles on my blog. Nobody should be taken over, but more than half of the e-mails (in my opinion) contain very serious errors. 

How to Write an E-mail
How to Write an E-mail

Here are some tips that come to my mind regarding e-mail writing:

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Think of E-mails as Letters - How to Write an E-mail?

You should write your e-mail formally, especially if you do not know the person you sent (outside the virtual world). Although e-mails go back and forth on the internet, they should not be written in a Facebook conversation style. So the most important thing is to start with an address and finally finish your e-mail in good faith.

The level of formality doesn't have to be very high, but it is an issue that needs attention.

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Who Are You? How to write an e-mail

Is it you, or should I say you? You should never call someone you do not know "you." (This is a rule that applies everywhere for me, and sometimes I indeed have you and your confusion in real life. But being serious does not hurt, right?) If you do not have sincerity with the person you e-mailed, you should use "you." If you are very sincere with the person, it is okay to write "What's up with you."

Your E-mail Address - How to Write an E-mail?

Please don't use those [email protected] e-mail addresses anymore. Sometimes it may not be possible to get an e-mail address with your first and last name, but it is impossible to use various combinations or try different e-mail providers. For example, it is useful to get an e-mail address such as your [email protected] [email protected] or (First Letter of Your Name) [email protected]. Otherwise, I may not take you seriously. Make sure that your name and surname, as well as your e-mail address, appear correctly in the e-mail account you are using. This rule applies especially if the person's e-mail address to whom you are sending an e-mail is very formal or if you are shipping an e-mail to an institution or organization.

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Introduce Yourself

If this is the first time you are e-mailing someone, it is helpful to introduce yourself very briefly (don't exaggerate) before getting into the subject. Also, make sure to set your name correctly from the e-mail service you are using.

Use Reply - How to Write an E-mail?

When replying to the e-mail, use the reply buttons instead of creating a new e-mail, because the person in front of you may be reading 100 e-mails a day.

Use the Subject Area Effectively

The subject of your e-mail should not be "Hello" or be blank. Instead, you can make a small but specific sentence that tries to explain the topic.

Never send e-mails with subjects such as "IMPORTANT," "URGENT," "HELP," "PLEASE READ." If you think that a topic that is important to you is also important for the buyer who considers a thousand different things, the following issue may be more appropriate: 

IMPORTANT: The source codes of the project should arrive on Monday.

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Divide it into Paragraphs

If you're writing long messages, shorten sentences and divide them into paragraphs to make them easier to read.

Speak Your Issue Fully and Reduce the Number of Posts

For example, "I've read your post and need help." I keep receiving e-mails containing a sentence like. In such a case, "What was your problem?" I need to come back. Why do we generate traffic unnecessarily?

If you are going to ask for help, explaining your problem in detail in your first message will provide a much faster solution to the problem.

Don't Make Spelling Lines.

Spelling mistakes are possible, of course, but it is best to be a little more careful and read your e-mail before sending it. 

Make Good Wishes

It is very kind to say thank you at the end of the message and wishes you a good day or work.

This article is about how to Write an Email?, or social media account using this address, but about what should be considered when writing an e-mail message. How to get an e-mail address I do not intend to explain on my blog because it is information that you can find on the internet or easily get from someone you know. So do not comment on this subject in this article. I hope the friends who write insulting messages to other people who comment on the article or to me know that it is a crime and that there is not much difference between telling our faces and writing them online. Just because I don't post comments doesn't mean I haven't read it.

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 Thank you.


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